space the British exhausted of “Carrying Christ’s Cross”? – No, Muslim neighborhood Has not Bought 500 churches in London

25 June, 2021

On June 25, 2021, a video by a Russian Islamic page Ислам – Баку (Islam – Baku) was mutual in a Facebook group Photo-Fact GEORGIA. The video clip mentions the increase in the size of Muslim ar in London and the rising number of mosques. In the video, i beg your pardon comes v a logo design of RT, a Russian propaganda channel, that is also claimed that 423 brand-new mosques have been opened up in London in last numerous years, conversely, 500 Christian churches have been closeup of the door down. In some cases, the video goes, the Muslim neighborhood purchased previous church buildings and also re-opened them as mosques. Based on the video, Islam – Baku and Georgian on facebook users claim that Muslims purchase 500 church in great Britain – something that the members of Photo-Fact GEORGIA team label as Britain’s spinelessness and an evidence of Islamization.

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The claim that the Muslim neighborhood has to buy 500 Christian church in London is disinformation. Mosques have actually indeed been opened up in some previous churches in the united Kingdom, however there is no mass tendency of Muslims buying Christian churches, if the report around 423 brand-new mosques being opened in London is a statistical manipulation.

The manipulative reports about closing under churches and also opening mosques instead in the joined Kingdom an initial emerged ~ above the Gatestone Institute, an English blog, in 2017. The blog asserted that the Muslim community and multiculturalism are directly connected to religious fundamentalism and boost in the danger of terror in England. It is in this context that the report about opening 423 mosques “on the sad damages of English Christianity” against the elevator of closing down 500 Christian churches due to the fact that 2001 in the resources city that the UK is introduced. The article by the Gatestone Institute claims nothing around Muslims purchase 500 churches.

Reports about the Muslim community buying 500 churches are disinformation

British and also US American fact-checking platforms full Fact and Snopes verified the contents of the 2017 blog post. Follow to full Fact, the report top top closing down 500 Christian churches is based upon a 2012 short article by the wall surface Street Journal around using religious buildings for other purposes and mentions that because 2001, in the UK, an ext than 500 buildings, formerly owned by the Church, were offered to private owners, and also that these buildings were mainly reopened together residential projects. The article never mentions that members that a certain spiritual minority team bought these structures or the they to be converted come mosques. In addition, the wall Street Journal short article emphasizes the switch of the churches to private houses, there is no specifying as soon as the religious service was quit in these churches. Therefore, the closing under of the given churches might not coincide v opening employee in the UK.

Moreover, as the webpage the the Church that England claims, only a small number (20-25) of churches space closed down across the country annually. In certain cases, the reason behind closing under the church building is that the congregation moved to a brand-new building, definition that the old structure becomes a exclusive property with an auction. Follow to the same webpage, most closed churches are uncovered a brand-new use – mostly becoming a religious building for an additional Christian body, but likewise a cultural or neighborhood facility (such as a neighborhood center, library, or a museum), residential, and office building. There are, however, some instances when the Muslim neighborhood buys the Christian church for prayers or neighborhood gatherings.

Despite closing number of churches, follow to the UK Church Statistics, the variety of churches in the joined Kingdom prospered by 800 in between 2005-2015. Nationwide Churches Trust, an company specializing in maintaining and also supporting Christian churches in the joined Kingdom, currently reports up to 41,000 churches of miscellaneous Christian denominations. The organization likewise reported in 2018 that the variety of Christian churches in the UK no only far exceed religious or ritual structures of various other confessions, but likewise clubs, windy libraries, short article offices, and also other windy facilities.

The insurance claim that in parallel v closing the churches, 423 new mosques were opened in London, is a manipulation

The provided statement, stated in the Russian video, has actually been disseminated on English blogs in an Islamophobic context due to the fact that 2017. According to full Fact, the Gatestone Institute take it this number indigenous UK Mosque Statistics, released by the webpage Muslims in Britain. Follow to the 2017 version of the stated statistics, there to be a total of 477 mosques and also Islamic spiritual buildings in London, however it never claims that 423 from those were opened up in current years and are “new” mosques. In fact, most of the employee in London to be constructed before 2000, in the last century.According to a 2012 short article by the Architects Journal, there were approximately 1,500 acting employee in the UK in 2012, however, only 200 the those to be initially developed to serve as mosques. According to Statista data, there were 1,621 employee in the UK in 2017, with many of them gift small-sized (capacity lower than 300 people). Together of 2020, there space 1,750 active mosques in the UK. Based upon these data, it have the right to be concluded that the number of active employee in the country increased by approximately 250 in the critical eight years. Therefore, the reports around “423 brand-new mosques” being opened up in London in the recent years space not true and also represent a situation of statistical manipulation.According come the data by the Office for national Statistics the the unified Kingdom, there space up come 3.4 million Muslims residing in the UK i m sorry accounts because that 5.2% of the whole population.

Origin the the video

The Russian video clip uses clip from a 2013 TV report through Russia Today, but the dubbing and also the content are changed. The Russia this particular day report was around the spread out of Islam in London, yet it walk not cite the 500 closed churches or new mosques in ~ all. The video, shared by Islam – Baku was prepared by a Russian NUR TV in 2021. NUR TV is a media outlet focusing on Islam, Quran, and other actual problems for the Muslim community.

About Photo-Fact GEORGIA

The Facebook group Photo-Fact GEORGIA was produced in 2015. At this time it counts much more than 15,000 members and also is regulated by a facebook user Mamuka Kakauridze. The contents of the short articles in the group varies, but throughout the critical year, posts about the coronavirus and also some disinformative write-ups were being published many frequently.

By Medea Sulamanidze

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