The act 1 Finale, everyone is crowded external the gates of the factory. At lengthy last, the door opens and Wonka welcomes the winners right into his factory, teasing them about what… review More 

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Willy WonkaWilly WonkaWon't you aid me, please?I'm afraid the I can fallFor my eyes and kneesHave grown frail behind this wallLet me involved youThough it appears I've shed my pepBut as this ancient relic readIn the Tao the Ching, that said"A journey of a thousands milesBegins with simply one step"Beyond this door's a factoryBegat from simply a beanBeyond this door, surprised is in storeBut it should be thought to be seenBeyond this door's inventionWhere psychic meets with machineBeyond this gates, astonishment waitsBut it must be thought to be seen
No magic spells, no potionsForswear legerdemainMy kingdom's created from notionsAll swirling within of mine brainBeyond this door's a banquetOf Wonka-made cuisineA lucky couple of will get to happen throughBut it have to be believed to be seenBeyond this door is musicCome run betwixt and betweenBeyond this waltz is a world without faultsBut it should be believed to be seenBeyond this door's a puzzleYou'll discover out what ns meanBeyond this door is a civilization I createBut it need to be believed to it is in seenDespite the guy seen at this doorsMy childhood home was bland favor yoursBut i knew exactly how to look come findA world that wasn't color-blindLet's hope the you're a bit like meAs girlfriend walk v my factoryFor in the end, there's quite a prizeIf you deserve to see with much more than eyes
Your life's about to adjust nowSo don't obtain left behindDo things show up quite strange nowImagine the marvels you'll findBeyond this door is chocolateSo tasty it's obsceneSo follow me, and also I guaranteeThat this human being I've conceived, and also all I've achievedMust be thought to be seen(spoken)Golden Ticket Winners: Gloop, Teavee, Beauregarde, Salt, Bucket. Do come in!
The plot 1 Finale, everyone is crowded external the entrances of the factory. At lengthy last, the door opens and Wonka welcomes the winners right into his factory, teasing them around what lies ahead because that them


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