Tejec’s Guide to Cooking Ketamine & Doing Ketamine

By Tejec - June 15, 2010 

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So given that you got liquid, most likely in the form of a USP grade injection ready vile you may decide to dry it into a powder form to be insufflated. This may also be useful if due to the dilution of the liquid Ketamine preparation you have is at an amount in which you are unable to fit the desired dose into the size syringe you have.



There are many ways to dry Ketamine from liquid to powder form, many more ways than I will mention. I will simply cover the basic common methods. Remember to be attentive to your drying process for in some of these methods there is a slight risk of degrading/burning or losing some of your precious Ketamine if you’re not careful. Once you finish drying with any of these methods just scrape it off with a card of some sort.


Double boil Method

This is my favorite way to drying ket. It’s relatively easy, fast, and as long as you pay attention to your ket will always yield a good amount. All you need is a stove, a pot, a plate, and some liquid Ketamine. Start by boiling a pot of water over your stove. Once at a boil, lower the temperature of the stove so that it just maintains a light boil. Pour your liquid Ketamine onto a plate, than place the plate over the pot of boiling water. The amount of time it takes to evaporate all the liquid from the ketamine solution will vary depending on how much you put on the plate but not by much, but 500ml can take about 10-15 minutes. Take care not to leave the plate over the boiling water any longer than it has too.


Microwave Method

You can nuke your ketamine in the microwave and it will dry it out. This is the method I use when I am trying to cook small amounts in little time. To do this is simple. Pour the Ketamine on a plate, but make sure you put an identical plate on top of the plate with ketamine in into upside down, so that it creates a seal. This is very important because if not your ketamine will be all over the microwave. This method gets slower the more Ketamine you put in, so I’d recommend only for a few vials or so. I usually nuke for a couple minutes. It’s good to check on it, before you take it out or nuke again by peaking into the plates, be very careful though, it can be very hot!


Blow-Dry Method

Many people prefer to use a blow drier to dry they’re ket. This can be down by putting the ketamine in something like a pan and running your blow dryer on it.


Air Dry Method

You can lay your K out on a plate and let it sit out all night, perhaps up to 24 hours and it will just dry out itself.

There are many more ways to cook K but those are some of the most common.


Doing K

You can eat/drink, snort, intravenously inject, intramuscularly inject, snort, plug, and even subcutaneously inject. As far as dosing goes for, I will mention some dosing suggestions in this guide but I recommend doing further research into that yourself, this is just to give you an idea.


For IV

I much prefer IV over all methods of administration, as it gives you a rush and much better bang for your buck. A good reason I prefer IV over IM is that your veins can fight bacteria a whole lot better than your muscles can so in terms of bacterial infection risks as long as you’re clean with the injection you shouldn’t have to worry. It is important to remember that it will hit you immediately with this method. It is commonly noted for IV K users to fall into a k-hole or loose motor control before they even get the needle out of they're vein. Personally I have never had this problem.

First find a vein preferably in the inner bend of your elbow. Once you’ve picked one, gently but firmly slide the needle into the vein with the hole at the tip of the needle facing the vein. Go at an angle so that when the needle goes in, it in a way is lined up or semi parallel with the vein It still has to have enough of an angle to break through the skin and the vein. If it hurts you’re probably not doing it right. When you think you’re in the vein make sure you push up on the plunger a little bit, if you are indeed in the vein a plush of blood will beautifully spiral into the syringe. Take care when you push up on the plunger for a lot of people actually push the needle out of the vein when they do this and the syringe fills with blood right before it leaves. Then you have no way of knowing you’re in a vein for the next stab at it(pun hehe) Once you see blood and you think you've kept the needle in your vein your good to go. Gently ease the plunger down, it should take you about 6 seconds.

You'll immediately get a pleasing taste in the back of your tongue and feel the warm tingly rush all over your body. It can take like up to 30 seconds to hit a full fledged K-hole so make sure when you do it you’re already in a position where you can quickly lay down until you come out of the k-hole.



Besides dosing, snorting is pretty much a given, however there are some tips. Don’t stick whatever tubing median you use to rail the K so far up your nose that it all just shoots to the back of your throat. Don’t snort so hard that you get a nasty drip, at the same time don’t snort so light that it just sits or drips out the front of your nose. It’s always fun to just knock back consecutive random lines but if you’re looking for a one hit wonder 150-200mg can put you in a k-hole. Effects can take up to 15 minutes to fully reach you.


For IM

Do about 50mg-100mg
Take some time yourself to research on how to do a general IM injection please, there are many short medical guides that will give you a good idea. Make sure you take care in terms of being clean and sterile with the injection, IM injections are much more prone to infection than IV injection sites. Pretty simply poke a muscle, preferable under thigh or butt cheek and slowly push the plunger down, it should take you like 15-30 seconds to completely push plunger down. Effects will kick over the course of a couple minutes.