A photo handled Sept. 27 that has gone viral while circulating among the digital military neighborhood shows a male at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery, kneeling down on one knee apparently in the time of the playing of taps, is outraging thousands.

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“Taps” is a bugle speak to played at dusk, in the time of flag ceremonies, and also at armed forces funerals by the United States equipped forces and is routinely played at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Not standing for Taps is exceptionally disrespectful which is triggering the intense outrage.

It is unclear exactly why the man checked out in the photo is kneeling during taps while everyone else is standing, however most civilization virtual are assuming it is in protest.

Katie Wiederhoeft that took the original photo noted that she was so taken aearlier she didn’t ask the young male why he was kneeling. She listed that he was filming with his phone as well.

If he was indeed protrial and error, it complies with in the footsteps of NFL players’ protests – cshed to 200 NFL players and also coaches took a knee during the UNITED STATE national anthem on Sunday. The protests were began by footround player Colin Kaepernick last year to protest what he believes to be problems in America, namely police brutality and also black inequality. Kaepernick was not signed by a skilled footsphere team this year.

Protocol at the Tomb of the Unrecognized Soldier is that you stand also, and many kind of times the Soldiers who guard the Tomb will certainly straight resolve human being that are not standing and also demand also they stand also.

Katie Wiederhoeft added the caption to the photo:

On our method earlier from NYC we quit overnight in DC, among my favorite areas. So wealthy in background, it’s beautiful, and also so clean!

A need to view on our list is constantly Arlington National Cemetery the changing of the guard ceremony. I gain pretty emotional thinking around what it represents. Today we acquired a chance to view the honor guard placing wreaths in remembrance of fallen military members. The honor guard sassist to remain silent, that military members in unicreate were to render a salute and also everyone else wregarding stand also and also that it would appropriate to location your ideal hand also over your heart. Just as TAPS started…this is what taken place. I don’t also think world know what they are doing as soon as they are kneeling!!!! What was going with this young man’s head is past me!? I couldn’t do or say anypoint because my anger and disgust was beyond words. I made certain to stand ideal beside him with my hand over my heart!!!

*Edited to add:

I regret not speaking through the young guy and finding out what his intentions were. I was so upset at the time and also totally speechmuch less, which doesn’t happen frequently. Part of me was afrassist of what his answer would’ve been, what if he was kneeling in protest?! I honestly don’t believe that I would certainly have actually been able to keep composure. Out of respect for my fallen brothers and sisters, I chose not to confront him. Hindsight is 20-20, maybe he would’ve answered that his actions were totally unintentional and he was trying to get a much better angle (he was video taping). But in light of what our nation is currently going via and the truth that the guard specifically declared to stand also I can’t assist yet feel it remained in protest. But I guess I’ll never before recognize.

“Someone actually had the nerve to at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. That is the meaning of absolute trash,” one Twitter user posted.


“I assistance everyone’s right to cost-free speech, but I feel in in the shadow of the Tomb of the Unrecognized Soldier it is incorrect,” Zachary Bell tweeted.


The photo is captioned by Wiederhoeft’s father which is the one that went viral: “This photo was taken by my daughter yesterday at the tomb of the unknown soldier while they were playing TAPS. Words cannot expush my anger appropriate now.


The picture shows everyone tbelow standing, essentially all with their hands over their hearts, other than for the one male, who is checked out plainly taking a knee.

The photo has showed up on Reddit, Facebook, 4chan and elsewhere.

“The fact that civilization are kneeling at the is absolutely sickening,” one Twitter user created. “Fu—-g inhumane.”


“Saw a snapshot of someone taking a knee at the just renders me sick. I thought it wasn’t about the army,” Reese wrote on Twitter.


“It’s one point to kneel at a footsphere game… yet this is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. You fu—-g stand also,” the well-known brand also Tactical SHT posted to Facebook.


The Salute Media Facebook web page, which claims to be a veteran-owned Facebook page, also posted the photo through the complying with caption:

SALUTE TRENDING: Taking a knee in the time of the nationwide anthem at significant league sporting occasions has garnered national attention by way of assistance for some, and also outrage for others.

A combat veteran that was visiting Arlington National Cemetery yesterday at the Tomb Of The Unrecognized Soldier through his daughter snapped a photo of a male kneeling throughout the playing of TAPS.

Has skilled sporting activities protest’s bled onto hpermitted ground? Arlington National Cemetery had long been a area of reflection, honor and also remembrance.

We desire your to understand your opinion. Should Americans be able to protest almost everywhere they pick in a calm and also quiet matter, or are some locations completely off limits?

Share your thoughts.  U.S. Infanattempt, Gruntfunctions GRUNTS 11 Bravo, UNITED STATE Infanattempt Soldiers You Might Be a Veteran If.

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Here is the full photo:


You have the right to listen and watch this hauntingly beautiful video of taps, performed by The U.S. Army Band also “Pershing’s Own” Special Bugler and Special Drummer at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier:

And this is what it looks like once they play taps at the Tomb of the Unwell-known Soldier:

*UPDATED: September 29, 2017 to reflect the updated comments from the original photographer.