Jawbone has actually announced a number of brand-new enhancements to its UP line of wearables, bringing big improvements to both the hardware and also software next of things.

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Jawbone has announced a number of brand-new enhancements to its UP heat of wearables, bringing big improvements come both the hardware and also software next of things. The Jawbone UP2 and also UP3 fitness trackers are gaining a slight redesign, and the whole UP line is obtaining some notable new features that will certainly make tracking your sleep lot easier.

For starters, Jawbone has actually announced a slightly redesigned UP2 tracker the comes v a new strap, do it smaller sized than the company’s previous offerings. There’s now a rope-like TPSIV rubber band with a metal hook the holds the wearable together. Not just will this allow for much more breathability top top the wrist, it’s likewise made to look more like a nice item of jewelry.

When it comes to the to update UP3 collection, the firm focused top top colors and patterns this time around. Over there are currently Turquoise, Deep Blue, Ruby Red, Champagne, Silver and Gunmetal shade options. The UP3 line likewise has a few new structure on their touchpads, which girlfriend can uncover in the photo attached above.



Jawbone is likewise releasing a brand-new firmware upgrade that will certainly make the much easier to track her sleep and record her heart rate. Most notably, the UP3 and UP4 trackers are acquiring passive heart price functionality, i beg your pardon will allow the wearables to track your heart rate throughout the day once your human body is still. Due to the fact that the UP2 doesn’t have actually a integrated heart price monitor, this machine isn’t obtaining the brand-new feature.

Additionally, the UP2, UP3 and UP4 are getting brand-new sleep features, which will let her wearable instantly track her sleep, no tapping or switching modes required. Examine out the short overview the the update below:

Automatic Sleep – increase will automatically track and log her zzzs. Recognize the duration, quality and also stages the sleep without switching come sleep mode.No much more Tapping – say goodbye to the problem of convert modes. You can still i disbanded alarms and also alerts, but band-side mode switching is a thing of the past.Passive Heart rate (UP3 and UP4 only) – see a much more complete picture of your heart health. Up will currently measure her heart price throughout the day when your body is still.

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If you interested in checking out more information around the new UP2 and UP3 wearables, both new models room already easily accessible from Jawbone’s website in ~ the link below. The update to the UP applications is rolling the end now, for this reason feel free to click the link listed below to seize the recent version.