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Rachel"s Home

Rachel"s dad has some amazing things to say to start off this episode. When he"s done informing his story, it"s Chloe"s opportunity to do some exploring about the residence. Tright here are no collectibles at the bottom to worry around for currently, yet you can still look around if you want. When you"re prepared to relocate on, go upstairs to Rachel"s room.

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Before speaking via Rachel, you can acquire your initially two graffiti of the episode. Check the map of the US on the much earlier wall, next to the book shelf, to gain Graffiti #1/10. Then look at the planner on Rachel"s desk for Graffiti #2/10.



Amerideserve to GraffitiComplete the optional graffiti #1 in Episode 3: Hell Is Empty


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Extra CreditComplete the optional graffiti #2 in Episode 3: Hell Is Empty


To progression, check out the purple night light on Rachel"s dresser. You"ll should make it brighter. Turn approximately and also open the emergency kit on the ground and take the flashlight. Bring it earlier to the night light and then talk to Rachel. That"ll wrap up your time in Rachel"s house.

Chloe"s Home

Once you acquire control, look at the tiny bookshelf to the left of her computer desk. On it you"ll view a class image. Look at it and also then put it dvery own aget. This will certainly allow Graffiti #3/10. Pick the photo up to sign it.

Leave Chloe"s room and head left immediately to enter her mother"s room. Just inside the room, look to the best and also you"ll check out a stack of boxes via a vehicle calendar on optimal. That calendar is your ticket to Graffiti #4/10.

Now walk earlier out and also enter the bathroom. Chloe"s towel is in a little box on the shelf beside the toilet. Once you"re changed, head downstairs for a conversation and also eventually head out to your location.

The Junkyard

You"ll begin off repairing your truck. The first thing you"ll desire to carry out is check the fuel filter. It"s on the ideal hand also side. If you perform it last, you"ll breakthrough the scene through no option for a graffiti. Interact with it twice to spit out some gunk. Interact with the gunk on the hood to gain Graffiti #5/10.

Now for the rest of the repairs. The pliers resolve the battery post. The screwdriver fixes the fuckamajig. The wrench fixes the serpentine belt. With the auto repaired, you"ll acquire a series of cutscenes before relocating to a new location.

The Hospital

You"ll have actually a conversation in the waiting room. The sixth graffiti relates to the vfinishing machine, yet you"ll have to acquire the seventh first. Head to the ideal towards the elevators for a brief cutscene. When it"s over, head over to the double doors the couple went via and look to the left to view a "Wash Your Hands" poster that you have the right to connect via for Graffiti #7/10.

Now head over to the vfinishing machine. Hit it 3 times and also then the option for Graffiti #6/10 should show up.

Now walk down dvery own the hall and also soptimal through Anthony North external of Room 785. You can end that conversation fast and then head in. The person in the room will certainly readjust, however either method simply connect via them a little bit till you can authorize their cast for Graffiti #8/10. If it"s Drew, you"ll have to connect with his pudding also.

With all those done, you have the right to head all the means dvery own the hall to Rachel"s room and stop via Rose. Rachel"s room is second from the end on the left.

James" Office

First thing"s first. Go around the desk and open the left drawer to find a bottle. That bottle is your targain for Graffiti #9/10.

Now you"ll need to find Sera"s phone number. You must acquire on the drawer to the ideal. Interact through it to uncover you need a crucial. Look on the bookshelf and also investigate the trophy. The crucial is inside it through a little of examination. Now open up the drawer and also have a look at the letters and also the phone. Once you need the proof, walk to the file cabinet in the corner and also open up package inside. Take a photo of the glove and also then take it to the trash can alongside the desk.

Next off you"ll must take a look at the file on James" desk and then go to the board and also accusage the guy in the upper right (you"ll need to mention the plea deal). For the money, go back to the bookshelf and investigate the sawdust in the edge. Another cutscene begins and then it"s time to relocate on.

The Abandoned Mill

The last graffiti is inside the mill. You"ll have the ability to strategy the bar and also pull the knife out of it. Take the knife over to the sheet metal that claims "Don"t mess via Damon Merrick". Push it to the side and then you have the right to connect for Graffiti #10/10.

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From below on out, it"s smooth sailing. Just relocate through the scenes as you always carry out and make the choices you desire. When you complete, you"ll pop the last two success.