Throughout this entire game there room 250 mithril bricks to find. You have the right to be collection 4 bricks by completing work through all 16 levels, i m sorry will offer you 64 directly away. The staying 186 can be discovered in the huge hub. The tables listed below break the list down by area.

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In the water over there are numerous blocks the you can use to reach part taller ones. Rise these and also walk across the tight rope till you see a mithril birck listed below you. Use the blue circle the surrounds her character to heat up over the flower, then push B come drop down and collect the brick.If you exit the harbor there is a obstacle on the best with a strong character manage on it. Have actually one that the trolls or the Goblin King pull the manage to remove the barrier. You have the right to then go to the end of the course where friend will uncover a picnic blanket for Bombur. Have him lie on the blanket and feed that the food he requires. You deserve to then usage him as a trampoline to reach the mithril brick above.

Near the Elven port there is a door that is extended in vines. Light a Lego fire to burn castle away, then action inside. Below you will see some Lego platforms that room rotating. Beginning from the left, run onto the first platform together it becomes level. You have to then run from platform to platform until you with the brick in ~ the various other end.There is a door top top the outskirts of Hobbiton, that a magician will should open. Within there room two little towers through blue rocks on top. Get a sorcerer’s to destroy those, then change to one elf and navigate the rocks and also tight ropes till you can drop under to collection the brick.On the river, near the party area, there is a rock dock v a boat. Run in the boat and also follow the follow of studs up river and also into a cave. Fifty percent way with the cavern there is an opened on the right. Head in over there to collect a brick.The obtained Brew – inside a hobbit hole v a red door, there is a woman who desires a Tea Hat. You will collect this treasure items in An unexpected Party. Once you have actually it, offer it to the hobbit and she will offer you a mithril brick.To Live amongst the chicken – there is a young hobbit who wants to live amongst the chickens. She would choose a chicken hat, i m sorry you have the right to collect from Queer Lodgings. Return with the hat and she will offer you a brick.Poultry Persuasion – girlfriend will need to complete To Live among The chicken to unlock this quest. Speak to the hobbit and she will ask you come wear the whole chicken outift. Go to the character development room in Lake-town and also start customising a character. Girlfriend will need to buy the components for the chicken outift prior to you deserve to wear them. Walk to the hats section for her character, then press A to go into the components menu. To buy the chicken cap for 1,500, then walk to the human body section and also buy the chicken body because that 2,000. When you space wearing both items, go back to hobbit and speak come the hobbit. She will then give you a mithril brick.Bed and Break rapid – go into a hobbit hole v a blue door and also speak come the hobbit inside. He will ask girlfriend to build him a new bed. Use the Lego handmade plate to build him some new bedroom furniture and he will give you a brick.Waterwheel Wallop – Speak to a hobbit next to the river and he will certainly tell you the he is waiting for some components for a new waterwheel. Cross the river and also head up onto the roof that the heat of hobbit feet on the right. On top of the hill over there is a large wooden box. Hit it through a mallet and also it will certainly land in a tree v a target top top it. Hit the target v an arrow and also it will move a bit further down the hill. One an ext wallop and also it will land alongside the river.Wheel great Time – After completing Waterwheel Wallop, head back to the river and also speak to the hobbit, who is currently on the other side of the river. He will ask friend to construct the waterwheel. Use the craft plate to build the waterwheel.Getting my Goat – there is a young hobbit top top a hill who has lost Farmer Maggot’s goats. There are 5 goats the you should find. Each time you uncover one, jump on the by pressing Y, then ride it ago to the enclosure. There space gold wraith studs that will lead you to each one. As soon as the last goat in back in the pen, you will get the brick.Sentient Scarecrow – You need to compelte getting My Goat for this quest to come to be active. Speak come the hobbit and he will certainly ask you come dress together a scarecrow. Go to the character creator in Lake-town, climate buy the scarecrow hat for 1,500 and also the scarecrow body for 2,000. Then head ago to the farm hand to gain your mithril brick.Look for a huge door v an orange strong character handle on it. Traction this to remove the door so you deserve to collect the brick indigenous behind it.A Sinister Weapon – A female hobbit will certainly ask you to find a Morgul Blade because that her. You will acquire this endowment item indigenous The Necromancer level.Farmyard Fiasco – friend will need to defeat fifteen Wargs to earn this mithril brick.

Pie In hazard – close to the river there is a hobbit hole v a blue former door. Head inside and speak come the hobbit. He will certainly let you recognize he requirements to do a bread to make a bread pie. Stand next to his fire and also give the 50 bread because that his pie.On a tiny island in the middle of the flow there is a chest surprise behind part Lego plants. Destroy these to i found it a mithril padlock. Get Saruman to destroy the lock, climate hit the chest to gain the brick indigenous inside.Gandalf The great – Go with a stone door in the side of a hill, whereby you will uncover a hobbit who will speak around Gandalf’s fireworks. She desires you to use the craft plate to build a statue that Gandalf. When you have done this she will provide you a brick.Well, Well, fine – Look for a wooden door that have the right to only be reached by jumping ~ above rocks in the water. Inside the cave a little hobbit lady will certainly ask you to build her a well. Usage the craft plate to do this and also she will offer you a brick.On top of a hill, among the trees, there room some tightropes. Walk to the height of the hill to with the shortest rope, then move from rope come rope to gain the brick.Punctual Pumpkins – A hobbit lady will certainly ask friend to help her deliver some pumpkins come Bree. Friend will have to follow her in her dare and attend to any orcs that will trouble her on the way. As soon as you with Bree you will be rewarded v a brick.Mouthy Mallet – you will require to complete Two Left Feet prior to you have the right to do this quest.

Fireplace replaced – Inside among the dwellings in Bree over there is a man who has a broken fireplace. Use the craft plate to build him a brand-new one.Hide and Seek – ring behind among the structures there is a group of kids who want to pat hide and seek. The first is on optimal of a building, the arrowhead will allude to them. Come the right of the building they space stood on, in ~ the basic of a tree, there is a barrel the you can destroy. Rebuild the pieces into a tiny platform the you have the right to use to jump onto the building. Now simply cross the plank to reach the an initial child. The 2nd child deserve to be discovered in a tree, in the edge of the town. Shoot the Lego branch that he is stand on. The final child is tucked in another corner the the town, in a tight an are between the city wall, a house, and also a tree. This is right next to the barrel you ruined to find the an initial child. Take all three back to wherein you uncovered the group, and also you will obtain a brick.Inside the Prancing Pony, in a recess on the right, there is a dwarf who would like a miner’s hat. Give him the mining hat the you found in greatest Kingdom In middle Earth.Climb the goblin wall surface beside the blacksmith’s, then use the rope to reach a Lego hatch. Go through and also jump onto a ladder top top the right. From the height of the ladder, jump onto some planks, i m sorry you deserve to follow to another rope. Use the rope to with the brick, in ~ the end of another plank.Cart Departed – friend will need to complete Punctual Pumpkins for this quest to be available. Speak to the hobbit and also she will tell you that someone has actually stolen her cart. Follow the trail of studs the end to Weathertop, handle with any kind of orcs friend encounter along the way. As soon as you find the cart, ride it back to Bree to collection your brick.The Goblin King’s Head – Speak to a dwarf exterior of Bree who will speak come you about golf. Follow the dwarf into one the the barrows in the barrow-dows, handle with any type of orcs you satisfy along the way. As soon as you get in the cave, loss all the orcs inside and the dwarf will give you a brick.The Longest exploration – friend must complete The Goblin King’s Head come unlock this quest. Just outside of Bree speak come the dwarf’s wife. She is concerned about her husband. You have to head ago to the barrow whereby you will uncover the dwarf in trouble v some orcs. Loss them all, climate lead the dwarf earlier to his wife.Miner’s Heirloom – Rescue the blacksmith native the cavern in Weathertop. To carry out this friend will have to drop down beside him, then have actually two dwarves buddy approximately take the end the wall. Next, have actually Ori hit the target with his slingshot, then acquire Sam to prosper a mushroom. Finally, use the mushroom to jump approximately the ledge above. Here you deserve to turn a paddle to remove the last obstruction.

Look because that a cavern with a solid character take care of on the entrance. Traction this and head inside to discover a sick animal. Obtain Radagast to heal it for the mithril brick.Have Bombur lie under on the blanket, climate feed that the food he requires. You have the right to then obtain an elf to bounce on that to with the peak of the absent on her left. This will certainly raise some an ext rocks, but these room not enough. A brief distance far there is an additional rock through a dwarf stack plate in front of it. Usage this to reach the top of the rock, wherein you will certainly press another button and extend another rock. You can now usage the rocks to with the brick.Near the level Azog the Defiler over there is a large chest v an orange take care of on it. Have a solid character pull this to break open up the chest, for this reason you deserve to collect the brick indigenous inside.Near the river there is an opened to a cavern with many statues inside. Head in there and you will see a floor prepared for sliding rocks along it. ~ above the best side that this area there room two brown patches that you must location rocks on. Over there is another in the much corner. On slide the first rock right into place and another absent will autumn down. Move this to the brown patch in the corner and also a third rock will loss down. As soon as you move the third into place, girlfriend will have the ability to climb up and out of the cave. As soon as you reach the top, break open the chest to collection the brick inside.Complete The Longest exploration to unlock this quest. Head into the barrow and also you will see some brand-new additions. Close to the pig pen over there is a target because that a slingshot. Hit this three times and a pig will drop down. Jump on the pig and move him come the pen. Head come the left where you will see several wooden crates. Damage these and also go with the Lego flower to reach an additional target. As soon as you have actually hit this one enough, one more pig will certainly drop down, yet it will certainly land on a high ledge. Head to the ramp where you will check out a Lego seedling near the base of a rock. Tree this and use the flower to with the pig. When you have actually returned the 2nd pig come the pen, go back to the ledge you discovered him on. Turn the crank come reveal an additional target, which will drop one more pig. One elf will be able to jump to the rock between you and the pig, wherein you will then have the ability to walk across the plank to with the pig. Return the 3rd pig come the pen to obtain the brick.
Inside a cavern there are numerous arrows v a riddle the goes through it. Girlfriend must move the arrows for this reason they room all pointing in the appropriate direction. Begin by going come the left and pulling on the yellow hook to disclose a blue arrow. Hit that so the is pointing up. Beside this arrow there is a mithril rock. Ruin this then stand on the switch underneath to disclose a red arrow, then hit that so the points to the left. Struggle the two green arrows to they space pointing come the right, and the red arrow so the is pointing come the left. At the ago of the cavern have a wizard damage the blue rock, then hit the red arrow inside so it is pointing come the right. Fight the blue arrow so the is pointing up and the brown arrowhead so it is pointing down. FInally, on the left side of the cave, near the entrance, over there is a leaf the you deserve to bounce on. You will certainly land top top a grab rail for this reason you can then run onto the rock. Up right here hit the green arrow so it points to the left and also the brown arrow so the is pointing down. The brick will then show up in the middle of the room therefore you can collect it.A Room without A watch – Speak come an elf and also he will certainly ask friend to construct a big catapult come remove component of the mountain. Usage the craft plate to carry out this and he will provide you a brick.Head into the cave underneath Weathertop itself. In right here there is a brown move on the floor the you will have to stand on. This lowers the spike, revealing an additional brown switch. As fast as you can, relocate onto the 2nd brown move to reduced a wall, revealing a chest. Hit the chest and also collect the crank inside. Use this on the left next of the room to bring out some little platofrms. You can then use these to reach the brick.Orc exploration – On optimal of Weathertop itself there is a gathering of orcs. Lock are lacking one of their party and cannot walk treasure hunting without him. Go to the character development room in Lake-town and buy an orc helmet because that 1,500 and also an orc body for 2,000. Put them on and return come the party of orcs for her brick.Breaking Camp – Speak to the male at the base of Weathertop. He will certainly complain about a tape of orcs in ~ the top. Head increase there and also take the end fifteen orcs to get a brick.Bridge end Troubled Water – After completing Azog the Defiler, girlfriend will continue on her travels through center Earth. Ultimately you will meet a man who asks you to rebuild the bridge prior to you deserve to cross the river. As soon as you have rebuilt the bridge, you will be rewarded through a brick.Carpenter’s Quandary – finish Bridge end Troubled Waters. Speak to the guy beside the river at night time and also he will certainly ask you come escort him back to Bree. Monitor the man and also defeat any orcs that can trouble him along the way. When he is earlier inside the town he will provide you a brick.
A Cozy cavern – Just across the bridge there is a cavern that you can walk into. Inside speak to the dwarf and also he will ask friend to develop some light. Light 5 Lego fires to acquire the brick native him.You will should hit ten moles prior to the time operation out. Ns usually like to usage a bow and arrows to execute this due to the fact that it’s easier than to run around and trying to hit them.Suspicious Statues – Speak to the man stood exterior a cave, he will ask for your help to investigate part noise. Within the cavern you will watch William, Bert and Tom’s mother. Save moving around until she charges in ~ you. As soon as she charges, try and gain her come charge right into one of the respawning rocks in the area. If she hits one she will certainly be dazed. Usage a dwarf buddy attach to struggle her. Do this three times and you will gain a brick.Motherly loss – complete Suspicious Statues to unlock this quest. Head ago into the cave where you defeated the troll’s mother and also speak come her. She will tell you that she has actually lost she apron. Collection the cooking Apron sweetheart item native the Queer Lodgings level and return it to she for a brick.Macabre Makeover – finish Motherly Loss come unlock this quest. Head over to the stone trolls and talk to your mother. She will ask you to decorate she sons. Build some lose Lego bricks ~ above one troll, plant the Lego seedling beside another, and also shoot the punishment hive down on top of another. Once all three room decorated, you will get the brick.On a hill over there is a brief race the you must complete by jumping from rock to rock before the time runs out. Caution quite than rate is the vital to getting this brick.Little Orc shed – Speak to the orc that will explain that that can’t uncover his means out the the cave. Move to the end of the path and stand top top a switch to open the way. Climate follow the path again to stand on an additional switch. At the finish of the following path over there is a environment-friendly paddle for you come turn. Next, run up onto part rocks and also hit the chest to open up it. Within is a crank the you can drop down and also use to open the last part of the maze.Poor Orc’s shed Warg – Complete small Orc shed to unlock this quest. The orc will now ask you to discover his Warg. Follow the trace of studs to uncover the warg, climate jump on and also ride him back to the orc.Head with a Lego flower to find a male on a ledge. Speak to him and he will complain around some trolls thefts his pig. Follow him right into the cavern where girlfriend will uncover three trolls. Girlfriend will need to dodge every one until it is dazed, then buddy attack it. Every troll only has actually one heart and they will certainly only attack one in ~ a time. As soon as all 3 trolls space gone, the male will offer you a brick.Mining For wealth – Speak come a dwarf who will ask you to find the excavators Pick and also bring it to him. Uncover this treasure item in the Troll Hoard level and also bring it to him for a brick.Near the campsite over there is a spot whereby the big owl has come to roost. Friend can acquire up over there by utilizing the steep to the left the this ledge. You need to then usage the bouncy leaves and also planks to with the brick.In The Bark – complete Stone-Not-So-Giants come unlock this quest. Speak come the man and he will say the he desires to see an Ent. Head come Lake-town and also buy the Ent cap for 1,500 and the Ent body for 2,000 studs, then return and speak to him for a brick.
Culinary Curiosity – Speak come an elf and also he will ask girlfriend to gift him a potato. Uncover the Po-tay-to treasure items in The High Fells level and bring it come him because that a brick.Fishy organization – complete Culinary Curiosity to unlock this quest. After you have provided the elf his Po-tay-to, he will certainly ask because that 25 fish. Salary him what the wants and also he will give you one more brick.Murky Waters – Speak to the mrs elf and she will certainly ask because that Mirkwood fire. Lug her the Mirkwood Phial you built up from Flies and also Spiders.Cavern of Illusion – complete Murky Waters to unlock this quest. Speak to an elf that is concerned around his friend due to the fact that you gave her the Mirkwood Phial. Take it the boat and follow the trail of studs come a cave, wherein you will uncover her. Push B when stood alongside her and also she will follow you into the boat. Now take her back to her girlfriend to collect a brick.There is a gyeongju in Rivendell that you will need an elf come complete. This is by far the many annoying thing in the game. It is a lengthy race and one wrong will force you to start almost everywhere again. Slow and steady wins this race, so disregard the time and be an exact in her movements. Also, after coming of the poles that you waver across, run on the sheet to with the following ring. This one had me perplexed for a moment.There is a brick that is over you with no obvious way of getting it. Come the left the this clues there room some tiny Lego hatches, that space behing gates. Traction the yellow hook top top the ideal gate to reveal the very first Lego hatch and also go through it. When you come out, walk forward and stand on a switch to open up the following hatch. Go with here and have one elf use the beams top top the right. Right here you will see a chest the you deserve to open to get a crank. Now go round the various other side of the beams and also use the crank below to raise some steps to the 3rd hatch. Currently go v the last hatch to collect the brick.Patch project – Speak come a dwarf who is do the efforts to fix a dam. That needs more stone for his repair, so salary him 25 stone to gain a brick indigenous him.There is a brick at the optimal of a high cliff. Girlfriend will have to head come the dock and use the boat to reach one more dock at the base of the cliff. You have the right to then use arrow poles to swing your means up top top the optimal of the cliff and also collect the mithril brick from inside a chest.Inside a cave there room three giant rock heads. The one top top the left have the right to be raised by turning the targets so the one ~ above the left is red and also the one on the ideal is blue. Come raise the middle one struggle the target to the ideal of it, and also to advanced the left head, pull the gold hook top top it. Inside one of the heads there is a blue sphere for a wizard come light. This will drop a chest that you can break for the brick inside.Forging A create – usage the ropes top top the water to with a big ledge above. Speak come the elf here and he will certainly ask girlfriend to build him a forge. Usage the craft plate to do his forge and also he will give you a brick.Next to the elf who asked friend to construct him a forge, there room ten mithril statues that you should destroy before time runs out. There are nine top top the ledge you room stood on, and also one ~ above the roof. Star with the one ~ above the roof, then drop down to destroy the rest. Ns have uncovered this is less complicated with the pine Cone Bomb rather than Saruman due to the fact that there’s much less staff waving, which makes it quicker, plus you don’t must target them, you can just push X.In A cavern behind a waterfall there is a small structure in the middle of a lake. The water is shallow enough for you come walk out to the island. There is a slide rocks behind part mithril bricks. Ruin these and also knock the rock into place. Near the island over there is a goblin wall surface you can climb to reach an additional rock. Hit this one down, climate knock it into place too. Finally, around the edge of the cave there is a ramp that will lead up to a 3rd rock. Together before, on slide it down, climate knock it right into place and also some steps will appear so you deserve to collect the brick.
Wandering Wargs – one elf will certainly complain around a warg problem. Take it down six wargs and also he will offer you a brick.Inside a cavern there are five targets hidden behind certain obstructions. Uncover all 5 then change their colours so they are reg, green, red, greed, and also blue indigenous left to right. You will then have the ability to collect the brick.At the an extremely top the the High Fells, there is a mithril absent on a wall, over an entrance. Destroy this to reveal a hole because that an arrow. Usage the arrowhead poles to with the brick.Goblin In training – Speak to a goblin and also she will certainly ask girlfriend to complete goblin climb training. Climb the wall before time runs out and also she will offer you a brick.The Goblin’s Gauntlet – complete Goblin In Training come unlock this quest (You will need to leave the area and also come back again). Speak to the goblin and also she will ask you to complete an additional goblin rise challenge. This time her gyeongju will encompass flames. Whenever you reach a spot with flames, always wait because that them come flare up and die down. Thinking you might just make it will certainly likely finish in disaster. You have actually plenty that time on the clock so take her time.A light In Dark areas – Head into a cave half way up the slope, which will be almost totally dark. Use a wizard or the glow Stick treasure item to irradiate your way and follow the course to the lost man. He will ask you to guide him out, but if you walk too quick you will certainly leave that behind. Gradually lead him out of the cave and also he will give you a brick.For Orcs’ Eyes only – finish A light In Dark areas to unlock this quest, then leaving the area and also return to speak come the troll outside it. That will just admit orcs into his club. You need to go to Lake-town and also buy the Orc Body because that 2,000 studs and the Orc cap for 1,500. Placed these on and go back and talk to the troll to collection a brick.Goblin Gatecrashers – complete For Orcs’ Eyes only to unlock this quest, then head inside the cave and also speak come the troll again. He will certainly ask girlfriend to eliminate the goblin gatecrashers. Destroy twelve goblins because that a brick.Fright Night – finish A irradiate In Dark locations to unlock this quest, then uncover the guy again that is tho afraid. He desires you to build him a camp. Use the handmade plate to build this for him and he will offer you one more brick.
A Troll In The Dark – usage a Lego fire to clear the enntrance gate to a cave, climate head inside and talk come the troll. He will certainly ask you come brighten increase his cave. To irradiate the 4 fires, start with the very first one ~ above the ramp. When this one is lit a mushroom will appear. Run on the mushroom to reach the rope over you. You have the right to then drop under onto a rock to light another fire. Over there is a third fire alongside the troll the you deserve to light without any trouble, but you will must use a dwarf stack to reach the critical fire. As soon as they room all lit, the troll will give you a brick.Sunscreen – complete A Troll In The Dark come unlock this quest, climate head ago into the cave and also talk to the troll again. He will ask you to develop him a trojan horse. Once you have actually done this you will certainly get another brick from him.A Stroll because that A Troll – complete Sunscreen come unlock this quest, then head back into the cave and also talk to the troll for a third time. That would prefer you to go and also find his friend. Monitor the wraith studs until you reach the horse. Run on and ride it ago to the cave.Everyone Loves Gorillas – finish Goblin Gatecrashers come unlock this search – Speak come the Bouncer Troll and also he will point out how lovable gorillas are. Go to Lake-town and buy the Gorilla head because that 1,500 and the Gorilla body because that 2,000 studs, then return and also talk come the troll.Near the river there is a gyeongju that friend will require a flail for. Girlfriend will should swing with each hoop before time operation out. Friend will require to uncover a rhythm to complete this race. At the elevation of every swing push A, closely followed by X come latch ~ above the following hook. Once you have reached the end in one direction, friend will should swing back the other way. When you are virtually at the end while heading right, girlfriend will have to go left again. Once you have completed the race you will acquire a brick.Icy exploration – Speak to a goblin that will ask you because that a dragon helm. Collect the Dragon cap from inside Information and bring it come him.
Around the edges of the water, over there are seven statues. Use an archer or a bow to damage all seven prior to time operation out and also you will be able to collect the brick native the middle of the lake. To with it girlfriend will have to hit the target on the cliff face and also some rocks will certainly appear.Make Mine A Minecart – Speak come a dwarf inside a cavern who will certainly ask girlfriend to develop him a minecart. Usage the craft plate to do his minecart and he will give you a brick.Miner top top The relocate – finish Make Mine A Minecart come unlock this quest. After structure him the minecart he will certainly tell you the the monitor doesn’t walk anywhere. Jump in the cart and also do two laps about the mine, jumping v the rings as soon as you need to, and you will obtain a brick in ~ the end.Combat Quota – Speak come a dwarf in one more cave and he will certainly ask girlfriend to aid him clean the orcs the end of Moria. Assist the dwarf ruin thirty orcs to win a brick.After perfect Miner on The Move, go ago to the cave and also ride the cart about the track again. Two much more laps and you get an additional brick.
Beside a cave there is a ceiling for Bombur to lay on. Feed him three carrots, then jump on the to reach a sheet on the left. Indigenous this leaf, jump onto the platform prior to it disappears, then onto another leaf. Wait right here until the rotating communication is level, then use it to with a chest. Ruin the chest to get the brick type inside.Staff and also Nonsense – Speak to an elf within a basement and she will certainly tell you the she has been ripped turn off by a tools trader. She wants you to gain Sir Moustaff earlier from the trader. Uncover this treasure article in A heat Welcome and also return it come the elf.Destroy a dark object and you will discover a sick owl inside. Heal him utilizing Radagast and the owl will certainly leave something behind once he leaves. Rest this open up to acquire the brick from inside.The Elven assault Course – Speak come an elf within a cave and she will certainly ask friend to check her attack course. This course is rather easy so friend should have too lot trouble through it. As soon as you reach the end you will get a brick.The Supremely daunting Elven assault Course – complete The Elven attack Course to unlock this quest. This isn’t really that difficult. Don’t sirloin this and also you will find it straightforward brick come get.There is a huge tree with a spiral staircase wrapped around it. Behind the tree there is a Lego sheet sticking out of the trunk. Usage this to with the brick above it.Feline Fishy – Speak come an elf and he will tell friend he has a grumpy cat. Give him 99 fish and he will offer you a brick.Home away From home – Speak to an elf inside a cave and she will certainly ask you to build an entire building for her. Usage the craft plate to carry out this and she will give you a brick.Beside a little Lego building there room some wraith bricks. Have Bilbo construct these into a crank, then turn it to open the door. Head inside and get Sauron to ruin the dark thing blocking the brick.
Miner’s Night pleasure – Speak to a dwarf at night and also he will certainly ask girlfriend to accompany him to find some forging materials. Follow him and attend to any orcs the you meet along the way. As soon as you with the materials, that will give you a brick.Head In The Clouds – A mrs on the course will ask you to help her rise to the peak of a stone giant. Follow her and deal with any orcs follow me the way.Stone-Not-So-Giants – at the basic of the stone giant there is a man who would choose to see a little stone giant. Go to Lake-town and also buy the stone-giant hat for 1,500 and the stone-giant body because that 2,000 studs, climate return and talk to the man.Inside the cave behind the waterfall there space some rocks with spikes coming out of them. Beginning from the height of the slope, you have to make your way around this rocks to reach the brick. Time her jumps for this reason you begin to jump as the spikes go down. Then when you reach the rows of spikes, start moving when the very first set that spikes are lowered and also keep going. Finally, jump throughout the last few rocks to the brick.The Goblin autumn – over there is a goblin that is wait to make a shady deal. Go to Lake-town and put on the goblin hat and body, climate come earlier and speak to him and also he will offer you a brick.Inside a cavern in the fallen rock giant, over there is an entire floor the you deserve to slide a rock along. Usage rock quit to move the rock right into place and the back of the cave will open up to reveal a brick.
Pine new – Speak to an elf that will ask friend to being him a pine tree Cone Bomb. Well the pine tree Cone Bomb treasure article from out Of The Frying Pan.In a cave there is a frostbite that desires her vanity flattered. Over there are 7 gems approximately her that you have to light increase by pointing seven arrows in ~ her.Goblin-In-Law – Speak to an elf and also she will certainly ask friend to assist her resolve the Goblin King’s mother. Head right into the cave and use three buddy assaults to take she down.Crown In The Dumps – Speak to a goblin who will call you that he wants to it is in king, now the Goblin King is dead. He would favor the decision Goblin Crown treasure item that you discovered in Goblin Town.The Price of Insubordination – complete Crown In The Dumps to unlock this quest. Speak to the goblin again and he will certainly tell you the the goblins won’t expropriate him together king. The would choose you to assist him destroy seven goblins and he will give you a brick.Gruesome Conclusion – complete Goblin-In-Law and Crown In The Dumps to unlock this quest. Speak come the elf and follow her right into the cave. Speak come the goblin attract the crown and, for part unknown reason, you will must dance through the gigantic goblin. Once the button fills the circle, press it and you will obtain 1,000 studs. Save doing this till you end up dancing and also the giant goblin will run off. Currently you only need to address the tiny ones to knife the brick.The mom Of All evil – finish Armless fun to unlock this quest. Speak come an orc that will ask friend to defeat Azog’s mum. Head into the cave and follow the top top screen button prompts to defeat her.
Near the map rock there is a big circle floating in the air. Have actually an elf jump with this to begin a race. Currently you should reach the end before time runs out to success the brick.Bad To city – Speak come a goblin who needs his friend to assist him finish his song. Monitor the follow of wraith studs to the various other goblins, then go back to the singer to get your brick.Near the to sing goblin there are some mole hills. Struggle ten moles prior to time runs out to acquire the brick.
Horse and also Carrot – Speak come a woman who will ask friend for some carrots. Pay she 30 carrots and also she will provide you a brick.Near the map rock there are some large blue mushrooms. Use these come jump up to a brick above.Peacock’s compensation – Speak to an elf who is waiting for a peacock. Walk to Lake-town and buy the peacock hat for 1,500 and also the peacock body for 2,000, climate return and also talk come the elf.Heal a sick owl with Radagast and the owl will give you a brick.Arachnid Aggravation – Speak come a dwarf inside a cave and he will certainly talk about his hate for spiders. He wants you to assist him find their nest. Destroy ten spiders and he will offer you a brick.Treehouse problem – Speak come a woman and also she will ask friend to build her a treehouse on the ground. Use the craft plate and make a treehouse for her.The Spider Queen – finish Arachnid Aggravation to unlock this quest. Speak to the dwarf and he will ask friend to help him destroy the spider queen. Head right into the cave and you will face her. Follow the top top screen button prompts till you have actually removed one love from her. You will certainly then require to damage eight spiders to gain her to come back. You must then repeat the process until she is dead.The Speeder – Speak come an elf that will complain about a dwarf who has drawn in a monster. Monitor him into the cave and defeat the spiders to gain a brick.
Near Beorn’s home there is a ailing mole. Healing it through Radagast to obtain a brick in reward.Beorn’s house – Armless fun – Speak to an orc and she will certainly ask you to accompany she on a journey. Monitor her and also destroy any kind of spiders or orcs that strike along the way.
In the woodland there are numerous owls with gold hooks on their feet. Swing native hook come hook by pushing A in ~ the optimal of the swing, complied with by X to latch onto the next hook. At the end, push A at the height of the swing and you will land top top a take rail. Now you have the right to jump up and collect the brick.Inside a cave there are some tall rocks, two of which have orange handles on them. Have a huge character pull these to clean the route. Then climb the ladder ~ above the left many rock. Run from absent to rock till the one ahead of you has actually a gold hook ~ above it. Usage this to swing come a plank that you deserve to walk across. In ~ the various other end, the rock will certainly sink and also raise another. You have the right to then climb on optimal of the small building that includes the brick, and also buddy strike the roof therefore you can collect it.Inside a cave there room a lot of mushrooms all grouped together to do a bouncy floor. You must use the mushrooms to bounce through hoops prior to time operation out, to earn a brick.More rabbit Than feeling – Speak come a woman next to the house and she will certainly ask friend to discover five bunnies. Follow the wraith studs to every one, then lead it earlier to her.
Underneath the leg that leads to the ruins, there space some elf walls that you deserve to jump up to collect a brick in ~ the top.The Ghost of The Dwarf King – Speak to the male inside Dol Guldur and also he will ask girlfriend to aid him defeat a ghost dwarf. Get in the cave where friend will watch a maze and the ghost at the end. Fairly than head to the ghost, you should lead the ghost to the fires. It will certainly mirror your actions, therefore if girlfriend walk north, it will go south. Once you have actually lead the ghost right into three fires, you will gain a brick.At the peak of the destroy there is a goblin wall. Rise it to get the brick native the top.Inside Dol Guldur there room eight dark objects that can be destroyed. Begin at the top, head up the stairs and also use the take rail on your right to run onto part of the ruin. At the end is the first objects. Acquire the second one in ~ the top of the stair you simply used, and two an ext at the bottom of these stairs. Prior to heading down to the next level of the ruin, look for a plank that you deserve to jump top top which has an additional object in ~ the end. Indigenous the plank, jump under to the left and also find two an ext objects, climate drop down to the lower level to uncover the last one. Perform all this before time runs the end to gain the brick.Bats entertainment – Head right into a cave and speak to an elf. You should take down thirty bats to earn a brick from him.Wizard wall surfaces – finish Bats Entertainment come unlock this quest. She would like you to build a wizard wall surface for she from the handmade plate. Construct this and also will provide you a brick.Complete The Ghost the The Dwarf King to unlock this quest. Go earlier into the cave and also you will watch that the ghost kings is back, yet his maze is just a room. This time, he will go in the very same direction as you as soon as going up and down, yet will walk in opposing direction for left or right. You have to lead the ghost into three more fires without walking right into him. Usage the one brick in the peak left hand edge to make certain he stays away from you.Back top top The food selection – Speak to an orc that will ask girlfriend for part meat. Pay 50 chicken drumsticks to get a brick.
In the main cavern there space some owls v gold hooks on them. Usage these come swing out and also get brick.Also in the key cavern there room some elf wall surfaces that you can use to reach one more brick.
Sing because that The King – Speak to a woman who will ask you to find her 2 friends. Follow the wraith studs till you find them, then return to the woman for a brick.In a basement there are many pads on the floor that have spikes top top them. Next to the stairs over there is a floor switch. Stand on this then run for the brick follow me the course that was cleared. If you’re quick enough, you’ll have just enough time to do it to the brick before the spikes pop up again.Ballista help – Speak to a man who will ask you to develop a ballista for him. Usage the craft plate to perform this and also he will offer you a brick.Lake-town Shakedown – finish Ballista help to unlock this quest. After structure the ballista a woman will certainly ask you to usage the ballista to knock ten goblins the end of their boats.Hide and Seek Once much more – complete Hide and Seek come unlock this quest, then speak to the children to enjoy one more fun round of this stroked nerves quest. Take it the route to the right and also head to the water’s edge. Watch behind a building with crates and also fishing supplies about it and also the an initial child is there. Follow the course opposite the singing child and go come the allude where there is a ladder that you have the right to use to climb an arch and cross a gap. The 2nd child is at the base of the ladder. The last child deserve to be found just behind the flag because that the warm Welcome level.Sunken spirits – Speak come a woman who would favor something that will certainly cheer people up. Lug her the Yodelling Shield from Azog The Defiler.Near the middle of the city there room some elf walls that you deserve to use to reach the roofs that the town. ~ above the roof there is a tiny tower with a floor switch in it. Jump on this and also some platforms will certainly level out for you to use. Follow the planks, ropes and ledges till you reach another small tower. Walk round the back of the tower and also you will be able to get the brick.In the basement of one of the residences there is a hint rock that will offer you one of Gollum’s riddles. You will certainly then have several booty pots to choose from. Pay 100 fish right into the 2nd pot type the right to get a brick.Spiteful Spiders – complete The Spider Queen come unlock this quest. Speak come a dwarf and also he will tell you that his cousin has actually been walk away by spiders. Follow the trails under to the dock and also destroy two spiders. The gain the dwarf to monitor you ago to his cousin.Use a boat to with a dock southern of Lake-town. From below you have the right to move follow me some damages until you reach a pier. Fish a an essential out of the water, then proceed along the planks and also rocks until you reach a padlock. Use the an essential and revolve the paddle, then continue on until you with the brick.Still utilizing the boat, find an additional dock still south of the town, wherein there is a mithril chest. Break this to get the brick native inside.Don’t Sing when You’re Swinging – use a watercraft to reach a dock the leads ~ above land, south-east the the town. Speak to a goblin who will ask friend to make him a swinging boat. Usage the handmade plate to perform this and also he will offer you a brick.The shed Fireflies – Speak to a man who will tell you he’s lost a firefly jar. Provide him the Firefly jar treasure item from Barrels the end Of Bond.Timber Traversal – finish Sunken soul to unlock this quest, then talk to a woman who will ask girlfriend to move some lumber for her. There room holes in the floor that the wood will autumn through if you’re no careful. Usage the 2 blue block to stop the wood from falling.Heavy Lifting – finish Timber Traversal to unlock this quest. Speak come the woman’s husband who will tell girlfriend he can’t elevator the lumber his mam needs. He would like some stone-giant gloves to help him. Carry him the Stone-giant Gloves treasure item from over Hill and Under Hill.
Up on the battlements, over there is a wall surface that you can buddy assault to break open. Behind it over there is a Lego plate for a dwarf stack. Usage this to reach a room above, where you deserve to break many Lego objects to find a brick in a chest, in the ideal hand corner.Inside among the homes there are some human being who have gotten themselves stuck in ice. Light 5 Lego fires to relax them and collect a brick.Dragon Attack…? Speak to the dwarf and also she will think that dragons space attacking her. Ruin twenty goblins in dragon helmets.Ghost town – finish Dragon Attack…? come unlock this quest. Speak come the dwarf and also he will tell you that he has lost his wife. Monitor the trails the studs to his wife and also lead her ago to her husband, fighting off any kind of skeletons along the way.Around the external of the city there is a tiny path leading about the cliff. Follow this to a craft plate and build a bridge so you can collect the brick.Let’s Go uncover A kite – complete Ghost city to unlock this quest. Speak to the dwarf and also she will ask because that a dragon kite. Lug her the Dragon dragon treasure item indigenous On The Doorstep.In a basement there are six statues surrounding by spikes. You should jump over the spikes while they room down and destroy all six statues prior to time runs out.Climb the ladder ~ above the ideal side the the citadel. Damage the mithril frostbite to reveal a Lego hatch and go v it. Move to the left next of the building and also destroy another mithril stature to reveal an additional hatch. Go with to acquire the brick.What Goes roughly – finish Let’s Go discover A dragon to unlock this quest. Speak to the dwarf, then build him a merry-go-round top top the construct plate.A kite For Life – finish What Goes around to unlock this quest. Speak come the wife and she would currently like girlfriend to build a dragon kite.On the city wall there is a goblin wall surface that you can use to reach the rooftops. As soon as you gain up there, relocate along until you with a roof with damaged bits of timber on it. Ruin them and also you will find a noble owl underneath. Have actually Radagast cure him climate break open what the owl leaves behind.Warehouse Of wonders – over there is a cellar that you can accessibility from outside the city. Speak come the dwarf inside who will ask girlfriend to aid her out. You should light all the fires in simply two moves to gain the brick. Irradiate the one come the appropriate of the stairs, climate light the one in the bottom, left hand edge of the room.

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The Dragon Slayer – Speak to a man who claims he is no afraid of dragons. Go to Lake-town and also buy the Dragon cap for 1,500 and also the Dragon body for 2,000, climate return wearing them to scare the trousers off him.There is a tower through a gold hook near the base. Use this to traction out some ledges that you have the right to then usage to with a Lego hatch. Go through and also stand close to the edge, where you will be able to target another gold hook. Swing indigenous this to collection the brick.Sound the The secret – Speak to a woman that will ask you to develop her one organ. Use the construct plate to make this and also she will offer you a brick.There is a brick top top the side of a tower the will call for shooting targets to produce moving platforms, amongst other things. There is an easier method of getting this brick. Walk round the appropriate hand next of the tower and you will watch some arches. An elf deserve to use these to reach a ladder on the side of the tower, which you have the right to then jump off to acquire the brick.Ancient armoury – Speak come a dwarf inside a cave and he will ask you come rebuild the armoury. Use the construct plate to remake the armoury and also he will offer you a brick.Brain frozen – In a cavern on a snowy optimal there is a dwarf. She will ask for help solving a puzzle. Girlfriend will have to light four fires to obtain the brick. Start by light the fire ~ above the “mountain”, on the right. Next, head left and light the fire amongst the trees. Currently light the fire to the phibìc of the note stone, and then the one to the south.Near the water’s edge there is a handmade plate the you have the right to use to build a dock. Jump in the boat and also sail out to collection the brick.The storage Arena – Speak come an orc outside a cave and also she will ask you come tackle her memories. In below you will need to fight every the boss fights you have actually done for bricks about middle-earth. Girlfriend will need to defeat mrs The Defiler, The Spider Queen, The Speeder, and also Mrs Goblin King.