Stain choices and Wording Grey Stain - ns ($50.07) Grey Stain - we ($50.07) tool Stain - i ($50.07) medium Stain - us ($50.07) Dark Stain - i ($50.07) Dark Stain - us ($50.07) White Stain - 3D ns ($53.78) White Stain - 3D we ($53.78) Painted Pink - i ($50.07) Painted Pink - us ($50.07) Painted marine - i ($50.07) Painted navy - we ($50.07)

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pin Colour Multi color Pins White Pins light Pink Pins Red Pins Turquoise/Navy/White Mint/Light Pink/Gold marine & Pink Pins Turquoise & Pink navy Pins Turquoise Pins Grey Pins gold Pins organic Wood Pins Light purple Pins black Pins Mint Pins

Welcome to prosper & Co!This artwork display sign is a wonderful addition to any type of playroom or kitchen to present off your tiny picasso's recent masterpieces!There are several wood pen colour combos to pick from! Pins room not resolved on the twine, they space movable and removable from the twine. 2 pieces of sawtooth hardware are attached come each sign for straightforward hanging. Every of these wooden signs is hand cut and also painted or stained.This listing permits for the choice of wording between 'look what i made' and also 'look what we made'** Please choose your desired wording the ‘i’ vs ‘we’ in the 'stain selection/wording' drop under menu.For example:Grey stain - we Will an outcome in a grey stain authorize with the wording:‘look what us made’Grey stain - ns Will an outcome in a grey stain sign with the wording:‘look what i made’***Default wording shade on indicators will be together follows, uneven otherwise asked for in the note to seller in ~ checkout***:Dark stain - white painted wordingMedium stain - white painted wordingGrey stain - white painted wordingWhite stain - black wording // Please note the white stain items, are 3D black raised acrylic wording. These have been upgraded by default from painted wording, early to constant issues v the painted wording and also white stain in ~ the make process. The 3D black acrylic wording is a clean and also crisp look, all other stains space painted wording uneven upgraded or purchased together a 3D item.Pink painted - white wordingNavy painted - white wordingPLEASE administer A phone call NUMBER for this reason WE deserve to PASS THIS onto THE SHIPPING agency OR IF WE have to CLARIFY your ORDER and also CAN'T with YOU VIA ETSY ** THIS deserve to BE noted IN THE notes TO SELLER section UPON CHECKOUT **- necessary PRODUCT info & installation -• WHITE STAIN: The white stain alternative is a water based product therefore it has actually a more full coverage look than an oil based stain yet less so 보다 a full coverage paint. Character and also color sport in the hardwood WILL present through the stain and also these locations will appear DARKER. Please message us because that photo instances prior come ordering, if you wish to see more examples. • every boards are hand selected because that quality yet please store in mind the as wood is a natural product the character of every plank is different and also will have varying imperfections, ie. Knots, holes, texture difference. We try to showcase variations in our photos however we room not maybe to record every possibility. Please contact us v your preferences and request photos, if you room concerned about this.• We have 4 stains to pick from. There is a swatch photograph on the listing to display the different options. As wood is a natural product, shading may vary contempt from plank to board. Please likewise keep in psychic that display settings on your phone or computer can have actually an affect the shade you space seeing.• If the alternative to ‘paint’ article is selected from the drop down, please note that paint emphasizes knots and also surface textures. It DOES no hide or to fill these areas.• development charts are created of furniture great spruce and measure 6ft x 5.5 customs x 1 inch. They are sanded and stained by hand. Every boards space sealed for protection and also durability. •The numbers begin at the 6-inch mark, to permit for baseboards or carpet. Since growth charts are hung on the wall, they space not stained top top the back.• for safety purposes we administer screws and recommend screwing the expansion charts at the top and also bottom into a stud in her wall. This keeps small ones native pulling the board off the wall surface and top top themselves. If you like not to drill into the wall surface we have discovered that velcro strips can likewise be used as a hanging option. - SHIPPING - Made-to-order items are securely shipped, and typically arrive within 6 company days once shipped. Tracking numbers are listed once the item(s) have been shipped.For items being shipped exterior of Canada, buyers are responsible for any kind of customs fees assessed and the seller hold no liability for various other charges.- cost-free SHIPPING - is just guaranteed come mainland CANADA and also US. If no mainland resident, please post us before placing your order for a tradition shipping rate.- regional CALGARY orders - if you favor to pickup her order instead of having actually it shipped because that free, usage coupon code: LOCAL15 for 15% off your order.- RETUN plans - Personalized items space non-refundable. Because that all various other items, just send me a message within 3 job of receipt stating the certain problem. Items should be in brand-new condition and not used. Customer will certainly be responsible for any additional return shipping charges. IF your item is damaged throughout shipping, please contact us v photos so we can record a damage claim with the shipping company and arrange because that a replacement to be sent.To purchase additional wood pins - over what is included with the art sign.

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Acquisition here: nothing hesitate to call us with any type of questions or requests you can have!Thank you for her order!*** flourish and agency is no responsible for the nature or method for attaching/hanging growth chart ruler(s) or indications to the wall and specifically disclaims every liability for any kind of errors, improper hanging and/or attachment to a wall.