Scary Creepy Clowns have actually been catching headlines throughout the nation. The combicountry of scary deindications on clown-based costumes have actually been living concealed in America’s psyche considering that the initially TV iteration of Steven King’s IT 1990’s Miniseries. (A 2017 movie is coming, watch out)


Some people capitalize on this fear… and it absolutely renders the news.

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2016 Ohio Scary Clowns

Creepy Clvery own at School in Hudkid, Ohio – September 30, 2016

Throughout 8th grade lunch at Hudkid Middles School, a career technology auto student wearing a clown mask and wig arrived to his regimen that is located next to the Hudkid Middle School parking lot. This scared the kids because of every one of the news on creepy clowns in Ohio. No student was harmed and also the Hudson Schools staff immediately took treatment of the situation and calmed the 8th graders. Hudchild Middle School has actually currently “been in contact via our central office administration, our Student Reresource Officer, and the student’s institution to aid them begin a disciplinary examination.”

Clowns put Barberton Nursing Home on Lockdown – September 29, 2016

Two clowns were spotted outside of Pleasant View Nursing Home in Barberton, Ohio. The nursing residence went on lockdown until the police arrived. The clowns ran off prior to police arrived.

Clvery own Attack Closes Cincinnati Area Schools – September 29, 2016

Colerain Township schools close to Cincinnati Ohio were closed after a clown-related assault.


A woman was ordered about her throat and also endangered by the clown, “I need to simply kill you currently and ‘that some students and teachers would wish they were never born at the junior and also senior high institution now."”

Chasing Clown in Franklin, OH – September 28, 2016

In Warren county, a womale was states she was chased by a clvery own ideal as much as her apartment door. This clvery own was dressed in red and white, through a plastic mask. Harassment would be the charge if they discover the perpetrator.

A Warren County woguy reported being chased by a clown. She referred to as Franklin police after she obtained house to her Skokiaan Drive apartment, police said Wednesday.

A Warning from Auglaize County Sheriff

Firestone High School Students Feared of False Clown Reports- September 28, 2016

Firerock High School in West Akron, Ohio was mistakenly reported in social media as “on lockdown” as a result of social media treats on Facebook.Akron Police investigated those facebook treats and also concluded “tbelow was absolutely no credible threat”.-Thank you Ms. Weiss that corrected us through a facebook comment.

There was one more clvery own sighting at an Akron School on the exact same day wbelow kids reported seeing a clvery own technique a vacant house near Grand Avenue and also West Exreadjust Street on their walk to school.

Truck Driving Clowns in Barberton – September 29, 2016

Tbelow were social media reports of two clowns driving roughly in a pickup truck near Quincey Ave in Barberton, Ohio.

Clvery own through Mallet at University of Akron – September 27, 2016

Clown through Mallet sighted on the University of Akron campus Wednesday night walking roughly the South Hall dormitory. The mallet turned out to be made of foam. The suspect was a 19-year-old student. He was investigated for inducing panci yet not charged.

Car Wash Clvery own in Norton, Ohio – September 27, 2016

A clvery own was reported as standing near a automobile wash on Krancz Drive in Norton at 7:20 pm.

Clowns Spotted in Barberton, Ohio – September 27, 2016

A clown was spotted near East Castle Drive in Barberton at 8pm. Another clvery own was standing about at West Hopodeserve to Avenue and 1sixth Street Northwest at 11pm.

Two Clowns in Lancaster, OH – September 27, 2016 – 2am

Two clowns were checked out in Lancaster, Ohio. One wearing a gold suit and also holding a balloon, and also the various other in right black. The police of course, haven’t found these clowns. One woguy, at 2am, reported that she experienced a clown holding a knife. Scary.

Scary Clowns in Greenville, OH – September 27, 2016

An outideal clvery own attack developed in the early on morning hrs of September 27, 2016. A man was attacked by two clowns in the Cincinnati area tvery own of Greenville. With his deffinishing baseball bat stolen from him, he was hit in the neck.

Trying to figure out what they looked prefer behind their white painted faces, the victim said one may have been bald through black diamonds painted about his eyes, and the various other had actually long hair.

Creepy Clowns in Norwalk, OH – September 23, 2016


On September 23rd, the Huron County Sheriff’s Office noted that it has obtained several complaints from citizens in the city of Norwalk. The clowns’ intentions are not yet known… however the Sheriff’s office Undoubtedly desires to uncover out! These clowns can acquire themselves, or someone else hurt.

Clvery own through Weapon in Portsmouth, OH – September 23, 2016

Police have taken a report describing a clvery own holding an axe within city boundaries and also staring at bystanders. A clvery own was also reported to have actually knocked on someone’s door. Holding a weapon alone can bring about an arremainder on charges of disorderly conduct, inducing panic and other neighborhood city ordinances.

Portsmouth Clown

September 23, 2016 – Akron, Ohio

A woman reported having actually two clowns swinging a basesphere bat at her auto near Inman and Johnston highways, scaring her, yet not striking her auto. The clowns were gone by the moment police arrived.

September 1, 2016 – Columbus, Ohio

A fourteenager year old boy on the north side of Columbus supposedly averted a knife wielding male dressed in black, donning a clvery own mask. The boy threw a rock at him. Police are taking this seriously.

The Creepy Clowns of Bowling Environment-friendly State Campus

Alengthy Enterprise Street and roaming roughly campus, one clown is scaring human being. Dressed in a red and also blue costume and a black wig, this clvery own is bring about many type of human being to rotate to twitter to warn each other. The Wood County Sheriff is saying that if you see someone in such an outfit, and feel in peril, call 911.

Marion, Ohio Clown Sightings

Well, the reality is, there are no clowns in Marion, Ohio. Statements allegedly coming from the City Police Department to stay inside and also ‘lock your doors’ are false.  I share this just to highlight what panic have the right to carry out.

Creepy Clowns in Troy, Ohio – September 2016

Two High school students in Troy Ohio ran into trouble as soon as they invented ClappyAndslappy DaClown on Faceook in mid-September. A 5 minute video featuring the below masks threatened violence to Troy inhabitants. This did not go over well.


What to perform around Clowns…

Dressing up as a clown is not a crime.  But inducing panic, harassment, transferring a weapon in public, breaking into property, and running at people are crimes.

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If you see somepoint favor this- speak to your police and also carry out let them recognize to save an eye out for this actions. Someone may finish up hurt if you don’t.