Some said the indoor researching spaces helped them feel an ext productive and hopeful about an ultimate return to campus.


Students have the right to schedule study time at home at Leavey Library. (Photo through Ling Luo)

By Nate MacKay, Olivia Corish, Una Stanisavljevic, Samantha Moskow and also Avery AndersonApril 01, 2021 at 6:42 pm PDT

USC expanded Leavey Library’s hrs on April 1, allowing students to book an on-campus, indoor study an are through an virtual reservation portal. Volume is limited, and also face masks and social distancing room required.

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Reservations are open up for Leavey Library’s research spaces and also Doheny Memorial Library’s archival collections. Students can make a reservation online through the MyUSC portal, and must show their USC identification and also wear a mask to it is in in the library. Campus entry also requires Trojan Check.

Leavey’s new hours are 8 a.m. Come 2.p.m. And 3 p.m. Come 9 p.m. Students can make reservations for either the an initial or second block, if the hour break in between is supplied to clean because that coronavirus sanitation reasons, according to Dean the USC Libraries Catherine Quinlan.

Quinlan told Annenberg Media the library staff adjusted the furniture layout of Leavey to accommodate social distancing. Therefore far, she said they have not asked any type of students to leave the library because that breaking COVID-19 protocols.

“Students have been remarkable compliant. Ns think they’re together happy as we are just to be earlier outside of your bedrooms,” said Quinlan.

The libraries started phased reopening on in march 15th and were among the very first indoor spaces top top campus to permit students to return in person.

space a hub for everybody. A society hub, a creative hub, an pundit hub,” stated Quinlan. “It’s just a ar of community and also a ar of gathering, and also I think people have really missed that. So for me, it to be really necessary to relocate as easily as we could to reopen.”

Quinlan said she expects the hours of Doheny Memorial Library to expand on April 19 and also that smaller libraries on and also around the college Park and also Health scientific researches campuses will likewise begin reopening soon.

She noted that numerous of the libraries underwent or space still undergoing major refurbishment due to the fact that the critical time students to be inside. From repairing a leaky roof in ~ Doheny come a significant renovation that the Science and also Engineering Library, Quinlan claimed she looks front to student enjoying few of the updated facilities as campus continues to reopen.

Julia Castaneda, a sophomore in ~ Marshall college of Business, called Annenberg Media the returning come the libraries to be a welcome readjust of pace.

“I was going crazy remaining in mine apartment every single day,” said Castaneda. “It got to the allude where I could no longer focus, so as soon as the college emailed me the the Leavey Library to be opening, it to be my literal savior.”

Castaneda stated she feel much an ext productive studying outside her apartment and also plans ~ above going back to Leavey.

Quinlan claimed she looks forward to a go back to the days once the libraries were full of students, faculty and also staff.

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“Doheny and Leavey are usually bustling places,” Quinlan said. “It’s simply so weird come walk increase the stairs that Doheny and also you kind of hear your feet echo.”

In the meantime, she encourages students to email her directly or contact USC Libraries with their website to ask concerns or imply which library services students would choose to see reopened soon.