Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 28 march 2017, Written update of full Episode: Bijoy find it challenging to tolerate Dev in his house


Suhana asks Sonakshi (Erica Fernandes) and Dev (Shaheer Sheikh) to sleep with her. Dev agrees. Sonakshi states she is not fine v it. She scolds him and also tells the he cannot provide him everything to Suhana. He says he desires to give every little thing to his daughter. Sona states he will never be able to become a responsible father. Bijoy sees them arguing and calls Ishwari (Supriya Pilgaonkar). Asha snatches the phone and also says everything is fine, they are just deciding whereby to sleep. Ishwari it s okay stressed and also calls Dev to ask if everything is fine. The assures her that he is happy. Also Read - Shivangi Joshi, Erica Fernandes, Surbhi Chandna and more: 7 TV divas and their fitness mantras will certainly leave you influenced

Sourabh phone call Ronita to ask if she felt awkward since of Dev"s suddenly entry. She tells him the she didn"t feel negative as she understands that every family members has problems. Suhana feeling happy to watch both her parents on one of two people of her sides. She asks Dev to narrate a bed-time story come her. Dev and also Sonakshi start saying over AC"s temperature. Suhana intervenes and also ends the fight. Dev starts narrating the story the Sonakshi. Castle both loss asleep. Dev to adjust the AC"s temperature come what Sona wanted. Also Read - TRP Report week 36: Rupali Ganguly-Gaurav Khanna"s chemistry makes Anupamaa success audience"s mind again; Khatron Ke Khiladi the end of optimal 5

In the morning, Sonakshi sees Dev sleeping on the couch and also runs to save him indigenous falling. She do the efforts to push him ago but he drops on her. Suhana look at them share an eye lock and gets happy. Sona and Dev and get embarrassed and stand up. Suhana asks why did he go and also sleep ~ above the couch. He tells her that Sonakshi snores in the night. Suhana beginning laughing. Sonakshi argues back and claims she doesn"t snore. Dev states she takes stress and anxiety through the end the day and that is why she snores in the night. Suhana asks she to take care of her and also take a blog post today. Sona agrees. Ronita calls Sourabh and tells her that she has sent a cake for him and also has maintained a puzzle within it. Likewise Read - Hina Khan, Surbhi Chandna, Gauahar cannes and an ext TV hotties who collection the Maldivian sunlight on fire – check out pics

Bijoy gets angry to see Dev wandering roughly in his home like a owner and also starts shouting on him. Dev asks that to patience down and also wishes good morning come Asha and also Dadiji. The ladies acquire happy. At the same time in Dixit house, Radha tells Ishwari that Bose family might be starving Dev. Ishwari decides to contact him. Mamaji stops she for calling him and scolds Radha.

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Sourabh takes out the cake native the fridge and also says he will have actually this prior to breakfast. Dev asks him to take treatment of his body as she is walk to get married in few days and also asks him to sign up with him because that morning jog. Bijoy asks him not to phone call his boy what to do. Asha claims he has always wanted that to gain fit, for this reason what"s wrong if Dev is questioning him to walk on a jog. Bijoy it s okay miffed.

Dev look at Suhana going come school and also asks her to provide him a hug. She asks him to take it a shower head first. Dev goes come Sona"s room and gets shocked to watch her coming out of the bathroom. Sona asks her servant to message her head. Dev gets scared and also starts message her. Sona praises him. Additionally READ: Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 27 march 2017, Written update of complete Episode: Suhana asks Dev and Sona come sleep top top the very same bed

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