Some said the indoor studying spaces helped them feel even more productive and also hopeful about an eventual go back to campus.


Students can schedule research time indoors at Leavey Library. (Photograph by Ling Luo)

By Nate MacKay, Oliusing Corish, Una Stanisavljevic, Samantha Moskow and also Aextremely AndersonApril 01, 2021 at 6:42 pm PDT

USC extfinished Leavey Library’s hours on April 1, permitting students to book an on-campus, indoor research space via an virtual reservation portal. Capacity is restricted, and also face masks and social distancing are compelled.

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Reservations are open for Leavey Library’s research spaces and also Doheny Memorial Library’s archival collections. Students have the right to make a reservation digital through the MyUSC portal, and also have to present their USC identification and wear a mask to be in the library. Campus enattempt additionally requires Trojan Check.

Leavey’s new hours are 8 a.m. to 2.p.m. and 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. Students deserve to make reservations for either the first or second block, while the hour break between is offered to clean for coronavirus sanitation reasons, according to Dean of USC Libraries Catherine Quinlan.

Quinlan told Annenberg Media that library staff adjusted the furniture layout of Leavey to accommoday social distancing. So far, she said they have actually not asked any kind of students to leave the library for breaking COVID-19 protocols.

“Students have actually been remarkably compliant. I think they’re as happy as we are simply to be ago external of their bedrooms,” sassist Quinlan.

The libraries began phased reopening on March 15th and were among the first indoor spaces on campus to permit students to rerotate in person.

are a hub for everybody. A social hub, an innovative hub, an intellectual hub,” sassist Quinlan. “It’s simply a location of neighborhood and also a place of gathering, and also I think people have really missed that. So for me, it was really crucial to relocate as conveniently as we might to reopen up.”

Quinlan shelp she expects the hours of Doheny Memorial Library to expand also on April 19 and also that smaller sized libraries on and also about the University Park and also Health Sciences campuses will certainly likewise begin reopening quickly.

She noted that many kind of of the libraries underwent or are still undergoing major refurbishment considering that the last time students were inside. From repairing a leaky roof at Doheny to a significant renovation of the Science and Engineering Library, Quinlan shelp she looks forward to students enjoying some of the updated infrastructure as campus proceeds to reopen up.

Julia Castaneda, a sophoeven more at Marshall School of Business, told Annenberg Media that returning to the libraries was a welcome change of pace.

“I was going crazy remaining in my apartment eexceptionally single day,” said Castaneda. “It got to the point wbelow I might no longer emphasis, so when the institution emailed me that the Leavey Library was opening, it was my literal savior.”

Castaneda sassist she felt much even more productive studying outside her apartment and also plans on going ago to Leavey.

Quinlan sassist she looks forward to a go back to the days when the libraries were full of students, faculty and staff.

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“Doheny and Leavey are usually bustling areas,” Quinlan shelp. “It’s just so weird to walk up the stairs of Doheny and also you sort of hear your feet echo.”

In the meantime, she urges students to email her straight or contact USC Libraries through their webwebsite to ask concerns or indicate which library solutions students would favor to see reopened up shortly.