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Legacy Heating and also Air, Inc. Takes pride in being family members owned and operated. Whenever us answer the phone to assist someone through their heating system or air air conditioning system, we understand we are helping a friend we have actually probably seen about Elkhart in our spare time. The feels an excellent to recognize we space making a positive distinction in the resides of our community members by providing five-star HVAC services at compete prices.

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We room not just an HVAC agency in Elkhart because that homeowners, though. You can have viewed our firm vehicles around town helping out neighborhood businesses. With our commercial HVAC services, you can keep your company totally operational. Don’t lose production as result of a damaged heater or AC unit ever again with our maintenance program!

As shortly as you need HVAC services in Elkhart, contact our team!

Around-the-Clock Emergency HVAC services in Elkhart

A family members Legacy because 1945 view our values
Financing Available

We are here to aid you and also make things a small easier when you are hit v the unexpected.

Customer Service

We effort to supply the best service and educate our client so they deserve to make an education decision

Our legacy Comfort Program

We sell a 12-year guarantee on maintenance, replacements and parts and also labor. Contact us for an ext information!

24/7 Availability

We are obtainable all day, all night and every day of the week to business your home or business.

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