Kenneth L. Null

PresidentNRA Benefactor Life MemberNRA business AllianceFFL DealerLeather Guild understand CraftsmanUSMC 1959 – 1965Established 1976

Quality Bench crafted HolstersFor TheDiscriminating Professional

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I deserve to name a dozen manufacturers of holsters. Any of which mass produce much more in a day than I craft in 6 months.

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It seems that virtually anyone deserve to wrap a item of leather around a gun, speak to it a holster and sell it to the unwary.

Like many professionals, you’ve more than likely tried numerous holsters from number of makers, however . . . Independent studies have shown that the over average professional experiments through as countless as fifteen different holsters manufacturers before compromising something.

A possibly costly compromise, which regularly leaves a nagging doubt the there need to be something far better . . . And there is!

As a very trained professional your devices is – or have to be – the best! I snapshot only a couple of of the many designs of holsters and also accessories I have actually available. They space all specialized, carefully engineered and also some designed come accommodate any type of attachment for an approach of concealment your job requires. If not, I’ll occupational with friend to solve your problem.

Each holster has actually been developed through a series of hand formed prototypes . . . Experiment in house and by experts in the field . . . Until it is flawless. Then the greatest quality leather obtainable is closely cut and patiently formed about real handguns come the least feasible tolerance between leather and steel personally by me.

Each scabbard is personally hand crafted come the exacting demands of the discriminating expert . . . Who needs efficiency and the utmost in concealment.

Meticulously i design and also fabricate each holster assuring the speed, security, uncompromising precision and also comfort. These useful works of arts stand unchallenged as among the world’s best holsters . They were previously accessible only ~ above a restricted basis to a select couple of individuals, however are currently being bench crafted exclusively for the professional…YOU!

I do not and also will no cater come the weekend pistol slinger or produce Hollywood cowboy rigs . . . If the is what you think girlfriend need, you’re analysis the not correct catalogue and also wasting both your time and also mine!

You’ll never own a cheap NULL holster . . . Yet you’ll surely own the best . . . Remember, over there is no weaken for quality when your life counts on it.

Sooner or later, if you really care, you will do it live v my holsters.

I’ll be patient . . . Ns think i’ll hear from you eventually. It’s just a issue of time and logic.

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I have the right to afford come be patience . . . However then ns don’t need to put it every on the line every day.