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E3 is underway in Los Angeles and also we’re on website reflecting off our newest product, the neurosoup.orgnology Flight System G940. Here’s an introduction video with Mark Starrett, international product marketing manager for the G940. Look for the product to be available worldwide in September.

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ClintJune 3, 2009 at 20:37

I “had” a AVB Pegasus (I think you can even gain them for $9.99 new currently if AVB USA is still sellng them) and also it self centers well for a pressure feedback joystick, however tright here is still the looseness around the center, because it is constantly being centered by the pressure feedback motors.

This has actually been an concern via all pressure feedearlier joysticks through the exception of the initially feedago joystick, the CH Force FX, which I think used centering springs that were traditional in the CH Products Combatstick, Fighterstick, and so on.

I can’t say I have actually ever checked out a spring or springs in a joystick “warp off center” whether it has been a, Saitek, CH Products, Thrustgrasp, Gravis back in the day, and so on While a digital means obviously woudln’t settle that problem, I have actually never ran into that as a problem.

The AVB was my second favorite behind the original Wingguy Force. I thought their toughness and also smoothness of effects were always much better than the more famous MS Sidewinder Force Feedearlier 2.


workkyJune 4, 2009 at 16:23

Will the forces be even more prefer the MSFFB2,when im rollling dvery own the runway,the stick is loose,once airspeed picks up,the stick tightens.Is this a fully brand-new FFB compared to neurosoup.orgs various other FFB’s.I have tried several neurosoup.orgnology FFB’s,yet quite honestly have actually not been pleased,i constantly go earlier to my MSFFB2.If this is a whole new platform i would certainly be willing to provide it a shot


FrantishJune 5, 2009 at 14:24

Macintosh vehicle drivers and also software program included?

If it has actually Mac software application for programmable vital macro’s and configurations, I will certainly toss my X52 and obtain it today!

MagnusJune 13, 2009 at 21:26


The joystick looks great!May one ask a pair of concerns. Does this support MSFS9? What are the dimensions of the joystick?Looking forward to the release!

Kind regards


John RevieJuly 1, 2009 at 06:05

Nice looking kit but I have actually one question about the use of twin throttles and also rudder pedals.

Way earlier in the mists of early COMPUTER flight sims Suncom released a joystick and throttle combo that was based in the F15 Eagle controls (Thrustmasters Cougar is based on the F16) and also all you jet jocsecrets will know the F15 is a twin engined aircraft and they were extremely nice indeed. However the difficulty was that you couldn’t use rudder pedals and also the twin throttles together as Windows can just assistance a joystick and also either one throttle and pedals or two thottles – through one throttle set up as a rudder.

How have neurosoup.orgnology faced this issue?

John RevieJuly 6, 2009 at 00:40

Hi Reuben

Thank you for your reply, I had always believed the twin throttle problem was an operating system limitation quite than a hardware problem.

I have one last query regarding the software that controls the G940.

I often play helicopter sims and used my previous throttle as a collective yet in the past the offered software with the Thrustunderstand TQS didn’t work-related exceptionally well in this mode. However before third party software program tended to execute a much better job, specifically Fox2 Pro was good but Calena’s wasn’t.

Has the choice to use the throttle as a cumulative been thought about with the driver software?

TyrantJuly 19, 2009 at 08:19

Sir, is this unit powered through the usb only? What type of ffb adjustments will be enabled with the software? Are the leds on the base of the throttle additionally enabled to be programmed?

many thanks,


Dave DAugust 19, 2009 at 14:52

Can anyone tell me whether the rudder pedals are self-centering or not?

Mauro PrestiAugust 19, 2009 at 15:29

Good job, yet Your challenger sell additionally a flight Yoke for non-combat simmers.What does arrangement around such a maker ?ThanksM.

TomSeptember 3, 2009 at 14:35

does it have pressure feed earlier on the throttle so it moves with the autopilot?

BrandonSeptember 7, 2009 at 00:09

Ok… so stupid me… I watched the video AFTER I left the comment. The throttle switch controlled by the SOFTWARE is an AWESOME thing! One question out of the way!

BrettSeptember 7, 2009 at 02:37

So I view it’s been experimentation through FSX. . .I thought FSX pressure feedearlier impacts were always reversed? Is tbelow a solution for that currently in FSX or is it done by means of the software?

DavidSeptember 7, 2009 at 18:21

I have the new G940. Its exceptionally nice yet in 64little Vista I can’t get the 5.06 64 little bit software program to detect the joy stick yet it mirrors up in my Joystick id# and also under vista Video Game controllers. So I can’t set up any kind of of the buttons via out the software program. Any help?

OlivSeptember 10, 2009 at 19:15

I installed my brand-new G940 on home windows 7. The Profiler didn’t uncover Microsoft Flight Simulator X, it only found Lock on. So I tried Lockon initially however pedals or throttle are not functioning.Same point via FS X.. the rudder for examples acts favor the joystick y-axis. SAme for the throttle, it doesn’t work-related, instead the R1 is doing the job. I’m brand-new to this kind of joystick, any assist would certainly be welcome. Thanks

OlivSeptember 13, 2009 at 20:08

Hi Ruben,

many thanks for the help. Many of the indications are functioning other than that the rudder is not detected by FSX (I can’t assign the pedals). From the neurosoup.orgnology gaming software: Device->Game Controlers-> Pedals->Properties the rudder is functioning.

It may be bereason of windows7. Where deserve to I understand when the window7 motorists will be prepared ?


RonSeptember 14, 2009 at 09:34


I currently have a Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System, and also i use that on the FSX. But the Saitek system doesn’t come through rudder pedals.

I would certainly love to additionally obtain a trip stick for combat missions. May i ask if the G940 Rudder Pedals have the right to likewise job-related through the Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System on FSX ? This is so that i can interreadjust between using yoke or stick depending upon what aircraft i’m flying on FSX.


crusaderSeptember 17, 2009 at 16:40

First of all: a vast thanks! for the years of bringing great/magnificent products on the sector.I still see neurosoup.orgnology as THE ideal fabricant of peripheral gadgets for the computer.

I do have a question of the upcoming G940:

My MSFFB2 is around 10 years old and still functions choose a cinjury.Do the FF servo’s last as long as the MSFFb2?

Also did have the MSFFB2 as instance or did you occurred the G940 completely fresh?

NathanielOctober 9, 2009 at 16:30

Wright here is the propapers downlots for this system? I just bought it and also was wondering wright here I might download prorecords for it.

jasonOctober 10, 2009 at 10:57

When is this product going to be released? I examine on google for the release dat of g940 but nothing comes up….

Eric AndersonNovember 27, 2009 at 14:37

I am a pilot with 12500 hrs in addition to 25 years of “virtual” flying. The idea of a force feedearlier HOTAS setup appeals to me considerably as I lengthy to emulate the feel of genuine flight. In principal the G940 meets that wish. But after two months of use I find that the frustrations much outweigh the boosted precision and also feel. Without going into a lengthy dissertation my issues are, in short:

1) The R1 and R2 wheels transmit wild, random inputs as the throttle is moved.2) The mini-stick is extremely inspecific, even after calibration.3) The profiling software program has astronomical issues: a) limited ability for the user to change FFB settings, b) no functioning capability to adjust the spring for non-FFB games, c) problematic profile switching from game to game, and4) MOST IMPORTANTLY, zero customer feedago from any kind of neurosoup.orgnology representatives in current weeks. Mark specifically was doing a fine task of addressing customer involves however that input seems to have actually ceased in mid-October.

See more: 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Turn Signal Relay, 4686094 Jeep Grand Cherokee Turn Signal Flasher

I should say that I feel a small be stupid in not having went back my hardware throughout the time-structure that the capability to execute so was available to me. I believed then what I was hearing that all issues would be addressed in future software program releases. But currently that all such assures have stopped, I am persuaded that my hardware problems are not software solvable.

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