Every child demands their own work-related space. Ours Aspen Table and 2 Chair collection is the perfect place for coloring, play board games, functioning on school jobs or even enjoying a rapid snack.

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Includes two matching chairsMade of hard woodSturdy constructionTwo handlesAnchored top top anti-tip rockersPackaged through detailed, step-by-step assembly instructions

Dimensions (cm): Table: 60 x 60 x 51 Chair: 41 x 28 x 47

Materials: heavy Wood

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KidKraft Aspen Table & Chairs set - White

Every child demands their own work-related space. Our Aspen Table and also 2 Chair collection is the perfect ar for coloring, play board games, functioning on school tasks or even enjoying a fast snack.

Includes two corresponding chairsMade of hard woodSturdy constructionTwo handlesAnchored top top anti-tip rockersPackaged through detailed, step-by-step assembly instructions

Dimensions (cm): Table: 60 x 60 x 51 Chair: 41 x 28 x 47

Materials: solid Wood



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