Bed bugs are one of the world creepiest crawlies. To think that an insect would have actually the gall come sleep in our beds uninvited! The thing is, though, they can be tricky tiny things to get rid of, especially if you desire to prevent the use of harsh chemistry and pest bombs. After ~ all, us sleep in ours beds and also don’t desire to be about toxic chemicals!

Luckily for you, there are some natural options you have to assist deter bed bugs. In this article, we will certainly be taking you through several of our peak tips because that deterring bed bugs, starting with our best tip however - lavender oil!

Keep on reading to uncover out just how to make lavender oil spray because that bed bugs and some other handy methods for deterring them.

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How to do lavender oil spray because that bed bugs?

To make a lavender oil spray because that bed bugs, every you require is three points - pure lavender important oil, water, and a spray bottle. Ensure her spray bottle has been cleaned and dried thoroughly. Usage filtered water if possible, or you have the right to use some cooled boiled water. Because that every ounce of water the you use, you should add 1 fall of pure lavender necessary oil. As such, if your spray bottle deserve to hold 3 ounces that water, girlfriend would need to use 3 fall of pure lavender important oil. Follow the chronological steps below for more details:

Hold your clean spray bottle and pour in her filtered water. If your spray bottle has actually measurements ~ above there, measure out an ounce. If the doesn’t, measure the end an oz of water in a measure jug beforehand.When an ounce of water has actually been added to your spray bottle, include in just one drop of pure lavender necessary oil. That is important that it states 100% lavender oil to ensure there space no nasty additives.Repeat this process of adding 1 oz of water and 1 fall of lavender crucial oil till your spray bottle is full or you have the wanted amount friend need.Repeat this ~ above every single item that bedclothes. If you run out the the lavender oil spray systems you have the right to simply make some more.Wait till it has dried completely and climate remove any dead bed bugs you watch by making use of a vacuum top top them. Empty her vacuum immediately.

As we mentioned, it is crucial that you use pure vital oils in this instance, rather than lavender fragrance oil. Not only deserve to this cause skin irritation and also respiratory irritation, but it might not it is in effective against bed bugs. The reason for this is due to the fact that lavender fragrance oil frequently has chemical additives and may not also use actual lavender. Man-made lavender fragrance is cheaper, for this reason is frequently used in fragrance oils.

When girlfriend spray her lavender oil spray onto her bed, you must take treatment to do it in many of time prior to you sleep so it has a opportunity to dry. A simple mist will not reduced it. You need to make certain you extensively soak the mattress, bedclothes, pillows, and the basic of the bed or headboard if they room made from towel material. This will ensure the any feasible bed bug infestations space reached.

This lavender oil spray will also twin up as a sleep aid. When the wetness has actually dried up, you will certainly be left with a satisfied lavender fragrance which will promote relaxation. That a win-win situation!

What is the best essential oil to kill bed bugs?


Lavender oil is among the finest essential oils to death bed bugs. However, if you execute not like lavender or are allergic to it, there are other important oils the are just as efficient at killing or deterring bed bugs. These include tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, lemon oil, peppermint oil, clove oil, citronella oil, and also thyme oil, among others.

Each of this oils have to be supplied in its pure form. Ensure the it states 100% thyme oil (or any kind of other type) prior to you use it. You should follow the exact same instructions as above, using one autumn of the oil per oz of water, and spraying all aspects of the bed so the they room wet through.

What deserve to I put on my body to loss bed bugs?

If you room thinking around using something on your body come repel bed bugs, we have negative news- it appears that the only thing the is proven to occupational is keep bought pest repellent, and even then those pesky tiny things might still bite you.

Many world have come up through their own means of warding off them, such together bathing in vapor rub (they just put some in their baths), using peppermint fragrant lotions, and using talc on their body.

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However, the best method of driving away bed bugs is to assault them directly. You deserve to do this by using bug spray (you can try making your own lavender oil spray as in-depth above), washing your sheets daily, and using a vacuum cleaner on your mattress. If friend are having no luck with these natural methods, though, it may be time to contact in the aid of insect control!

How carry out I permanently eliminate bed bugs?

To permanently get rid of bed bugs it is essential that you acquire to the source of the problem. They may be coming from the carpet, gaps or crack in the wall, or the mattress itself. Ensure every one of these locations are confirm regularly, and that you seal up any kind of cracks or gaps come stop more getting in. Dust and vacuum as regularly as possible, and vapor clean the floor and carpets, and any other upholstery regularly. Girlfriend should likewise take care to wash her bedding and clean your mattress regularly. If every else fails, top a local pest exterminator because that advice.