A picture taken top top Sept. 27 that has actually gone famous while circulating amongst the online military community shows a man at the dig of the Unknown Soldier in ~ Arlington national Cemetery, kneeling under on one knee reportedly during the play of taps, is outraging thousands.

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“Taps” is a bugle call played at dusk, during flag ceremonies, and at armed forces funerals through the joined States equipped forces and is on regular basis played in ~ the tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Not standing because that Taps is very disrespectful i m sorry is triggering the intense outrage.

It is unclear exactly why the man watched in the picture is kneeling throughout taps while everyone else is standing, however most people online space assuming the is in protest.

Katie Wiederhoeft who took the initial photo noted that she was so take away aback she didn’t asking the young guy why he to be kneeling. She listed that he was filming through his phone as well.

If that was without doubt protesting, it follows in the footsteps the NFL players’ protests – close to 200 NFL players and coaches take it a knee during the U.S. National anthem top top Sunday. The protests were began by football player Colin Kaepernick last year come protest what that believes come be troubles in America, specific police brutality and also black inequality. Kaepernick was not signed by a expert football team this year.

Protocol in ~ the tomb of the Unknown Soldier is that you stand, and many time the Soldiers who guard the Tomb will directly deal with people who room not standing and also demand they stand.

Katie Wiederhoeft included the caption to the photo:

On our means back indigenous NYC we quit overnight in DC, among my favourite places. So rich in history, it’s beautiful, and also so clean!

A should see ~ above our list is always Arlington national Cemetery the transforming of the security ceremony. I get pretty emotionally thinking about what it represents. This particular day we obtained a opportunity to watch the respect guard placing wreaths in remembrance the fallen armed forces members. The respect guard claimed to remain silent, that army members in uniform were to render a salute and everyone else to be to stand and that the would appropriate to place your best hand over your heart. Just as TAPS started…this is what happened. Ns don’t also think civilization know what they are doing when they are kneeling!!!! What was going with this young man’s head is beyond me!? ns couldn’t perform or speak anything due to the fact that my anger and disgust was past words. I made sure to stand right next to him v my hand over my heart!!!

*Edited come add:

I regret not speaking v the young man and finding the end what his intentions were. Ns was so uncomfortable at the time and completely speechless, which doesn’t occur often. Part of me to be afraid that what his price would’ve been, what if he was kneeling in protest?! i honestly don’t believe that i would have actually been able to preserve composure. The end of respect because that my collapse brothers and sisters, I made decision not to face him. Possession is 20-20, perhaps he would’ve answered the his action were fully unintentional and he was trying to get a far better angle (he was video taping). But in light of what our nation is currently going through and also the fact that the safety specifically declared to stand ns can’t assist but feel it remained in protest. However I guess: v I’ll never know.

“Someone actually had actually the nerve to in ~ the dig of the Unknown Soldier. The is the meaning of pure trash,” one Twitter user posted.


“I support everyone’s right to free speech, however I feel in in the zero of the dig of the Unknown Soldier the is inappropriate,” Zachary Bell tweeted.


The photograph is captioned through Wiederhoeft’s father which is the one the went viral: “This picture was taken by mine daughter yesterday at the tomb of the unknown soldier while they were play TAPS. Words can not express my anger appropriate now.


The picture shows anyone there standing, virtually all through their hand over their hearts, except for the one man, that is seen clearly taking a knee.

The photo has appeared on Reddit, Facebook, 4chan and also elsewhere.

“The reality that human being are kneeling at the is absolutely sickening,” one Twitter user wrote. “Fu—-g inhumane.”


“Saw a snapshot of someone taking a knee at the just makes me sick. I believed it wasn’t about the military,” Reese created on Twitter.


“It’s one point to kneel in ~ a football game… yet this is the dig of the Unknown Soldier. You fu—-g stand,” the renowned brand Tactical SHT posted to Facebook.


The Salute Media facebook page, which cases to it is in a veteran-owned on facebook page, additionally posted the picture with the following caption:

SALUTE TRENDING: acquisition a knee during the nationwide anthem at significant league sporting events has garnered national attention by method of assistance for some, and outrage because that others.

A combat veteran who was visiting Arlington national Cemetery yesterday at the dig Of The Unknown Soldier v his daughter snap a photo of a male kneeling throughout the play of TAPS.

Has expert sports protest’s bled ~ above hallowed ground? Arlington nationwide Cemetery had long to be a location of reflection, honor and also remembrance.

We desire your to recognize your opinion. Need to Americans be able to protest anywhere they choose in a peaceful and quiet matter, or are some places fully off limits?

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Here is the full photo:


You deserve to listen and watch this hauntingly beautiful video of taps, performed by The U.S. Army Band “Pershing’s Own” unique Bugler and also Special Drummer at the dig of the Unknown Soldier:

And this is what that looks like as soon as they pat taps at the dig of the Unknown Soldier:

*UPDATED: September 29, 2017 to reflect the updated comments from the initial photographer.