JWH-018 & Alcohol Experience

by Bong McPuffin - October 26, 2010

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Experience Report:

I had a train-wreck trip with JWH-018.

Some background first, I am a heavy weed smoker, and I can handle my alcohol with the best of them. I often combine the two with zero negative effects (aside from falling asleep in weird places). I have been doing this for years now so I have a tolerance to both THC and alcohol.

I got a gram of JWH-018, probably the purest form of I have ever seen as well, it was pure white and super fine crystals. I don't have a scale at all so I basically just used the Shulgin method of dosing until I found the right size pile of powder.

So anyways, to the train-wreck I had...

I drank 1 16oz Miller Highlife, which normally doesn't even give me the slightest bit of a buzz even if I chug it. I measured out a little pile of JWH and put it into a blunt-wrap square and folded it up like a really tiny envelope and I smoked it through a gravity bong. I have no idea how efficient this method is, but it seems to work great for me.

Fast forward 30 minutes and I am the highest I have ever been, and still coming up and up and up. It just wouldn't stop and it felt like I was on an elevator that was moving way too fast. I decided to take my dog on a walk and about half way around the block I had what I can only describe as a hallucination, but it wasn't like an LSD or a shroom hallucination, it just looked like all the houses were way too close together, and the street was way too wide. For some reason this bothered me to a huge extent.

As I am walking I realize I am losing motor control at a very rapid pace, so I grabbed my dog and carried her the rest of the way home, stumbling around almost like I was robo-tripping on DXM. My legs felt like they were moving on pure instinct.

I managed to get home, I got into my bedroom and locked the door behind me, I turned around and got an instant wave of nausea that had zero warning and I started puking my guts out. I must of puked up over a gallon of liquid right onto my bedroom carpet. Then the spins started. I sat on the edge of my bed, and I got a huge whiff of puke smell that just accelerated the spinning. My brain kept spinning and spinning and spinning. Then I felt like I was losing my hair. My hair folicles hurt. Then I got the most unpleasant feeling inside of my teeth, like each tooth had a tiny balloon in it that just kept expanding more and more, to the point that I thought my teeth were falling out of my head, along with my hair.

I shut my eyes only to have closed eye visuals hit me, they were faint and somewhat like fractal patterns that you see on shroom trips, but they had a distinct shape to them that I can only describe as a series of neon-were-wolves. They were taunting me and telling me that I was stupid. They were taunting me in my own voice, which was unsettling, because the last thing I wanted to hear was myself at that point.

Then I had this distinct vision of myself laying in my own grave, like an out of body experience, my parents were there looking into my grave with zero grief or sorrow on their faces. They simply looked disappointed and they kept saying "Thats what you get for fucking with random white drugs... you stupid bastard". They taunted my corpse for what seemed like hours. The spinning, neon-were-wolves screaming at me in my own voice, and my parents over looking my grave just kind of swirled into one huge whirlwind of fucked-up.

I woke up 18 hours later gagging because my entire room smelled like a frat-house toilet. I had the worst headache I have ever had in my life. I spend the next 40 minutes scrubbing puke out of my carpet kicking myself for being stupid and mixing alcohol with a relatively unknown drug.

I have no science to back up the claim that alcohol and JWH should not mix, but for me inside of my body I will never ever combine the two substances again. I seriously thought I was going to die.

I've thought I was dying on shrooms before, but I could talk myself down or out of it if I put enough effort into it, no matter how hard I tried I could not talk myself out of this trip I had. I just had to roll with it and it made me its little bitch.