Main Story


Terra soil in the Magic mirror Chamber, where he meets a queen and her mirror. Activate the conserve point, then leave v the only leave to reach the Vault.

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There are several jars scattered approximately this area the Terra deserve to break through his attacks. The straightforward plain jars don"t autumn anything, however contribute to the finish Gauge. Other jars will certainly glow, cycling through 3 colors: red, green, and blue. Hitting a red jar will reason it come explode, dealing damage to Terra and any nearby enemies. Hitting a eco-friendly jar will certainly drop HP orbs. Hitting a blue jar will drop D-Link stars. Over there are also furnaces in specific places, and while they space lit Terra have the right to ride a present of bubbles approximately a greater level.

From the Magic winter Chamber, move forward come see 2 chests turn off to the left. The tiny chest stop an Ether (Treasure #2), when the big chest turns into a Spiderchest Unversed. Continue along the path, skipping the very first bubble fountain, to reach the much side that this area. In the far edge is an additional chest, and also a Balloon Letter inside (Treasure #1).

There is a small chance that the Spiderchest foe will autumn a poison Magic Command ~ above defeat. This is very great against an upcoming boss!

Return to the bubble fountain and also ride it to the top level. Over there is one more Spiderchest in ~ the top, however the little chest near it stop a Potion (Treasure #3). Store walking approximately this upper area to with the secret Waterway.

Clear the opponents from this initial area, then strategy the little crank wheel. Stand behind the crank, so the you can see a portcullis on the other side. Struggle the crank to open the portcullis, i m sorry starts one eight-second timer. Acquire through come the various other side prior to the timer operation out. Ascend the staircase to find a Potion (Treasure #5) and another crank.

This crank actually opens TWO portcullises and also puts castle on a 13-second timer. If you fail to get through the 2nd portcullis in time, you must redo whatever from the really beginning. After ~ hitting the crank, jump off the ledge come the right and also head with the first portcullis. Monitor the route up part stairs and grab the chest because that a Block Recipe (Treasure #) prior to moving through the following portcullis. Don"t stroked nerves fighting the Unversed here, uneven you really desire the experience.

Be cautious moving v the ahead portcullis, together there is a drop under to the bottom level ~ above the other side. Carefully Jump or Slide over to the 2 chests and take the Poison Edge and Fire (Treasures #7-8). That"s all the chests here, so jump down to the bottom level from here. The exit is increase on a nearby ledge, but before heading the end that way, go back to the Vault.

Drop under to the bottom level and approach the unlit furnace. Through the new Fire Command you just got, light the heating system to activate a 2nd bubble fountain. This will certainly send Terra approximately a formerly unreachable level. Over there is a chest up right here with the Flame Salvo Shotlock (Treasure #4).

Back in the secret Waterway, neglect the crank and also head come the right. The departure from this area is up a pair of small ledges and also leads to the Courtyard. Appropriate away friend can uncover a chest that holds a Potion (Treasure #10). Further in is a Moogle with a Command Shop; you have the right to now acquisition as countless Cure commands as friend want/can afford. Over there is additionally a save allude on the various other side the the well.

The large wooden doors head the end from the castle, but there is quiet a bit much more to do right here in the Courtyard. Ascend the staircase for a Soothing Crystal (Treasure #12), then drop listed below the stairway to discover a huge chest through the Map (Treasure #11) inside. Use the conserve point, then leave via the huge wooden doors to reach the Flower Glade.

Terra will satisfy Snow White, and also then need to fight several waves of Unversed. Had in these waves is the brand-new Hareraiser Unversed. After perfect this battle, Terra receives the Air Slide movement Command. Equip this right into your Command Deck under action Commands.

The critical chest in Dwarf Woodlands is in the northwest edge of the Flower Glade. Open up it now for a Hungry Crystal (Treasure #13), then go back to the Courtyard. Cave a left as quickly as friend enter and approach the archway that leads to a smaller sized room. Jump up top top the wall surface beside the arch, climate jump again to be standing top top the really top. Come the northwest is a chest; Jump and Air on slide to with it, and open the chest because that the Fission Firaga Magic Command (Treasure #9).

Return come the Magic winter Chamber for another scene v the angry queen, followed by a boss battle.


The Magic mirror is one hell that a gimmick fight. That moves roughly quite a bit, and also has several powerful attacks. Fifty percent of its assaults summon clones the itself, and also the other half are solo attacks.When the Mirror strikes Terra alone, you desire to shot to Block the attack. It will certainly either carry out a fast, directly tackle, or move in a short zig-zag motion. Either strike will deal significant damage.There room two varieties of clone attacks. The mirrors will show up in a circle around Terra, or in an limitless corridor, and also spit orbs of darkness. Block or Slide out of the way to avoid these attacks. In both cases, friend are searching for the version of the winter that is smiling. This is the real Mirror, and also the only copy that deserve to take damage.

Terra will receive a hint of whereby to go next on his journey, as well as the treasure Trove Keyblade.

Head come the castle of dreams to proceed the story.


Ven begins his journey in the Dwarf Woodlands top top a increased section that the mountain Trail. Over there is a chest appropriate ahead that holds a Potion (Treasure #14), and two Flood Unversed guarding it.

After grabbing the item, go back to the point out Ven began at and head the other way. This will certainly take you down a flight of "stairs" to the lower level. At the bottom, head come the best a little bit towards a chest, fighting the Scrapper and also Red warm Chili Unversed as soon as they present up. Open the chest as soon as the enemies are beat to get another Potion (Treasure #12).

Now do your way to the cave entrance on the opposite side of the map, wherein the dwarfs gotten in the mountain. Defeat the Bruiser that shows up through some much more Flood, and also open the adjacent chest for an Ether (Treasure #13). Go into the mine opened to with the Mine Entrance.

Ven needs to find all six hiding dwarfs to continue with his story. Dopey is below just hanging out, and you can uncover a save allude and a Moogle below as well. Rise the stairs to the following area, The Mine, to begin the hunt.

From the start, rise up the platforms directly in prior of Ven. At the height is a little chest, i m sorry you have the right to open because that a Mini Magic Command (Treasure #3). Run down beyond the chest, and also move front hugging the wall to Ven"s right. Girlfriend will concerned a huge area v boxes. Among the boxes will certainly leap out and also attack you. Retaliate and also destroy the box to uncover Grumpy. A little bit additional into this room will be a box jumping around. Sneezy is in there, therefore target it and let loosened with her attacks. In this same area is a chest, and also it stop a Panacea items Command (Treasure #2).

Continue forward along the same path to discover the next two dwarf-in-a-boxes. The one ~ above the right won"t strike or jump around, seeing as Sleepy is inside. Free the sleepyhead, then open the chest behind the various other boxes because that a Payback Raid command (Treasure #1). The box on the left next is Doc, yet he will certainly run far as shortly as you obtain close. He have the right to be complicated to attack, however I discovered that activating Aqua"s D-Link and using her long-range Magic commands helped a an excellent deal, together did Ven"s win Raid.

Even more down this path is Happy, who will also run around. Use the very same general method as before to break him the end of his box. The final dwarf, Bashful, is riding around in a minecart. Whenever he pops out, run up behind the cart to protect against damage, and begin attacking. He is only accessible for a few seconds, but will proceed to appear, so don"t issue too much about destroying the dare in one go.

Ven will certainly be returned to the Mine enntrance gate after finding the critical dwarf. They will certainly tell Ven to head in the direction of the surrounding castle to find his friend. Before doing that, however, go back to The Mine and also run down either path. You are in search of the new Monotrucker Unversed to fight. Once you have it in the Reports, you can leave the mine.

You have whatever in the hill Trail, so follow the course through, defeating the Unversed as you go, to find the departure to the cottage Clearing and a brief scene. Before continuing on through the forest, examine this space for part chests.

Turn around and also move counter-clockwise approximately the house. Over there is a huge chest behind a tree that holds the Map (Treasure #10), and also directly behind the residence is a tiny chest with a Fire Magic Command (Treasure #8). Come the south-east is a tiny creek that runs out from the house. Follow the water to with a Poison Magic Command (Treasure #9) in a chest there. Enter the cottage chin to discover another huge chest. This one holds Ven"s Attack Recipe (Treasure #11). Departure south to the Deep Woods.

You should immediately see 2 chests. Open them for a Potion and also an Ether (Treasures #6-7). Cross the large open room heading south, and also open the following chest because that a Shimmering Crystal (Treasure #5) before approaching eye White. This begins an escort mission through the Deep Woods map. Eye White will certainly run roughly while being attacked by Unversed and also angry trees. That is more important come stay close to her than it is to loss enemies. As the trees and also Unversed attack, be prepared to push

come Block the attacks, climate
to counter-attack. Snow White has a damage/fear gauge in ~ the optimal left the the screen. If it filling up completely, you lose this section and have to shot again.

After efficiently guiding eye White to the cottage, you get a pair of scenes with her and also the dwarfs. Once you have regulate again, usage the save point, then get in the Deep Woods again because that a boss battle.


This creature has a pair of melee strikes that aren"t that powerful, yet it has actually several ranged strikes that have the right to be dangerous. For the many part, you desire to keep moving throughout this fight, taking advantage of small opportunities to gain in a fight or two.On the top branches of the tree you will certainly see two kinds the "fruit", purple orbs and green cylinders. The green ones explode on contact, dealing significant damage, while the purple ones will break open into a puddle of poison. This will certainly eat through Ven"s HP reasonably fast, therefore watch whereby you walk. Watch because that it come regrow this projectiles as the fight continues on.As because that melee attacks, friend don"t just need come watch out for an easy strikes native the roots. The foolish Treant have the right to shake the leafy parts of that branches, and will periodically stomp the ground, leading to a root finish to rest up choose a stalagmite where Ven is standing.Do enough damages (around half health, shocking!) and the Unversed will temporarily collapse before raising up spanned in darkness. That adds a brand-new move to the arsenal in ~ this point: the biology turns into a mortar and fires explosive shots that house in on Ven"s location. You want to stay moving, utilizing Dodge Roll, to prevent all these attacks.

Ven will fulfill the Old Peddler woman at the Flower Glade, forge a D-Link through Snow White, and earn the treasure Trove Keyblade. He will certainly be returned to the world Map, yet land ago at Dwarf Woodlands again in the cottage Clearing. Cross the Deep Woods, fighting the brand-new Archraven Unversed, and also enter the Flower Glade again. Hareraiser enemies begin getting here here, together with several various other Unversed that appear in waves. Defeat them every (earning part nice endure as friend do) climate cross the river to the southern to grab the last chest, and a Soothing Crystal (Treasure #4).

Head to the castle of desires to continue the story.


Aqua will need to interact a D-Link in the Courtyard area to reach a chest. Make certain you have actually a complete D-Link gauge through the end of the Flower Glade.

Aqua appears at the cottage Clearing, too late to conserve Snow White. Enter the head to discover a big chest, and also take the Attack Recipe (Treasure #18) from within it.

Back in the head Clearing, uncover the Payback Surge Reprisal Command (Treasure #16). Off by the save allude is a little creek. Follow it along previous the bridge to discover a Poison Magic Command (Treasure #17) off in the corner. Take it the only leave to the Deep Woods.

Two chests room readily noticeable here. They host a Potion (Treasure #15) and also an Ether (Treasure #14). As you move more into the area, one more chest will come to be visible ~ above the much side. On your way to obtain it, the new Archraven Unversed will start to appear. Pass v this whole area to reach the chest, and take the Hi-Potion (Treasure #13) prior to continuing on to the Flower Glade.

Look to Aqua"s right as soon as you have the right to to find a Hungry Crystal (Treasure #12) in the corner. Overcome the small bridge to the various other side the the glade to with the Courtyard and a scene.

Check the huge chest under the staircase for the Map (Treasure #10), climate the tiny chest on optimal of the stairs for a Fleeting Crystal (Treasure #11). Off to the west is a little room through a shaft in the corner. Over there is a chest increase there that we desire to get. Stand directly inside the archway, then jump up to grab a host of the edge. Climb more up top top the height of the arch and also engage v Terra"s D-Link to gain the sliding Dash Command. Use it when airborne to with the shaft in the corner. Inside the chest is the Fission Firaga Magic Command (Treasure #8).

Jump down from here and also head to the northeast corner. Over there is a chest hiding behind a corner up below with a Potion (Treasure #9). The edge has an entrance to the underground Waterway.

From the start, head south all the way to discover an open up area with a crank top top a dry platform. Attack this crank will raise a portcullis to the east, and activate one eight-second timer. Move through the currently open passageway and ascend the stairs to uncover a Shimmering Crystal (Treasure #5) and another crank. This one activates two portcullises at the very same time, and also Aqua will need to move through both in ~ the 15 2nd time limit. Utilizing Cartwheel constantly is the cheat to obtaining there in time.

Hit the crank and then jump down off the phibìc ledge. Ascend the little stairs and go v the very first portcullis, then follow the path forward to with the second. Over there is a chest right prior to the 2nd portcullis through a Fleeting Crystal (Treasure #6). On the various other side the the second portcullis, run a little gap to uncover one more chest, this one hold a Fire Magic Command (Treasure #7). (Equip this Fire Command and also keep it because that a tiny while.) Drop under to the bottom level and use the departure at the southeast edge to with the Vault.

Follow this upper path along the north wall surface to with a tiny chest with a Shimmering crystal (Treasure #3). The big chest up here is an additional Spiderchest Unversed. After gaining the item and defeating the enemies, relocate west till just prior to the curved staircase and also look south. There is a chest top top the bottom level, follow me the wall. Jump under here and open the chest for a Balloon Letter items Command (Treasure #1).

Next to this chest is one unlit furnace. Target lock on to it and also cast Fire to turn the heater on, and also ride the bubble fountain to the top level. Up here you can discover the Magnet Magic Command (Treasure #4) in a chest. Fall off this ledge to the east to find an additional Spiderchest opponent next come the last chest of this area, and open it because that a Potion (Treasure #2). Usage the east doorway down below to reach the mirror Chamber, and also a ceo fight.


The Magic mirror is one hell that a gimmick fight. The moves around quite a bit, and has several an effective attacks. Fifty percent of its strikes summon clones of itself, and the other fifty percent are solo attacks.When the Mirror attacks Aqua alone, you desire to try to obstacle the attack. It will either perform a fast, directly tackle, or move in a brief zig-zag motion. Either assault will deal far-reaching damage.There space two species of clone attacks. The mirrors will appear in a circle roughly Aqua, or in an limitless corridor, and spit orbs the darkness. Obstacle or Cartwheel the end of the method to prevent these attacks. In both cases, you are looking for the version of the mirror that is smiling. This is the real Mirror, and also the just copy that deserve to take damage.

Once again, Aqua gets to evil a Princess acquiring her happy ending. She will build a D-Link v Snow White, and also receive the endowment Trove Keyblade.

Head come the Enchanted dominance to continue the story.



Land at the Courtyard and use the northeast entrance to the underground Waterway. Head southern to the first crank puzzle, and look north. You need to see the crown up in the west corner. Fight the crank and also head as much as the optimal level to it is in on the very same elevation together the crown. Native the ledge up here, Jump/Slide the end west to with the crown (Piece #1).

Return to the Courtyard and exit south to the Flower Glade. The critical crown is off in the northeast edge (Piece #2).


Land at the head Clearing to uncover the very first crown in the air in former of the cottage. A totally leveled High jump is enough to with it (Piece #1).

Head north v the hill Trail to with the Mine Entrance. The second crown is slightly north of the middle of the room (Piece #2).


Land in ~ the Courtyard and also move end to the little chamber turn off to the west. The an initial crown is sitting near the soil over below (Piece #1).

Enter the secret Waterway. Cross to the other side and into the Vault. The 2nd crown is only reachable indigenous the facility elevated platform. Usage High Jump, Doubleflight, and Air slide to with the platform, and the crown (Piece #2).

Prize Pods


Land in the Courtyard and take the northeastern entrance into the secret Waterway. Look to the northwest to watch a ledge whereby water is falling down. High Jump and also Air Slide approximately this ledge to uncover the Pods. Lock drop the Nutty Nut, Gaspberry, and Merry Mint Flavors.


Land in the Mine Entrance and then head more into The Mine. Move along the east side the the route until a team of Red warm Chili Unversed appear. The Pods appear after defeating the Chilis. They drop the Apple Pie, merry Mint, and Merry Dairy Flavors.


Land in the Courtyard and take the southern departure to the Flower Glade. The Pods show up directly to the west of the entrance. Lock drop the Peach Fantasy, Gaspberry, and Merry Mint Flavors.

Unversed Mission


The Unversed Mission in Dwarf Woodlands is versus the Vitality Vial. Together Terra and also Aqua, land in ~ the Courtyard and take the northeast entrance to the secret Waterway. The Orb is located in the main area beside the crank puzzle. Together Ventus, land in The Mine and also then walk to the Mine enntrance gate to watch the orb.

The Vitality Vial will fill the whole room through a poison gas, which will deal an extensive damage every second. The way you space supposed to execute this is to follow the Vial about attacking that to regain HP. The way you are going to perform it is by equipping a full deck the Curaga Commands.

With just Curaga equipped, and also all 5 Magic Haste ability active, you have the right to heal repeatedly without ever before running the end of Commands. The just thing you must worry around is the Vitality Vial showing up near you and attacking. If you are having difficulties staying alive, make sure you also have all 3 HP an increase Abilities equipped. Inspect the general Info web page for an ext HP rises you may have missed.

You must stay lively for at least two minute in bespeak to knife the 3 Star Reward, the Illusion-V Friendship Command.

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