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You can assist confirm this entrance by contributing facts, media, and other proof of notability and also mutation.

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Bio pressure Ape is a game emerged for the Nintendo Entertainment mechanism in 1991 through the japanese developer SETA Corporation. Return the game was showcased in ~ the customer Electronics show in June of 1991 and also even previewed at a Nintendo power issue, the game was ultimately cancelled in 1992.This game, along with other unreleased titles were usually questioned on online gaming fansites and message boards. Although many of these gamings were uncovered by collectors, Bio pressure Ape stayed in mystery since no copies were ever before found.

The Hoax

In 2005, user Paul Brown posted a object on thevideo video game collectors forum Digital push claiming the he discovered a Bio pressure Ape cartridge and even common some pictures too <1>. However, after a controversy on the digitpress thread unfolded regarding whether Brown should have "dumped" the game (i.e., to take it a game from a game cartridge and make it right into a ROM come be play on an NES emulator) to make it available for play online, however reducing the cartridge"s revenue value, or come treat the cartridge together a collectible article but preventing many video game enthusiasm from ever playing the game. Brown ended the conflict by showing the cartridge supposedly containing Bio force Ape shattered into pieces.


In this post, he typed:

Having watched the anger the revealing this game"s existence has caused, ns have determined to damage the cartridge. The is too powerful like that ring part midgets had to throw in a volcano. Please everyone calm under now. It was simply a game.

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The actual Prototype

A cartridge through the prototype of Bio force Ape eventually surfaced and was dumped. A complete playthrough can be found on YouTube, and a ROM that the video game is obtainable online. Study is ongoing to check the actual dates of the release of the prototype.