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Fulu from south AfricaJah neh! Wayne isn"t mine favourite rapper but whit this song he really caught my attention, yet did static major sang any part of this song? If the did, which verse then?Jeremiah from Woodland, Cathis is ma fav song R.I.P. Static MajorBilly indigenous Boca, Fllol, i dont why, but this version sounds various than the origianl, but better!!! lol, ns wanna visit WAYN3S human being SOM3DAY! lmfaoDavid Minor from Portsmouth, united Kingdomit isnt workin and it aint loading wtf goin top top bludSade from Atlanta, Gawait is that the one in the background??oooooooo sry staticSade indigenous Atlanta, Gastatic major doesnt even sing. Hes in the video clip y is he obtaining all the "featured" crapAlejandro indigenous Sacramento, Cahe killed tha beat-killed it!(in a an excellent way!) Props to revolution Major, too!Alisha from Caldwell, Idi love dis tune by lil wayne that is mine b/fDaniel native Jacksonville, Flthis track is the stuff! wayne did huge when he did this song!see much more comments

Staind"s large moment come in 1999 when lead singer Aaron Lewis played "Outside" on Limp Bizkit"s family Values tour. The live, acoustic version earned several radio play.

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I create The SongsBarry Manilow

Barry Manilow didn"t create his #1 hit "I compose The Songs." Bruce Johnston the The coast Boys composed it.


Only one Oasis song got to the height 10 the Billboard"s hot 100. "Wonderwall" peaked at #8 in 1996.

StayShakespears sisters

"Stay" through Shakespears sister is based on a 1953 B-movie called Cat-Women the The Moon.

every StarSmash Mouth

"All Star" was composed as a trust builder because that fans who were bullied for liking quit Mouth.

Gonna gain Over YouSara Bareilles

Jonah Hill command the video clip for Sara Bareilles" song "Gonna get Over You." It"s a mash-up that Grease and also West next Story.

"Private Eyes" - The Story Behind the SongSong composing

How a goofy detective movie, a disenchanted director and also an unlikely songwriter resulted in one the the greatest hits in popular music history.

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Justin Hayward that The Moody BluesSongwriter Interviews

Justin composed the standard "Nights In White Satin," yet his fondest music memories space from a different decade.

Christopher CrossSongwriter Interviews

The man who created Yacht Rock with "Sailing" wrote among his greatest hits when on acid.

black SabbathFact or Fiction

Dwarfs on stage with one oversize Stonehenge set? Dabbling in Satanism? discover out which Spinal Tap-moments were true for black color Sabbath.

Wherefore art Thou Romeo LyricMusic Quiz

In this quiz, spot the artist who put Romeo right into a track lyric.

Phil Hurtt ("I"ll it is in Around")Songwriter Interviews

Phil to be a songwriter, producer and voice behind plenty of Philadelphia soul classics. As soon as disco hit, he got an exciting project: The village People.