Meet the Startup Behind Kevin Hart's brand-new App

The actor and also comedian unveiled a brand-new app that allows users text sticker labels of his face. In much less than 5 hours, the app grabbed the No. 1 spot on the to apologize paid-app charts.

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Earlier this month, the comedian and also entrepreneur unveiled "," an application lets users send stickers of his confront via chat services choose iMessage and also Facebook Messenger. The app costs $1.99, despite users deserve to unlock extra content for $0.99.

Less than 5 hours ~ launching top top September 13th, KevMoji landing the No. 1 clues on the apple paid-app charts (as the this writing,it sit at No. 3.) Hart, for his part, has actually been doggedly fostering the service on social medial:

My " Moji" application is NOOOOWWWW available.....this is the an initial emoji application to attribute real faces...No animation!!!

-; Kevin Hart (

KevMoji was developed by HartBeat Productions, the entertainment firm that Hart owns and also operates, and by Snaps, a mobile message platform. The launch to be timed to Apple" unveiling the the new iOS 10. A brand-new feature neurosoup.orgluded in the update enables users come send apps, stickers, and also GIFs directly through iMessage because that the an initial time.

" we chose to make KevMoji, all i knew is the we had actually to do something nobody else to be doing," Hart stated in a statement. " right here we are, literally changing the confront of iMessage by creating a real experience through emojis and also stickers, quite than in animation."

Snaps establishes what the calls "" iMessage applications for around 100 client -- neurosoup.orgluding Coach, Dunkin Donuts, and also Burger King -- and also then tracks how many of those stickers, videos and also GIFs acquire shared. This isn" the an initial time the agency has landing a celebrity partner. Last year, it operated with application developer Whalerock sectors to create "" v Kim Kardashian-West, the reality television star and also entrepreneur. (The app, which as soon as topped the Apple application store, now sits solidly at No. 14.)

Although snaps would not disclose how numerous users have actually downloaded KevMoji so far, it insurance claims that that is ten brand-new apps have collectively generated 3.5 million see sneurosoup.orge it launched.

The procedure of developing an emoji app, follow to breaks CCO Austin Bone, is more complex than you" imagine.

"" not just as basic as make an emoji and also putting that in the market," Bone tells "" crucial to record the essence of who or something."

In Hart" case, the actor listed a set of photos that the company then adjusted for messaging. In particular, Bone says, the team worked to recreate the comedian" large emotional range.

" is therefore emotive and also so funny, and also in plenty of ways bigger than life," he adds, noting the a challenge that shifts from gift "" to "" has performed particularly well. The most successful emoji apps have tendency to have actually at the very least one above image: Kardashian-West " crying," say, or basketball star Stephen Curry chewing top top his mouth security in StephMoji.


Of course, it" unclear whether or not KevMoji will continue to offer big. It" not unusual for celebrity apps to make a splash, however ultimately challenge declining sales. StephMoji, because that instance, got hold of the No. 1 spot on the app store as soon as it introduced in June -- on the heels of the NBA finals -- yet has sneurosoup.orge slipped native the rankings altogether.

" in general aren" walk anywhere," claims Bone. " advent of the iMessage application store and sticker package in basic is an indicator of that."

And through some 900 million people using iMessage every day, the chance for KevMoji (and Snaps) is certainly great.

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