In this video sewing tutorial, I desire to show you how to shorten sleeves ~ above a winter cloak or jacket with lining yet you deserve to use this method for any type of sleeve that’s lined.

And also, if you are making a coat or a jacket and also want to recognize how come sew lining this tutorial will be advantageous for you. Because the process is practically the exact same if you room altering the sleeves of a inside wall coat or if girlfriend are just sewing lining come a new coat you space making.

Attention!If you prefer the video clip format, at the bottom the this post, look for a YouTube video version whereby there is a step-by-step accuse on exactly how to shorten sleeves on a winter cloak or jacket v lining. Because that a an ext complete picture, ns recommend trying out both versions.

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So, right here is me in this coat prior to I did the sleeve alterations. Obviously i can’t undertake the coat choose this. Somehow keep bought coats never have sleeves that are the right length for me. Lock are constantly have to be shortened.


I don’t normally buy coats and jackets, ns make lock myself, and also you can find what coats i made in this write-up if you space interested. The coat ns am utilizing for this indict belonged come my mommy in law yet she never wore that (I still had actually the tag attached) maybe since the sleeves were as well long. Yet I like the cloak – the towel is 100% wool and also the shade is nice.

And it’s in reality not only cheaper to execute the alterations but it’s likewise faster: imagine you have actually to uncover a store that renders alterations, and also it’s normally dry cleaning facility, you need to drive there, wait a couple of days and also drive earlier to pick it up. Are they going to perform a great job? You never ever know. And also who knows where they will placed your brand new coat – yet it will definitely be no alone however with other human being clothes. Not all the garments in there room clean.

If you do it you yourself – you will be excellent in 30-40 minute (of course, you need to have actually a sewing device and some sewing skills).

So, here is the step-by-step tutorial on just how to shorten cloak or jacket sleeves.

I think it’s better to see just how it’s done 보다 to read about it but if somehow you don’t understand my decided (English is no my an initial language) you can constantly return come the blog article and read it.

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What you’ll need to shorten sleeves on your coat or jacket v lining

Seam ripper – I have actually “Magic eraser” seam ripper (do you recognize what that is?)

Sewing scissors that are good for heavyweight fabric

Matching subject (it has actually to enhance the coat’s color)

Sewing machine

Ruler (or measuring tape)



Step by action tutorial top top shortening cloak sleeves

1. try it on, see how much you need to cut. Just fold the sleeves in ~ the preferred length and also mark the brand-new folded line through a pin. Inspect the brand-new length when the arm is bent. Also, the coat need to be buttoned up. Constantly measure twice because you can only cut once and also there is no way to uncut it.


2. rotate the sleeve lining side out. Look in ~ the next seams. Usually manufacturers leaving an opened in among the sleeve’s next seams for transforming the coat appropriate side out. Discover that side seam whereby was the opening (well, there are just 2 sleeves, therefore it’s basic to find).

Rip the seam. Be cautious – the lining towel is generally thin for this reason it’s quite easy to make a hole in the while take it seams. Examine out mine tutorial on how to usage a seam ripper. Keep the opening huge enough therefore you have the right to turn the whole coat with it.

Once the stitch has been removed turn the sleeve wrong next out through this side seam opening. You have the right to turn the other sleeve likewise through the opening later one.


3. now you deserve to see what is inside. The manufacturer normally stitches together the sleeve and facing seams as you deserve to see in the image below. Rip this too.

You can see now how the lining is stitched to the sleeve. For this reason it’s best to usage the very same finishing an approach as was provided by the manufacturer. Numerous ripping. In mine case, I had to remove also the sleeve tab v a button.


Now we have actually two different sleeves – one from the main fabric and also another one native the lining.

You have actually to cut it now. how much to cut? We significant the new folding line in the start – and also we now have actually the pin there that note the brand-new folding line. But we require to have actually the same seam allowances together we had actually before. So measure this distance and find out just how much you have actually to reduced from the bottom that the sleeve. I offered the wrinkles line left indigenous the vault fold to measure.

Mark the horizontal cut line. To do the cutting faster pin the sleeve edges together, note a straight line which is the cutting line and also cut using spicy sewing scissors. The coat fabric is special so consistent scissors are not walk to cut it.


If you had actually a tab it’s time to sew it now at the brand-new length.

4. After ns stitched the next seam that the sleeves I have actually to cut the exact same amount native the lining.


Now comes the tricky part. Just how do we connect those sleeves indigenous the key fabric and from the lining? first of all, rotate the sleeve the method it should be. Align the sleeve next seams – they room two in this situation (and in most situations also).

Now put your hand with the opening, match the lining and also the sleeve in ~ one next seam, then host them together and pulling them v the opening in the lining turn the sleeve inside the end again. Pen them together.


You have associated two seams with each other at one point, now line up raw edge of the coat and also the lining and also continue pinning all around. I like to do a stitch ~ above the main fabric side. As you deserve to see, i put numerous pins, however it may help to baste them together due to the fact that the lining cloth is typically slippery.

✅ associated tutorial: Types of sewing pins and also their uses: every you should know about straight pins because that sewing

5. So, I have actually pinned with each other the sleeve and the lining and now it’s the moment to stitch it.

Stitch using matching shade thread. Seam allowances are 1 centimeter or ⅜ in. Choose a correct needle for your sewing an equipment and for the fabric. pick correct stitch size – that shouldn’t be too small, i made mine 3 mm.

✅ related tutorial: What is the stitch length and how to adjust it for different fabrics

Go slowly, shot to save an equal distance from the sheet – the distance is ⅜ in or 1 cm. It’s not an extremely comfortable come sew. You must stop frequently. I am offered to sew end pins – but they room really thin, for lightweight silk chiffon, and my sewing maker doesn’t even notice them.

I was taught to sew favor this but they speak it’s dangerous because if the needle hits the pin, it deserve to go right to her eye. So be careful and also take the pins out as you darn closer come them.


6. after stitching species the sleeve and also the lining.

It’s much better to turn the sleeve ~ above the appropriate side and try the cloak on. Very closely make a brand-new folding line and press making use of correct settings of your iron – it’s wool in my case. You need to make a new permanent fold.

You will an alert that the lining sleeve is a little longer so it deserve to be folded end the stitching line. This overlap would impact how the sleeve hangs and would enable some ease because that movement. The lining shouldn’t traction the sleeve bottom part.


7. Do the very same with the other sleeve – you deserve to work v it v the very same opening. You need to make sure that both sleeves are reduced the same and also remain the same length.

Machine-stitch the lining’s side-seam opened closed. Or you can do the by hand sewing also.


8. Now you have to secure the sleeve seams at the bottom.

A rapid sewing advice now. I choose to start sewing without a knot. Because that this thread your needle with twin thread. Start sewing and insert the needle in the loop. You will have actually the loop on the other finish of the thread. The stitching is going to be secured however there will certainly be no node at all. Check out this attach if you desire to see just how it’s done.

Just darn a couple of reinforcing darn by hand inserting the needle right right into the seams so her stitches space not visible. Use the proper thread color, it has to match the shade of the coat.

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You will have to do the same with all other side seams – there space 3 more.


So right here is my YouTube video. Examine this out if you like to see exactly how to shorten sleeves on a winter cloak or jacket through lining rather of read…