Doug is one American man television collection created by Jim Jinkins and also produced by Jumbo Pictures. The series premiered ~ above Nickelodeon in 1991, and ran till 1994. Nickelodeon decreased to green-light a fifth season, and also it was rather ordered by Disney"s ABC. Disney additionally acquired the production firm behind Doug, Jumbo Pictures. The 5th season premiered in 1996 and also became a staple of Disney"s One Saturday Morning block. The collection continued for two much more seasons and also a film till 1999.

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For the very first four periods (52 episodes), Doug episodes included two story per half-hour block, with the exception of "Doug Bags a Neematoad", "Doug"s Halloween Adventure" and also "Doug"s Christmas Story" as they to be full-length. The 5th through seventh periods (65 episodes) consisted of one story per half-hour block.

In total, there were 117 half-hour illustration produced, comprise 166 episode segments.

Series overview


Nickelodeon episodes

Season 1 (1991)

In the closing credits because that this season, two various pieces that music would certainly play: the an initial piece would certainly be taken indigenous the second story in the episode, and also during the last third, Porkchop would don headphones and listen to music indigenous the first story, instantly drowning out the original background music and angering Doug.

Unlike the various other seasons, the Jumbo images closing logo is different. The is still and also takes place on a blue background.

Season 2 (1992)

Beginning v this season, only a solitary piece that music is played because that the closeup of the door credits, though the animation is still the very same until the 5th season.

Additionally, the much more familiar Jumbo images closing logo started to be in use, the logo has remained in use for the rest of the series since.

This season is additionally one of the only two periods to not have any kind of full-length episodes.

Season 3 (1993)

Along with the 2nd season, this season is one of the only two seasons to not have any type of full-length episodes.

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Season 4 (1993–94)

Disney episodes

Season 5 (1996–97)

Season 6 (1997)

Season 7 (1998–99)

In the last season, the present was change the name Disney"s Doug. After manufacturing ended, all 65 episodes were repackaged under the Disney"s Doug name for syndication on their Disney"s One also block, which commenced ~ above UPN affiliates in September 1999. Because that the syndicated version, each illustration was slightly edited, the end credits were totally redone, and new Doug shorts, featuring several of the characters from the show, were included in in between commercial breaks.