My LG G3 power button stopped working recently. It's no under warranty no longer so the would expense me 150$ to gain it replaced. Ns dont really require the strength button, together I can double tap to open the device.

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However, the point I am afraid of is that if the battery die (I've been keeping it charged), how will I turn the an equipment back on there is no a power button? If I affix it through USB, will it boot up? Or will certainly it charge?


I've had a damaged power switch on my G3 because that months, and also I've found a trick to power up, but it requires a USB link to a power resource (wall charger, laptop, power bank, etc). You deserve to plug it in, and as quickly as the charging indicator is presented on screen, unplug it. For everything reason, this top the phone into actually booting up instead. You deserve to plug it ago in as quickly as the LG bootscreen appears.

After removing and reinstalling the battery the switch now works? Anyway thanks for the aid guys! have actually a quite day

And its basic replacement if ns remember right, its no soldered to the main board, it has actually some spring contacts on it.

Plug the machine into a PC and also when it's booting up to charge hold down Windows crucial and W. This will pressure the an equipment to boots up prefer normal

I had a damaged power button on mine droid RAZR HD ago then and also had to perform this as soon as the battery died.

If you take it apart the phone and also on the backside that board peak left is whereby the up/down/power buttons connect to the board. I just used a q tip and also 70% isopropil alcohol come remove any corrosion. My power and up switch were not working. Occupational fine now

I simply bricked mine G3, I might send you my power switch it's a rather easy replacement. It's red.

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Plug the machine into a PC and also when it's booting as much as charge host down Windows vital and W. This will force the maker to boots up favor normal

I had actually a broken power button on mine droid RAZR HD ago then and also had to do this once the battery died.

Hold the volume under button and also plug in any kind of usb cable (pc or wall). When you check out the LG splash screen, unplug the cable. You have the right to plug in the cable again as soon as you check out the phone beginning up yet for some factor if you leaving it plugged in indigenous the begin it will certainly not boot. I have had actually the very same issue and also have been using my phone without a power button for about a year. (phone take it a swim)