The 2019 Lunar Revel occasion is here and also that means a new batch of objectives to complete.

Thankfully, this time around Riot is providing players many of time to obtain each mission done, since most of lock don’t go away until March 4. As usual with League’s most current events, every mission you finish will give you a Red Envelope, i beg your pardon will approve you a couple of Lunar Revel Tokens and also a possible additional reward.

For the event, Lunar Revel Tokens room the main kind of currency and will be supplied to craft a variety of things. For many players the premier item will be the Prestige version of the brand-new Firecracker Vayne skin which have the right to be crafted for 1000 tokens. Alongside the brand-new prestige skin, there are also golden chromas because that the ahead Lunar Revel skins and a few emotes and also icons.

For a much more in-depth failure of everything you must know about the 2019 Lunar Revel occasion you can check out our guide below.


Firecracker Vayne call Edition

Riot games 2019 golden Chromas and Icons because that Xin Zhao, Jarvan IV, Warwick - 175 Lunar Revel Tokens each
Riot games 2018 golden Chromas and also Icons because that Katarina, Caitlyn, Sona, Corki, Riven, and Garen - 150 Lunar Revel Tokens each
Riot games Borders and Icons for Sejuani, Vayne, Tahm Kench, and also Sylas - 100 Lunar Revel Tokens each
Riot games Lunar Revel Orb - 100 Lunar Revel Tokens
Riot gamings every orb has one random skin shard, through an boosted chance to get gemstones and also mythic skins. That can likewise drop a Revel grab Bag, which has one skin shard every price tier, exterior of can be fried skins.

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Mystery Lunar Revel golden Chroma and also Icon - 100 Lunar Revel Tokens

Riot gamings This is purchasable one time per account and also can receive any of the golden chromas.

Year the the Pig Ward - 75 Lunar Revel Tokens

Riot gamings How delicious Emote - 50 Lunar Revel Tokens
Riot games you can additionally craft a arbitrarily Champion Shard because that 50 tokens, a crucial fragment for 10 and trade Blue essence one because that one.

Lunar Revel 2019 Pass

Just like various other recent events, this year Lunar Revel has a pass that will help grant you a few additional tokens. The Lunar Revel 2019 pass will offer you extra very first Win of the work missions as well as extr tokens per game with no border to how countless you deserve to earn.

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You likewise get this cute icon for purchase the pass:

Riot gamings The break down of tokens per enhance will look prefer this:

Win ~ above PVP Summoner’s Rift = 6 Lunar Revel TokensLoss ~ above PVP Summoner’s Rift = 3 Lunar Revel TokensWin ~ above PVP ARAM/ARURF = 4 Lunar Revel TokensLoss ~ above PVP ARAM/ARURF = Lunar Revel Tokens

Red Envelope Rewards

Red Envelopes space granted for completing practically every Lunar Revel 2019 mission and can provide a range of rewards consisting of a percentage opportunity to offer a certain variety of Lunar Revel Tokens:

10 Lunar Revel Tokens - 88.97 percent20 Lunar Revel Tokens - 10 percent100 Lunar Revel Tokens - 1 percent150 Lunar Revel Tokens - .02 percent300 Lunar Revel Tokens - .01 percent

Red Envelopes can also grant various other rewards:

Random Emote - 50 percentHextech Chest + crucial - 40 percent1 Lunar Revel 2019 Orb - 9.89 percentLunar Revel Skin - .10 percent3 Lunar Revel skin - .01 percent


Available native Jan. 28 - march 4

All of the missions easily accessible during this time period reward Red Envelopes!

Year that the Pig

Score 10 points, victory = 5 points; loss = 2 points

Reward: Year that the Pig Icon

Riot games Fortune Favors might

Help your team loss 6 scuttle crabs OR assist your team destroy 10 inhibitors

Fortune Favors happiness

Spend 65,000 gold and Use and Elixir

Fortune Favors Victory

Score 30 points, win = 5 points; lose = 2 points

Fortune Favors Style

Play with 5 human being wearing Lunar Revel skins over multiple gamings OR deal 30,000 damages to objectives

Fortune Favors Farming

Help her team loss 8 epos Monsters OR collection 150,000 gold

Reward: Lunar Revel 2019 Orb

Fortune Favors Objectives

Help your team ruin 30 towers and Use her summoner spells 30 times

Fotune Favors tons of Damage

Win 2 PVP gamings of Summoner’s Rift through 10 or an ext kills OR transaction 1,250,000 damages

Fortune Favors GGs

Win 7 games and also Win 1 video game of ARAM

Fortune Favors Teamwork

Win a PVP game of Summoner’s Rift OR acquire 80 death and/or assists

Reward: Squeal! Emote

Riot games all of the missions listed below do not give Red Envelopes, but do offer you 1,000 Blue Essence.