Juliana Wetmore had a rocky begin coming right into this world. Her mom Tami had a unstable delivery and also didn’t obtain see Juliana ideal away. So Thom Wetmore took a photo of their infant daughter to prepare his mam for Juliana’s shocking appearance.

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“Where is she? Where’s she face?” whispered Tami.

Juliana Wetmore was born missing nearly 40% that the bones in she face. She has a genetic problem called Treacher Collins Syndrome. And also this rare disease affects the bone formed in the head and can reason breathing, hearing, and eating problems.


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Parents’ solution To net Bullies and also Other Strangers

Juliana’s parental quickly chose that your daughter was born different for a reason. However sadly, no everyone to be as understanding of she condition.

One web bully went for this reason far as to say the Juliana “should have actually been euthanized.” her doctors and family chalk the comment approximately ignorance. They understand that Juliana has a special function in this world to teach others no to referee a book by that cover.

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Since then, so many kind-hearted strangers sent out the family members emails and cards the support. Parents shared that they provided Juliana’s story come teach their own kids that it’s what’s top top the inside that provides you beautiful.

“This story is so lot bigger than us or Juliana,” stated Thom.

Juliana Wetmore Today

Now 13 year old, Juliana has already had 45 surgeries and will still require more. She’s a very smart and also artistic boy who happily indicators with her friends in ~ school. While in ~ home, she gets several love from huge sister Kendra who routinely tells Juliana exactly how much she loves her.


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Family Extends your Love past Borders

Juliana additionally has a really special sister, Danica. Danica was living in an orphanage in the Ukraine when Thom and also Tami discovered her. Since they had actually the love and also experience to assist Danica, they invested two year going with the adoption process to make her component of their family! They’ve since adopted two much more children come shower v their love.

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Danica and Juliana are lucky to have such a loving family and a distinct sister that understands their distinct challenges. And also most the all, they’re blessed to have actually such faith!

“God never offers you an ext than you deserve to handle. You have to pick to take care of it.” claimed Thom.

WATCH: Juliana Wetmore’s Story

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