James Hackett Biography

James Hackett is an American businessman and also the president and also chief executive, management officer that Ford engine Company.

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He organized sales and also management positions at Procter & gambling in Detroit, Michigan from 1977 to 1981. He joined the grand Rapids-based office furniture company Steelcase in 1981 stop a range of sales and marketing positions. In 1994, he i do not care the company’s CEO at 39, making him the youngest leader in the background of the company. He retirement in 2014, after ~ serving because that 20 years.

During his term, Steelcase eliminated almost 12,000 employee as component of downsizing and restructuring that the business; in 1996, he also led the agency to obtain a majority stake in IDEO. He became a proponent of design thinking, which focuses on just how humans experience a product. He stayed on together vice chairman of the agency from 2014 come 2015.

James Hackett Age and Birthday

Hackett was born as James Patrick “Jim” top top 22 April 1955 in Columbus, Ohio, joined States. He celebrate his birthday on 22 April every year.

James Hackett Height and also Weight

He stands at an median height and also moderate weight. He shows up to be rather tall in stature if his photos, loved one to his surroundings, are anything to walk by. However, details regarding his actual height and also other body measurements are at this time not publicly available. We are maintaining tabs and will update this information once the is out.

James Hackett Family

Hackett’s family was initially from main Ohio via ar Carlow and also County Galway in Ireland. ~ doing our research, details about his parents room not easily accessible and that is also not well-known if the has any kind of siblings.

James Hackett Wife

He is a married man. The is married come Kathy Hackett. The pair has two sons.

James Hackett Education

Hackett is a 1977 graduate of Michigan University, where he was playing center on the soccer team. He holds a general studies bachelor’s degree.

James Hackett Salary

He is ranked by Forbes amongst the 35 highest-paid CEOs in America, with complete compensation of $25.92 million, and also $113.33 million over the last 5 years. His network worth is no disclosed

James Hackett net Worth

Working as the president and also chief executive officer the Ford motor Company, there is no doubt Hackett earns a great salary and also has to be able to accumulate great net worth. However, his specific net worth has not yet been revealed yet the details will it is in updated as shortly as that is available.

James Hackett Photo

James Hackett Measurements and also Facts  

Here space some amazing facts and body measurements you must know about Hackett.

James Hackett Bio and also Wiki

Full Names: James Patrick “Jim” HackettPopular As: James HackettGender: MaleOccupation / Profession: BusinessmanNationality: AmericanRace / Ethnicity: no AvailableReligion: not KnownSexual Orientation: Straight

James Hackett Birthday

Age / just how Old?: 65 year old (as of 2020)Zodiac Sign: TaurusDate that Birth: April 22, 1955Place of Birth:Birthday: April 22

James Hackett body Measurements

Body Measurements: not AvailableHeight / exactly how Tall?: no KnownWeight: not KnownEye Color: BlondHair Color: BlondShoe Size: no Available

James Hackett Family and Relationship

Father (Dad): not KnownMother: no KnownSiblings (Brothers and also Sisters): not KnownMarital Status: MarriedWife/Spouse or Husband/Spouse: Married come Kathy HackettDating / girlfriend or dating / Boyfriend:  Not Applicable Children: 2 sons

James Hackett Networth and also Salary

Net Worth: Under ReviewSalary: Under ReviewSource that Income: Businessman

James Hackett Steelcase

On October 31, 2014, he came to be interim director of athletics in ~ the university of Michigan, his alma mater until March 11, 2016. That led the hiring of former San Francisco 49ers coach and also fellow U-M alumnus Jim Harbaugh as the university’s football coach. Together interim athletic director, that donated $300,000 the his annual $600,000 salary to “Athletes Connected,” a regime designed to support the mental wellness of student-athletes.

In 2013, he joined the Ford motor Company’s plank of directors, wherein he served Sustainability and also Innovation Committee and the Audit and also the Nominating and Governance committees. He managed the formation of Ford smart Mobility in ~ Ford motor Company, a unit responsible for experimenting with car-sharing programs, self-driving ventures, and also other program aimed at helping Ford much better compete v Alphabet Inc. Uber, and also other tech giants looking to edge in top top the auto industry.

On might 22, 2017, he came to be the president and CEO that Ford Motor company after note Fields and also became a member of the company’s plank of directors. The company’s target is $3 exchange rate in cost reduction and a almost 10 percent palliation in the salaried workforce in Asia and North America this year to improve earnings in 2018.

He offer on the board of directors because that Northwestern mutual Life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and also the Steelcase foundation in cool Rapids, Michigan. That is a member the the executive, management committee of the plank of directors because that the National center for Arts and also Technology, and as the plank of advisors to the Gerald R. Ford institution of public Policy and the Life sciences Institute in ~ the college of Michigan. In addition, he to be president that the academy of architecture Board the Overseers in ~ the Illinois institute of Technology.

In January 2019, the sent an email to Ford employees that read, “2018 was mediocre by any standard. Yes, we made $7 billion last year. However think about it this way: this represents an operating margin that 4.4 percent, about fifty percent of what we uncover is a fair margin. For this reason we’re looking a lot of closer come $14 billion.

James Hackett body Measurements

Height: Not AvailableWeight: Not AvailableShoe Size: Not AvailableBody Shape: no AvailableHair Colour:

Frequently inquiry Questions about James Hackett

Who is James Hackett?

Hackett is an American businessman and also the president and also chief executive officer the Ford motor Company.

How old is James Hackett?

He is 65 years old as of 2020. Hackett was born as James Patrick “Jim” on 22 April 1955 in Columbus, Ohio, unified States.

How tall is James Hackett?

He stands in ~ an typical height, he has actually not shared his height with the public. His height will be noted once we have actually it indigenous a credible source.

Is James Hackett married?

He is married to his lovely mam Kathy Hackett.

How lot is James Hackett worth?

He has not yet revealed his net worth. We will update this section once we get and also verify information about the wealth and also properties under his name.

How much does Hackett make?

He is ranked by Forbes amongst the 35 highest-paid CEOs in America, with complete compensation the $25.92 million, and $113.33 million over the last 5 years. His net worth is not disclosed

Where go James Hackett live?

He is a residents of cool Rapids, Michigan, we shall upload pictures of his house as shortly as we have them.

Is James Hackett dead or alive?

He is still alive and in great health. There have been no reports of him being sick or having any type of health-related issues.

Where is James Hackett now?

Hackett is working as the president and chief executive, management officer of Ford motor Company.

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