Kik is a messenger app common amongst teens in the U.S and Canada. Since its start in 2009, numerous latest version of this app have surfaced.

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Despite being a good social media platform, some typical problems have actually been associated with it. Reading this article, means you space experiencing one or much more problems through this app. 

However, the most usual problem is that pictures won’t load. Here is just how to solve this issue.

Why photos Won’t Load

You may have received a picture from a friend with this message app. And also the pictures just won’t pack no matter how you try. There room two factors for this problem.

Your friend’s connection wasn’t solid enough, while uploading the picture. This brought about the snapshot not come upload properly.Due to one reason or the other, her friend’s an equipment didn’t completely finish uploading the picture.


And the services are:

Open the snapshot again later.Or ask her friend come resend the picture.

Other usual Problems through This App and How To settle It

Now you recognize what steps to take as soon as a picture just wouldn’t load. What around the other difficulties most users room complaining about? You might be among those users through these problems. And also how carry out you deal with them? 

Kik crashing: If you have actually recently set up the latest update of the app. Girlfriend may have actually noticed the the app crashed at part point. Follow the solutions below to solve it.

Solution 1: close the application forcefully and try reopening. This equipment is for users through iPhone tools only.Solution 2: upgrade Kik to the latest version. ~ updating the app, make certain you upgrade the operating system of her device. Variation 10 because that iPhone users and also 7.0 because that Android users. This is come ensure the there is compatibility between the app and your device.Solution 3: Delete and also reinstall the app.

Video calls no working: girlfriend may have tried making use of the video call attribute on the app. Just to realize the it didn’t work. There room a couple of solutions you can use to solve this.

Solution 1: check if her network connection is stable. And also you are associated to the internet. No being linked to the internet deserve to be a reason for this problem. Yet you can use some other solutions if the issue persists.

Solution 2: On and off the aeroplane mode on your device. This solution is because that iPhone, android and windows users.Solution 3: If after using the solutions over and the concern persists. You can inspect the setups of her device. This is to ensure the Kik is allowed to have access to her phone camera.Solution 4: If the solution over doesn’t work, don’t worry. A few others friend can try are available. Restart the device. Off and on your web connection, then try to accessibility any website. This is come ensure that you have a stable net connection.Solution 5: Lastly, you have the right to update the Kik app and also the operating mechanism of her phone. One of these 5 solutions could just carry out it because that you.

Verification no working: Kik application uses captcha confirmation to verify users. If girlfriend can’t acquire past this verification, the complying with solutions will certainly be that help.


Solution 1: update the captcha can prove useful. However, refresh it prior to the time for that certain image expires.Solution 2: nearby the every forcefully and try to reopen that again. If the solution over did not work.Solution 3: If the concerns still persist ~ trying all these solutions. You have to uninstall and also install the app. This is sure to work.

Kik is no connecting: no being maybe to attach to the app, is one more problem together a whole. If girlfriend are facing this difficulty, for sure you follow these services below.

Solution 1: for sure you have actually a stable internet connection. To do this, off and also on the net connection.Solution 2: Restart your maker if the over solution doesn’t work.Solution 3: On and also off the airplane mode on her device.Solution 4: for sure both the Kik app and your device’s operating mechanism is updated.

Camera not working: This is due to hardware and also software issues. But there are still a few ways girlfriend can shot to fix it.

Solution 1: Restarting your maker is among the easiest methods to deal with this problem. Many users declared that this equipment had operated for them.Solution 2: go to “App permissions” in the settings of her device. Ensure that the Kik app is authorized to access phone cameras.Solution 3: If the 2 solutions over refused to work. You can shot a manufacturing facility reset. However, this equipment is for users who are okay through deleting every little thing on their phones.

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All these and much more are the problems users challenge while using this app. If you room using this application or to plan to install it. This write-up should be a good guide in case a few problems arise.