JWH-081 Experience

by moox - November 29, 2010

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Method of Ingestion: Smoked

Dosage: very small amount; 2 pinheads aprox

Duration of Effects: 3-4 Hours

Effects Felt Like: Somewhat Like Cannabis

Experience Report:

I've smoked JWH-018 and JWH-081. Neither of them is as enjoyable as high quality canabis, and both have somewhat of a minor "chemical" feeling to them that you do not get with cannabis. I prefer JWH-081 to 018 because this negative chemical effect is more pronounced with JWH-018.

The experience of taking JWH-081 for me is similar to cannabis, but with less psychological effects - I feel more of a body high. The experience gets more pleasant after it plateaus. The "munchies" occur, but not as much as with JWH-018 or marijuana.

My primary reasons for use of cannabis and sy of nthetic cannabis analogs are to relax and to help with chronic insomnia. JWH-081 is as effective as some strains cannabis for the insomnia issue - some strains of cannabis are better,

Side Effects: Yeah - as with good marijuana, it lingers the following morning, I feel "burned out."

Other Drugs in System: Legitimately prescribed methadone which I have been taking for 14 years. Currently in the process of a very slow, self guided titration detox which I expect to take 14 more months. 

Pre-existing Conditions: I have issues with sleep.