Classic decoration adds to Halloween displayPumpkin challenge lights up for creepy effectPicture-perfect architecture with no chaos or carving tools
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Get a photo perfect pumpkin every time v this molded Jack-O'-Lantern. Plug it in and also a irradiate illuminates the pumpkin's face. It is a classic and also creepy enhancement to her Halloween decorations, giving maximum impact with minimum effort.

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Lights up to reveal a spooky facePerfect for parties and also haunted housesPerfect jack-O"-lantern year-after-yearNo mess or carving devices required
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BrandHome Accents HolidayHome Accents Holiday NorthlightName20 in. Orange Lighted blow Mold Jack-O-Lantern Spooky Face2.5 ft. 217-Light Tape light Pumpkin Halloween yard DecorationDelightfully Spooky Lighted Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns (Set the 2)36 in. Pre-Lit Orange and also Black Cat top top a Pumpkin Halloween the end DecorationPrice
(0)Halloween Decor ThemePumpkinPumpkinPumpkinPumpkinIndoor/OutdoorIndoorIndoor,Outdoor,Outdoor (Covered)IndoorIndoor,OutdoorFeaturesNo added FeaturesNo added FeaturesNo added FeaturesNo additional FeaturesPower TypePlug-inPlug-inBattery OperatedPlug-inIncluded Items Stake/stand No extr items includedView ProductView ProductView ProductView Product

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Looking front to adding this pumpkin to mine halloween graveyard in October. The price is yes, really reasonable because that the size. Love the the light is orange!
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Home Accents vacation 20 in. Orange Lighted blow Mold Jack-O-Lantern Spooky challenge This is a good i...
Home Accents holiday 20 in. Orange Lighted punch Mold Jack-O-Lantern Spooky face This is a an excellent illuminated Halloween decoration to set outside on a table or in a window. Overall, the color and also paint detail were great and looks good when illuminated. Packaged in a large cardboard box that have the right to be preserved for stack storage. Ns was a small surprised once the box was opened up up and also it was laying on it side. The disappointed was that the mounted orange colored light pear was an glow light bulb which appears outdated since virtually all lights sold are LEDs currently days and also for a decoration that with be illuminated 10 or more hours a day for 30 days seems to it is in behind the time. Competitively priced with various other decorations.
This is a very cool enhancement to you Halloween decorations. The irradiate is a dark orange shade not t...

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This is a really cool addition to friend Halloween decorations. The irradiate is a dark orange color not also bright. Size is great for indoor or outdoor. The irradiate is simple to change. You have actually a small click in and click out light fixture. About four feet or strength wire included. The Jacok O lantern is super light weight. Overall look is yes, really nice and easy to move. The face architecture shows the dark orange colored light really well
The very first thing you’ll notice about this 20” Jack-O-Lantern by house Accents holiday is the it is huge! because that such a large Halloween decor that is surprisingly very lightweight. This fabulous Jack-O-Lantern is plug and also play. Comes through an orange nightlight (C7 bulb with candelabra base) that provides this Jack-O-Lantern one eerie orange glow. Wide eyes, nose and mouth cutout so goblins will have actually no trouble being spooked from the street. Gain a pair the them to guard her front door. Conveniently replace the bulb and you deserve to even add your own flickering night light for a pure haunting effect. Pear receptacle is conveniently inserted and also removed from an opened in the rear. Comes with an indict sheet, which includes a website and also customer service number. Safety 125 volt fuse in plug and also can be replaced if necessary. Not sure what the blow mold product is yet it shows up to be some type of polyester coated plastic, i m sorry is most likely why it’s therefore lightweight, yet visually appealing. Regrettably the enclosed card says indoor usage only however it shows up you can use exterior in a covered area. I’m beyond impressed v this huge, lightweight Jack-O-Lantern and can hardly wait to use it. 20” H x 17” W. Sculpted face. 3ft cord. Hole at bottom for draining. You have the right to also add your own fog and sound results from the bottom opening. Completely hollow.
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