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Now, the end is near (Can you think this shit Guru?)So I face (I"m native the hood man) the final curtain(No the genuine hood the hood, not the laboratory hood)(The genuine hood, choose three pair the pants)My friends, I"ll speak it clean (pair the sneakers)(My moms is bustin she ass) State mine case(nigga I"m goin come Japan tomorrow!) which I"m certain(You understand what I"m sayin? can you believe that?)I live a life that"s full (They have people, waitin)(at the airplane like five days choose I"m a Beatle or somethin)(That"s yes, really somethin!) and I took trip each, and every highway(Seen the finest of the best, the worst that the worst) and moreMuch an ext than this (still here) ns did it myyyyyy wayyyyyyyLet"s try this oneUhh, yeah... Gangsta nigga!Put mine hustle down, tore the video game up niggaTook her high score down, placed my surname up niggaTore the doors under "til the hall of reputation is JiggaI did the my way (and more.. Much more than this)That"s right, it"s a beautiful thing man!(I did the myyyyyy wayyyyyyy) i did that my way -- Hovi baby!Momma"s youngest and strongest, survived summers choose saunasMastered a corner like Deion in his uniformPop hurtin assertive, flirted with deathDamn near murdered before my very first album fight the shelfGrandma"s favorite, she can not understandHow there"s civilization in the civilization who wouldn"t want me as a neighborHas to describe to her, girlfriend think this folks desire me in the penthouseAs a reminder that i make height paper?Black entrepeneur, nobody did us no favorsNobody offered us shit, us made usThe lab Pack, I"m Sinatra, Dame"s Sam DavisBig"s the clever one ~ above the low like Dean MartinWe came in this game, no beggin niggaz pardonDemandin y"all respect, hand over a checkAnd when y"all in ~ it, hand end the jetWe the factor they ain"t hand end Def Jam therefore quickThey brand-new every year i was droppin new productI to be raisin the share up, while buildin the Roc upBut that"s alright, cause they knew they had to view usWhen it was time for united state to re-up, make us multi-million-iresJe-je-jeah!(And more, much an ext than this; i did that myyyyyy wayyyyyyy)Jeah! "In my Lifetime"I caught smaller cases, however I had actually capitalHypocritic mechanism let me right ago at youYou far better hope a rich rapper never attacks youNot also that scratches you, "specially if you black color dudeThey don"t offer a shit unless the accused just occur to rapAnd they deserve to look great by paintin the as negative newsCause in my past, I watched dudes get fifty percent of lock viewsExposed to the curb and also nobody said a wordSo imagine exactly how disturbed ns wasWhen I seen how large they made my fight scene at the clubLet me explain exactly just how this shit wasThis nigga Un yo i scratched him, that went house without an aspirinBut it"s cool cause he"s earlier friends, and half-inning is overIt"s in the past and I"m glad, currently I"m back to bein HovaMe ago with the chaffeur, set backHelicopter seat, feat inclined, shit feelin prefer a sofaHelicopter satisfy me, Teta Vero(?) take it me overSomewhere tranquil for the weekend currently it"s earlier to speakin the vulturesSo the following time that page six viewpoints usHere"s a quote native Jay, nigga ns did it my - way(And more, much much more than this; ns did the myyyyyy wayyyyyyy)