I thought I would article this here since I had actually a most trouble obtaining my GoControl GD00Z-4 Z-Wave devices to work-related with home Assistant on mine GoControl HUSBZB-1 USB Z-Wave controller. I am on residence Assistant .114.2.

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First off; ns originally had actually the Z-Wave Garage Door Openers linked to smart Things. I had removed castle SmartThings, but then the troubles started together the GD00Z-4 garage door openers were not getting recognized by residence Assistant.

Here’s what ns did to get them combine up:1.) open the record editor regimen in house Assistant (install if friend dont have it yet) and open Options.xml. Modify the "2.) bring the GD00Z-4 close come your house Assistant machine (Raspberry Pi 4B in mine case). Plug it in. Wait for home Assistant to finish booting your Z-Wave network (takes a while as soon as you have actually a many devices).2.) enter the Hone Assistant Z-Wave Integration and also press eliminate Node. Push the button on the side of the GD00Z-4. Girlfriend ‘should’ hear a beep then a lengthy beep shortly after indicating it has actually been excluded.3.) push Cancel Command in the Z-Wave Integration (may or may not be necessary).4.) Press and also Hold the button on the GD00Z-4 garage door controller because that ~5 secs until it beeps. Let go and also wait a minute or 2 until that is reset and working again.5.) push the button on the GD00Z-4 garage door opener 5 times till you hear it perform a manufacturing facility reset (a beep followed by a lengthy beep if i recall).6.) Now back in residence Assistant ZWave Integration, click on include Node Secure, then push the switch on the GD00Z-4 garage door controller. The GD00Z-4 will certainly beep, then after a brief while the will most likely beep 3 or for this reason times. Immediately press the button again if it hasn’t presented up in the nodes perform yet.

If your experience is choose mine, the second time you push the button, it will automatically show up in the nodes list. Wait because that it to say Complete, indicating it is paired before you exist the Z-Wave Integration.

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This functioned for me ~ above both of mine GD00Z-4 controllers the were not cooperating through being included to the Z-Wave Integration. I may have over0complicated things, but I can not obtain them to pair at all after an hour or two of pulling mine hair out…

Once they space added, hook them approximately your garage door openers and open the doors making use of the your typical opener (ie: wall button), climate use residence Assistant come close them. They have to now open and also close from residence Assistant!


Best that luck. This to be my experience and also hopefully this write-up saves rather a many frustration and hair.