JWH-018 Experience #5

by ayuphreek - January 3, 2011

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Method of Ingestion: Smoked

Dosage: Varied

Duration of Effects: 1-2 Hours

Effects Felt Like: Somewhat Like Cannabis


Experience Report:

Ive made my own smoke blends using jwh-018, grain alcohol, damiana, marshmallow leaf, and tobacco flavoring. Usually i'll use 1 gram of jwh-018 per 40-75 grams of leaf.

Usually I'll consume from 1 to 5 grams of above described smoking blends in a day to keep me high for a vast majority of the day. I've noticed the buzz to be very similar but not quite the same as cannabis. It feels more like a happy and productive high. I'm able to fully function while I'm high and can even pass off as sober if not just a tad loopy. I feel my reflexes are better when I'm high since I'm much better at catching anything that might be tossed my way than I ever was even before I started using any kind of drug.

Depending on how much I consume at any given time, I've experienced closed eye visualizations as well as some that opaquely linger once my eyes are open.


Side Effects:

On two separate occasions I've fainted while on commercially purchased blends. I've since attributed this to the use of acetone to dissolve jwh-018 instead of grain alcohol.

Occasionally will experience headaches.

Other Drugs in System:

I've used in conjunction with alcohol, marijuana, hydrocodone, alprazolam, clonazepam, psycodelic mushrooms, cocaine, dxm, promethazine, and nicotine.

Pre-existing Conditions: no