Kakariko Village, death Mountain Trail and also Goron City

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Kakariko Village

Visit the village, then head because that the Kakariko Graveyard south-east top top the map. Throughout daytime, talk to the kid, then, in ~ night, pull the 2nd grave in the first row (there space yellow flowers in former of it) and also jump right into the feet to obtain a cost-free Hylian Shield! Then go to the earlier of the graveyard, read the steles neighboring the key tombstone, then play Zelda"s Lullaby in front of it. The tombstone will open, go down, remove all the bats, open the door and go through the room while preventing the ReDeads. Look at the stele to discover the Sun"s Song. Leave the graveyard and go to the door north on the map. Hand end Zelda"s Letter come the guard who will offer you a discount ~ above the Hylian Shield (not so advantageous anymore) and will ask friend to find a mask because that him. Prior to going on, you can discover two piece of heart in the graveyard. Girlfriend can likewise get another Bottle by happen all 7 chickens to your pen.

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Death hill Trail

Go through the gate, speak with the Gorons (the friendly-looking rocks) ~ above your way and walk ahead until you reach the red flag. Climate follow the route on the ideal to their village.

Goron City

Take the various passages to with the shortest floor. You can likewise walk top top the rope and also let yourself loss (ouch!). Stand in former of the ornamented door, play Zelda"s Lullaby and also get in. Speak with the chief Darunia and play Saria"s song for him. He will reward you v the Goron"s Bracelet which allows you come carry and toss Bomb flower (green tree withholding bombs). Irradiate a Deku Stick, obtain out and light the 4 torches in each edge of the courtyard come activate the giant statue. In order to reach the shop, light an additional Deku stick and set the 2 Bomb flowers on the wall on fire. Take note of a course blocked with rocks (two floors under the entrance, the level through the red-lined poles), if you clear this passage, friend will gain a faster way towards the shed Woods. Go earlier to the fatality Mountain Trail.

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Death mountain Trail

Before walking under the path, walk right, there is a Bomb Flower close to a fence. Take it it and throw that so that blows up the cave"s entrance below. Climate go under to the cave and also get in.

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