I am weak and also I require your strength and power

Author: Doris AkersTune: command ME, overview MEPublished in 42 hymnalsAudio files: MIDI, Recording
LEAD ME, overview ME

1 i am weak, and I need Thy strength and powerTo help me over my weakest hour;Let me v the darkness Thy challenge to see,Lead me, O Lord, lead me.

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Refrain:Lead me, guide me along the way;For if You lead me, ns cannot stray;Lord, allow me walk every day v Thee.Lead me, O Lord, command me.

2 help me tread in the paths of righteousness;Be my assist when Satan and also sin oppress.I am placing all my to trust in Thee,Lead me, O Lord, command me.

3 ns am lost, if you take her hand indigenous me;I am blind, without Thy irradiate to see;Lord, just constantly let me Thy servant be,Lead me, O Lord, command me. Source: afri Methodist Episcopal Church Hymnal #378
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Author: Doris Akers

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bible References:ref. = Ps. 5:8, Luke 1:79st. 2 = Ps. 23:3

Doris M. Akers (b. Brookfield, MO, 1922) created both text and tune of this african American gospel singing in 1953 in Oakland, California. The message is one earnest plea because that an intimate walk through God, who is asked to lead, guide, and protect the believer. The deeply personal stanzas emphasize that magnificent guidance is essential since of our lack of strength, our blindness, and Satan"s temptations. Just God have the right to lead united state on the small path and also through all the complexities and challenges of earthly life. Like numerous of the psalms, this message pours out in prayer the yearning of the individual Christian, a prayer the reminds us of this words that the psalmist:

Lead me, Lord, command me in your righteousness;make thy means plain before my face.For the is thou, Lord, thou, lord onlythat makest me dwell in safety.

-Psalm 4:8; 5:8 (KJV) as collection to music through Samuel S. Wesley (PHH 206)

Akers had an active career together singer, choir director, and also songwriter. She created her first song at period ten and since that time has composed an ext than 3 hundred gospel songs and hymns, many of which we republished by Manna Music (including "There"s a Sweet, Sweet soul in this Place"). She stays in Columbus, Ohio.

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Liturgical Use:Many occasions the worship, especially those in which an individual testimony and also prayer for divine guidance room appropriate.