Link is commonly depicted through incredibly light blonde or brown hair, however his sprite in A Link to the Past has bideal pink hair for seemingly no factor.

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The legend of Zelda gotten in the 16-bit era on the Super Nintendo in 1992 with the release of A connect to the past (1991 in Japan), and despite having the largest variety of dungeons Zelda play, A attach to the past It is also a rarity as a result of its distinct style for Link, that has actually pink hair. Link is typically shown as a kid or young adult dressed in green via blonde hair. The connect in ALttP She still wears the iconic green robe, yet for some factor she has actually bbest pink hair.

Each game in the series has a different style, but Link has actually almost constantly remained the very same from an aesthetic point of watch. From time to time you will certainly have multiple outfits, or also a vast variety of them as in Breath of the wild, where her main outfit is actually blue, and also inspired by The Winder Waker lobster pajamas. However before, her hair is practically always a blonde shade. Sometimes it is a really bright yellow as in Wind Waker, or a darker blonde as in twilight princess, yet A link to the previous It is the only game in which it has actually been pink.

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The strangest component of the situation is that it seems that Nintenperform has never before offered a justification for Link’s pink hair in A attach to the past. Adding to the confusion is the officer Nintencarry out instruction hand-operated for ALttP, which has illustrations illustrating Link through his usual blonde head. It appears canonically, Link still has blonde hair on A link to the past, however it was changed to pink for the game sprite for some factor. Unfortunately, tbelow might never before be a response unmuch less Nintencarry out decides to carry out one, however there are some theories.

Possible reasons for Link’s pink hair in a connect to the past

Sprite Link via Pink Hair by ALTTP
A feasible explanation for Link’s pink hair in A link to the past originates from an old forum post on Zelda world, dating from 2006. User Snarwin claims that the pink hair is the outcome of the Dark World turning Link right into a bunny, and also therefore tright here was no room in Link’s limited 16-little bit shade palette for his shade traditional hairreduced via the pink bunny taking up a slot. However, as other individuals discussed, Link’s palette currently has actually yellows and also browns in it, and there doesn’t seem to be any type of reason why 2 sepaprice sprites must share a color palette.

Others posit that it was ssuggest to make Link’s hair stand also out from the remainder of his sprite. Playing A link to the previous on an old CRT tv in 1992 can have made it challenging to see Link well if his confront, hair, and also hat had a unstable gradation from skin tone to green. Some players, choose a couple of different customers in one Reddit threview from 2011, he theorized that Link’s hair was intended to be brown, however it would certainly have blended in as well well through the surroundings, so it was readjusted.

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This is at leastern plausible, as the early on versions of Link show up to have hair exceptionally close to a shade of brvery own. Even his hair in the A connect to the previous manual looks choose a light brvery own compared to Zelda’s bideal blonde. Link would absolutely not have actually blonde hair till Ocarina of time in November 1998. About a month later on Ocarina fell, a color variation of Link’s awakening hit the Game Boy Color, and also the Link sprite appears to have actually hair in a shade closer to brown.

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According to the instruction hands-on for A attach to the pastIt appears that Link’s hair is canonically light brvery own or dark blonde. Sometime between then and Ocarina of time, Nintenexecute decided to make her hair brighter blonde. For whatever before factor, be it technological constraints or a architecture decision, Link’s sprite in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past pink hair was provided. Unless Nintencarry out decides to divulge why, it may remajor a secret.