Make Your home Shine!

Find the end why your next-door neighbors in Yolo & Solano County select Jeff Likes Clean home windows & Gutters Inc. To help their house shine v sparkling windows

"I couldn't identify my house when ns arrived indigenous work. Windows space sparkling together spotless! Additionally, Jeff and also his crew are really professional, respectful, honest and also customer support great."

Windows therefore clean, you'll think they're open!

There is nothing quite like clean, sparkling windows. Your home windows play crucial role in the overall appearance of her home, and also the light the comes into it — yet they likewise protect your home from the facets outside. They are pretty important, that’s for sure. For this reason it’s essential to keep them in their best condition.

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At Jeff Likes Clean windows & Gutters, us really execute like clean windows and also gutters for her home! We have actually been serving Davis, CA due to the fact that 2007 and also still love the reaction the our customers have when they check out their bright windows. It’s amazing exactly how they have the right to transform your home. Why not take a look in ~ our showed customer reviews appropriate here?






"Our home windows just gained done today and also they’re beautiful together always. Lock are always professional, friendly and their work is outstanding."

Window Cleaning

Whether you are preparing because that a feather cleaning, the holidays, or having company over, you desire to make sure that her windows room in their best condition. It doesn’t every come down to appearance though. Having clean home windows is important so that they aid protect your home inside, from the facets outside.

At Jeff Likes Clean windows & Gutters, we usage a systems that place an extra class of security on your windows i beg your pardon aids in the repelling the water, bugs, pollen — leave your home windows glistening. When we clean your windows, we get started on the inside first. This means that if you have to leave when we’re here, we will end up the within of your windows beforehand. We appreciate that trusting someone in your residence is a big thing, and also we nothing take that lightly. Our team is courteous, respectful, and also we hold ourselves accountable. That’s why we treat your home exactly as we would certainly our own — functioning diligently, but carefully.

When cleaning your windows, we execute so in a method that is together kind come the environment as possible. Us limit our water usage if washing your home windows to less than a gallon the water per job. We just use environmentally-friendly soaps and cleaning solutions and when we space finished, we pour any type of unused water right into your flowerbeds. We believe that a task well excellent does not need to come at the cost of our many precious resource.

If you room looking to have your home windows cleaned professionally, or would favor to sign up with a maintenance plan so the you never have to worry around dirty windows again, call us today!

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Our Streak-Free Guarantee

After we have actually cleaned her windows, if you watch a streak, we'll come out within 30 job to deal with it and make certain that her windows space sparkling!

Gutter Cleaning

When fall is in full effect, it often method it's time for the distasteful chore that cleaning her gutters. Gutter cleaning is not something that should be left, together it is an essential maintenance item that need to be attend to prior to the winter. Otherwise, a whole host the problems and also damage can occur. However rather 보다 risking yourself getting up on a ladder, let the professionals at Jeff Likes Clean home windows & Gutters do it for you.

When us clean her gutters, we spend many of our time up on your roof, doing all of the job-related there. Us remove any debris by hand and will punch out any type of leftovers. Next, we rinse the end your gutters and also flush the downspouts ensuring the everything is functioning as it need to be. Finally, fine clean up every little thing mess is made on the ground.

If friend would choose to have your gutters cleaned professionally, get in touch with us today!

What makes the Gutter Stick various from other clog-prevention tools?

The Gutter pole is specifically engineered to save water flow from her gutters, to her downspouts and also away from your house. The uses advanced optimized perforation, which permits it to effectively transport water even when 95% that the gutter is completely clogged.

As an addition to seasonal gutter cleaning, the Gutter rod is an ext effective than classic downspout strainers which deserve to clog up best away.

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30-Day Clog-Free Gutters

If her downspouts gets clogged within 30 job of our gutter cleaning, we'll come back and clean them, free of charge.

Solar panel Cleaning

Solar panels are good to help run one energy-efficient household. However dust, dirt, leaves, bird droppings and pollen on her solar panels significantly reduces your efficiency. If her panels room dirty, they won’t be able to produce as lot electricity.

A an easy fix come this is to have actually your solar panels cleaned. Jeff Likes Clean home windows & Gutters deserve to help! We will certainly professionally clean her solar panels the suitable way, so you don’t need to worry about the danger of any type of damage to her panels. We likewise offer simple, affordable maintenance i m sorry not only ensures that your panels will be operation to height efficiency but it can likewise lengthen the life of her solar panels too.

You can count on united state to placed our knowledge and committed equipment to great use so the you have the right to maximize your investment in clean energy! call us today using one of the buttons below:

"Fantastic service! Affordable, great job excellent by a swarm of nice males in a an extremely short time. Could not it is in happier!"

Pressure Cleaning

It’s not only your home windows that help boost your home’s curb appeal, having actually a clean residence exterior, can really aid impress her guests and also neighbors. Even if it is it's your residence vinyl siding, your roof, or her driveway — you can leave the to us to aid your residence gleam.

When it comes to using a press washer, we evaluate that the is something you could just loaned from her neighbor or choose one up from the store. But, over there is a difference when you have actually a professional perform your press cleaning. Once it concerns pressure cleaning, it isn’t just around spraying the surface. That is essential to spray the surface ar with the exactly amount of push — otherwise, you might damage the surface you are trying come clean.

At Jeff Likes Clean home windows & Gutters, you can count on united state to clean your house exterior safely, thoroughly, and also properly. Why not give us a speak to today and also see how we can help boost your home’s curb appeal?

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Our Dedication To ecological Awareness

Jeff Likes Clean windows & Gutters is hard at occupational every day, yet on Fridays, Jeff enjoy it in a small tradition. In the early hours the the morning, he meets through a team of friends and local farmer at a little café to catch up, drink coffee and also swap stories. Jeff and also his wife, Meaghan, have desires of at some point owning a small farm of their own.
As a girlfriend of the local farming and an active steward of its sustainability, Jeff Likes Clean home windows & Gutters understands the prominence of our neighborhood resources —specifically water. Additionally, the understands the role that his task plays in the use of the resource. Because that this reason, Jeff Likes Clean home windows & Gutters makes it among their primary objectives come not only perform their work-related to the ideal of their abilities, however to also see that any type of water used in the process is no wasted.
We have successfully restricted our water usage while washing windows to less than a gallon of water per job. Both windows and gutters space cleaned utilizing a minimal lot of water, we use just environmentally-friendly soaps, and when we are finished — us pour unused water into the flowerbeds. We think that a professional job done well shouldn't be in ~ the expense of one of our planet's many precious resources.

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Why have actually your neighbors in Yolo & Solano, CA trusted united state to clean their windows because 2007?

Jeff Likes Clean home windows & Gutters started his career in window washing while life in Lake Tahoe, working through the largest home window washing agency in the area. Throughout this time, he honed his an abilities by working on few of the grandest estates about the lake. After 2 years, Jeff relocated down the mountain, settling in the Davis area in 2007. It was then Jeff began the truly hard but financially rewarding journey of beginning his very own business. We feel very proud to offer this community and feel privileged to be able to assist your residence sparkle!

Everyone requirements clean windows. It’s for this reason refreshing to have natural irradiate shining through and to view the transformation that clean windows have the right to have on her home. It is one of the factors we love what we do here at Jeff Likes Clean home windows & Gutters.