Kenneth L. Null

PresidentNRA Benevariable Life MemberNRA Company AllianceFFL DealerLeather Guild Master CraftsmanUSMC 1959 – 1965Established 1976

Quality Bench Crafted HolstersFor TheDiscriminating Professional

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I can name a dozen manufacturers of holsters. Any of which mass develop more in a day than I craft in 6 months.

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It seems that practically anyone can wrap a item of leather approximately a gun, speak to it a holster and sell it to the unwary.

Like the majority of specialists, you’ve more than likely tried many kind of holsters from a number of makers, however . . . independent studies have presented that the above average skilled experiments via as many as fifteen different holsters manufacturers prior to compromising something.

A possibly costly weaken, which often leaves a nagging doubt that tbelow should be something better . . . and also tbelow is!

As a extremely trained specialist your tools is – or must be – the best! I photo only a few of the numerous deindicators of holsters and also accessories I have actually obtainable. They are all specialized, very closely engineered and some designed to accommoday any type of attachment for strategy of concealment your job calls for. If not, I’ll work via you to settle your trouble.

Each holster has been progressed through a series of hand formed prototypes . . . tested in home and by specialists in the field . . . till it is flawmuch less. Then the highest top quality leather obtainable is closely reduced and also patiently created approximately actual handfirearms to the leastern possible tolerance in between leather and also steel personally by me.

Each scabbard is individually hand also crafted to the exacting requirements of the discriminating professional . . . that needs efficiency and also the utmany in concealment.

Meticulously I architecture and fabricate each holster assuring its speed, protection, uncompromising precision and comfort. These sensible functions of art stand also unchallenged as among the world’s best holsters . they were formerly easily accessible just on a minimal basis to a pick few people, however are currently being bench crafted solely for the professional…YOU!

I execute not and also will certainly not cater to the weekfinish gun slinger or develop Hollywood cowboy rigs . . . if that is what you think you need, you’re reading the wrong catalogue and also wasting both your time and mine!

You’ll never before own a cheap NULL holster . . . however you’ll sudepend own the best . . . remember, tright here is no compromise for top quality when your life relies on it.

Sooner or later on, if you really care, you’ll live through my holsters.

I’ll be patient . . . I think I’ll hear from you eventually. It’s just a issue of time and also logic.

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I deserve to afford to be patient . . . but then I don’t have to put it all on the line every day.