Lt. Cmdr. Man Charles Waldron(August 21, 1900 -- June 3, 1942)
Military:World battle II
Comments:Died at fight of Midway
Owner:George P. Wentworth

One the the more notable memorials in St. John's is a straightforward marker because that Adelaide Wentworth Waldron, wife of Lt. Comdr. Man C. Waldron. Adelaide Wentworth to be a daughter of George Wentworth and a cousin that T. T. Wentworth, Jr. Because that whom the State Museum in old City room is named. If the mite was inserted at the dig of Adelaide in the Wentworth plot, it additionally bears the inscription:

"In Memorium LCDR man C. Waldron - Killed battle of Midway June 4, 1942"

John Waldron to be commanding officer of Torpedo Squadron 8 which the shed the whole squadron of 15 TBD's in ~ the battle of Midway ~ above June 4, 1942. Return his body was no recovered, the family made decision this clues to honor his memory.

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As report in Captain M. A. Mitscher's report come the commander in Chief, U. S. Pacific Fleet ~ above June 13, 1942: "Torpedo 8 led by lieutenant Commander john C. Waldron was shed in its entirety. This squadron flew in ~ 100 knots listed below the clouds when the remainder the the team flew at 110 knots, climbing come 19,000 feet. Lieutenant command Waldron, a very aggressive officer, top a fine trained squadron, discovered his target and also attacked.... This squadron is deserving of the highest honors because that finding the enemy, pressing house the attack, there is no fighter protection and also without diverting dive bomber strikes to attract the enemy fire. Ensign G. H. Gay, A-V (N), U. S. N. R. Is worthy of additional praise because that making a torpedo hit and also for the visibility of psychic he verified in hiding under his seat cushion, after gift shot down, for number of hours, thereby probably saving his own life and giving us wonderful eye-witness picture of the damages caused by the assault on the enemy carriers".

Captain Mitscher later added in his report the following , making recommendation to recommended awards: "In particular, the Commanding Officer feels that the conduct of Torpedo Squadron Eight, led by one indomitable Squadron Commander, is one of the many outstanding exhibitions of personal bravery and also gallantry that has actually ever concerned his fist in the records of the past or present".

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Commander Waldron was awarded the marine Cross for heroism posthumously. The fight of Midway has been termed the transforming point in the Pacific Theatre in WW II and was the subject of an epos motion picture film. Lt. Comdr. John C. Waldron, USN was hidden in St. John's Cemetery 4 North ar 49.