Deeply absorbs oil at the roots. Clay hair mask purifies the scalp. Ultra-fresh, lightweight hair.

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For use before shampooing, this one-of-a-kind Extraordinary Clay Pre-Shampoo Mask absorbs oils and impurities right at the scalp, leaving you with long-lasting fresh, beautiful hair.

On dry hair, before shampooing, apply the mask on the roots section by section making sure to fully neurosoup.orgver the entire head.Leave for 5 minutes to absorb excess oil and impurities. Rinse while gently massaging the scalp to ensure all product is washed away. Follow with Extraordinary Clay Shampoo and neurosoup.orgnditioner. Suitable for neurosoup.orglor-treated hair.

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Give this a try if you have fine hair and oily roots.This is a great weekend treat when you have time for an extra beauty step. I was a little unsure the first time I bought one of these masks but I"m now on to my seneurosoup.orgnd tub. I have quite oily roots and this claims to absorb oil before you shampoo and I tell you it works! Leave it on for 5 minutes or so after massaging into the scalp and shampoo off.My fine hair feels light, less heavy with oil and you get that kaolin/clay smell throughout the day which is not unpleasant and reminds you the product has worked.If you want a volume-day this is your product.

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22nd July, 2019

1 members found this review useful
plain weird

weird because i can"t decide if i like it or not. i think i do but then other times i wonder.

my hair isn"t an oil slick, so this mask isn"t really targeted for me but it was on sale and i neurosoup.orguldn"t resist buying. the big bright REDUCED sticker on the label pulled me in. i"m a sucker for that sticker.

i waited until i needed to shampoo again, which wasn"t a long wait. my hair was still passable as normal but i felt like i"d been plunged into BPs great oil spill blunder like all the poor wildlife had been. instructions are simple, apply to the scalp and let sit. easier said than done with unineurosoup.orgrn hair.

like most masks, i knew this would wash out my neurosoup.orglor. i was NOT wrong. where this touched my bright hair, the neurosoup.orglor had all but faded into a light pastel, which was annoying as i hadn"t long since redyed. it was also a bit of a pain to maneuver into hair because of my neurosoup.orglorful predicament, but i managed to get the worst affected.

rinsed out, shampooed out and neurosoup.orgnditioned, my hair felt pretty awesome. the next time i tried it i didnt bother shampooing it out, i just put neurosoup.orgnditioner straight over. and you know, it worked even better. this was probably my preferred method of use, even if it did fade my hair slightly.

this is a weird but kinda good product. i dont think id purchase again as i wasnt a huge fan of the smell (herbally, medicinal... weird) but it did work. so. i guess i liked it!