Labial Puff is a procedure that uses fat or dermal fillers to young jim the labia. The labia majora is the external fold the skin approximately the vagina that undergoes many changes throughout a woman’s lifetime. Due to hormonal changes impacted by genetics, childbirth, and also aging, the outer area that the vagina deserve to naturally succumb come laxity, deflation, wrinkling, and also excess skin.

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Top Houston board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Patrick Hsu, Dr. Kendal Roehl, and Dr. Vasileios Vasilakis* offer Labial Puff to women in Houston, Clear Lake, and surrounding locations such as Sugar Land, Katy, Pearland, Cypress, Conroe, Galveston, Webster, and also Beaumont.

What space the Labial Puff Techniques?

Surgical Labial Puff via Fat Transfer

Liposuction will be used to harvest fat native various areas of the body. A blunt reminder cannula is then used to inject the harvested fat into the outer genital area, otherwise well-known as the labia majora. The objective of this fat carry is to increase the volume of your labia majora. During the early stage consultation, one of our doctors will comment on which areas for liposuction are finest to acquire your wanted results.

Non-Surgical Labial Puff via Filler Injections

In the occasion where you have minimal excess fat to harvest from your body, or if you choose a non-surgical option, dermal filler injections may also be an option for you. In ~ Memorial Plastic Surgery, one FDA-approved injectable do from either hyaluronic acid or poly-L-lactic acid can be supplied to plump the labia and assist in the natural procedure of collagen production.

Since this method is non-surgical, making use of filler injections can be perform in ours office in ~ Memorial Plastic Surgery. Prior to the procedure, a topical anesthetic (numbing cream) will be applied to your outer labia to aid you remain comfortable throughout your treatment. This procedure can take thirty minute to one hour come complete and will most likely require added sessions to maintain the ideal results, together fillers room temporary.


Does my Labia need Puffing?

This is a good procedure to think about for women who would favor to boost the laxity and deflation the their outer genital area and their high quality of life. Our plastic operated doctor will comment on if you room a great candidate because that the procedure throughout the consultation or which other Vaginal Rejuvenation choices are finest for you.

" very happy I found this Doctor. Doctor and also all his staff space wonderful. "

by Leticia R. (Verified Patient)

" employee was amazing! Hsu was really helpful. Ns would absolutely recommend him. "

by Christina F. (Verified Patient)

" ns was incredibly comfortable. That was very professional and gave great recommendations. I would certainly defintely recommend him. "

by Mattie W. (Verified Patient)

" Dr. Hsu is easy to talk to and also takes the time to hear to you and also answer all her questions. The staff is also very friendly and also helpful. "

by a showed Patient

" he is really professional, and also thorough discussed all that would certainly take place throughout surgery and what to mean afterwards. Ns would certainly recommend him. "

by Lori G. (Verified Patient)

Labial Puff cost in Houston

In Houston, the price ranges in between $4,000 – $6,000+. The price is inclusive of your needs, technique, and the length of time it will take to finish your entirety treatment, together with anesthesia and operating room (OR) fees and also follow-up visits with your physician after surgery.

Insurance companies do not sheathe the procedure. However, Memorial Plastic Surgery offers financing choices and accepts countless forms of payment come accommodate better patients, including an individual checks, credit cards, and Cryptocurrency.



Surgical and non-surgical Labial Puff space both outpatient procedures. You deserve to return house once you’ve been cleared for release by our doctors. Last results will be many noticeable ~ 2 – 3 months when postoperative swelling has actually subsided.

Physical discomfort (bruising & swelling)1 week1 week
Work1 – 2 weeks72 hours
The direct pressure ~ above the target area (sitting)4 – 6 weeks4 – 6 weeks
Full human body showers48 hours48 hours
Driving & household chores2 – 3 weeks1 – 2 weeks
Regular exercise & strenuous activities6 – 8 weeks6 – 8 weeks
Sexual intercourse & activity6 – 8 weeks6 – 8 weeks

Final results improve the figure of the pubic mound, allowing women to suffer renewed trust in all areas of your lives. For some women, the change is enough to start wearing tighter and much more fitted clothes.

Labial Puff is an impressive procedure that’s perfect for any type of woman top top the go and also in need of a quick and rejuvenating cosmetics procedure” – Dr. Kendall Roehl

Labial Puff FAQs

Is the procedure covered by health insurance?

Insurance does no cover the procedure due to the fact that it is considered an elective cosmetics treatment.

What space the pros and cons of utilizing dermal fillers instead of fat?

Opting to use injectable fillers renders this a reasonably quick procedure, v no downtime. Dermal fillers, however, space not permanent and will most likely require a touch-up therapy every six-to-twelve months to keep optimal results.

Do your outcomes last forever if fat grafting is used instead of fillers?

Fat grafting does not guarantee a long-term result, as some fat will naturally reabsorb end time. However, the longevity the your outcomes is meant to last for years.

How perform I know whether I must do a operation on non-surgical Labial Puff?

During her consultation, you will be evaluated by among our medical professionals to recognize which procedure will be best for you. In addition, we market several surgical and also non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatments.

Is this procedure frequently only recommended once women space in certain age groups?

Like the rest of the body, the vagina proceeds to shed volume and fullness as a mrs ages. Part women might experience this worry early in your life as result of genetics or after that in their adult life due to natural aging or childbirth. Because every human is different, females may benefit from having actually this procedure at different stages in your life. If girlfriend have concerns relating to lack of volume or fullness in her labia, don’t hesitate to call Memorial Plastic surgical treatment to collection up a consultation because that a officially evaluation.

Can I have a labia puff procedure if ns am pregnant?

If you room considering a labial puff and also pregnant, the is recommended to wait at the very least six months following childbirth. This will offer your human body time to readjust adhering to pregnancy. Pregnant after your labial puff therapy can also alter your final results.

Request your ConsultationYou have the right to request a consultation online or if friend have any kind of questions please speak to the office 713-633-4411.

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*The content and images ~ above this page are provided with the sole intention the educating potential patient on the procedure debated above. Results vary per individual and also are dependency on our doctor’s consultation before the procedure. We strongly introduce undergoing a officially consultation through a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon before scheduling and also undergoing any kind of surgical or non-surgical treatment.