Suggested level: 17

Group: Secondary Quests

Location: Skellige

This pursuit will appear in your journal as soon as at the finish of "The King is Dead - lengthy Live the King" search Crach an Craite will certainly ask you for help with his kids - Hjalmar and Cerys.

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that children only prove more troublesome together they mature. In Crach"s case, any type of troubles his offspring had actually caused him only doubled after ~ King Bran"s death, as soon as both his son and daughter joined the ranks of the claimants that Skellige"s throne.

Tradition inquiry the following king it is in a great hero, and Hjalmar, Crach"s son, felt the fit the bill perfectly. Together anyone versed in fable knows, there is no more fitting way to prove oneself a hero 보다 to kill a giant - and also it so happened there to be one such beast in desperate require of slaughtering on the surrounding isle that Undvik. For this reason Hjalmar had organized an expedition and set off to knife his glory. Unfortunately, there"d been no word of that since and the jarl had started to worry. Like many before and after him, he take it this worry to the witcher.

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Prior quests

To begin The lord of Undvik girlfriend must first complete The King is Dead - long Live the King.

1. Questioning Crach one Craite around Hjalmar.

When talking to Crach an Craite, asking him everything you can around his son.

2. Ask about at the new Port Inn about Undvik and also the ice Giant.

Head to brand-new Port Inn and talk to Tante or Javor. They"ll phone call you how to acquire to Undvik. Friend can also talk to Axel, and also Jonas the Inkeep.

3. Sail to the island of Undvik and search because that Hjalmar.

Sail to the island. If you have actually bought "The Lonesome people Guide come Undvik" map from the vendor and you currently have an active "Marlin Coast" signpost on the island, climate you have the right to use the rapid travel option.

When you get to the island, you"ll receive a new objective of getting to the damages of Urskar.

4. Explore the boat"s hull. / talk to the stranger.

On your method to the ruins, you"ll have to walk past the wreck of a big ship located in the center of the island. There you will check out a huge giant feeding sirens and someone in the host of the ship.

When the gigantic is gone, death the sirens and also enter the organize of the ship and also you will accomplish Octo there, that will tell you a little bit about Hjalmar. If you spoke to Axel back at the new Port Inn then you can uncover his true identity - he is the jarl.

At the finish he will certainly ask for some Twine and also Nails (quest items).

You can find the nails that Octo needs near his watercraft (north the it). Carry him the items the needs prior to the quest is over and you will certainly get added XP.

You can additionally find the pond at the Dorve ruins where you accomplish Hjalmar.

4.1. Find Hjalmar"s camp. / discover the remains of Hjalmar"s camp using your Witcher Senses.

Head come the Hjalmar"s camp and also examine the body in the camp. Geralt will conclude that he need to search the area about the camp and also then friend will be able to find two an ext tracks...

...footsteps of 2 people...

...and monitor left by a boat being dragged.

4.2. Usage your Witcher Senses to follow the tracks of those who fled the camp prior to the attack.

Follow the footsteps that those that fled the camp prior to the attack. Along the means you will come throughout a swarm of a nekkers and also a dead nekker there, climate two much more nekkers killed by a bow arrows and finally you will certainly reach the exit Village. In the village you will discover plenty of blood traces and more footprints that will certainly lead you come the entrance to the ice cream Trolls Cave. There you will find the corpse of one of the guys you room tracking and also the Hornwall horn lying close to the body.

Examine the footprints in prior of the enntrance gate to the cave.

4.2.1. Uncover the guy the trolls caught using her Witcher Senses.

You"ll come throughout ice trolls (19) in the cave. You have the right to kill them, yet you can additionally bypass them. You have actually to gain to the cavern where the two trolls chef something.

In the cavern where you accomplish the first troll, revolve right right into the corridor leading north.

Then turn into the very first corridor resulting in the left. A little further, Geral should comment that he can feel that something is cooking nearby. Once you reach the departure of the cave, you will have the ability to climb the absent shelf on her left. This corridor will certainly lead you to a cave where 2 trolls cook something. Friend will have the ability to talk to those two.

4.2.2. Assist the man in the cauldron. / (Optional) loss the trolls.

The archer you"re searching for is in the cauldron. The trolls want to make soup the end of him. You should convince the trolls to cost-free him. You have the right to do this in 2 ways: death all three trolls (18) or solve their riddle - the correct answer is "troll". If you select the not correct answer, the correct answer come the 2nd question is "rock" If you make a mistake twice, the male in the cauldron will die.

The archer"s name is Folan and he is Hjalmar"s companion. Friend will find out from him that Hjalmar to be going to cross the lake. After the conversation that will join you and help you with his bow. Friend will likewise be may be to fulfill him again in among the next quests.

Geralt set out to discover Hjalmar one Craite, but very first came throughout the lad"s companion in arms, a man by the name of Folan. Folan called the witcher that Hjalmar"s crew had actually scattered when the giant attacked. As for the fate that Hjalmar self - that Folan can not phone call him.

4.2.3. Cross the lake.

Talking come Folan will cause a new marker to show up on her map, suggesting that you visit the Dorve ruins area. The easiest means to gain there is by walking along the lake or swimming. Girlfriend can also go with the cave, yet it is a lot longer and harder way.

4.3. Follow the boat trail using your Witcher Senses.

The boat trail will certainly take you close to the lake, whereby you will discover the broken boat itself and also the corpse of an additional of Hjalmar"s comrades near it.

5. Check out the ruins of Urskar and search for indicators of Hjalmar"s existence using your Witcher Senses.

In the town of Urskar you will uncover the body of several of Hjalmar"s comrades.

5.1. Discover out what occurred to Hjalmar"s crew.

Go come Urskar and also examine the indications of the battle.

5.2. Follow the follow of blood using your Witcher Senses.

Follow the tracks until you reach the Harpy cavern entrance.

5.3. Find out what occurred to Hjalmar"s crew in the caves.

You need to obtain to the various other Harpy cavern entrance. Get inside and also jump down into deep water. Uncover a place where you can climb up and also continue ~ above the rocks and also ladders. Follow me the way you will find the corpses of an ext Hjalmar"s companions. In the cave you will come across various monster such together erynias (13) or devourers (13).

6. Uncover Hjalmar. / aid the stranger journey off the sirens.

If you have actually chosen a method through the cave, then you will exit it near the "Clan Tordarroch Forge" signpost. Obtain into the building. You"ll find the bodies of an additional Hjalmar companions there. In ~ some allude you will notice that "something" has run out of the structure through the other entrance. Study the footprints and follow them. When the tracks split, walk left and also you will certainly reach the Dorve Ruins.

No issue which way you pick - through a cave or along a lake, you will discover Hjalmar in the Dorve damages where that is fighting a couple of sirens (13). Aid him defeat them.

Geralt searched every customs of Undvik until he lastly came across Hjalmar near the giant"s lair. Hjalmar had actually journeyed over there to cost-free Vigi, among the members the his crew. As he reputed the cause a worthy one, Geralt made decision to lend Hjalmar his sword.

7. Find a way to the giant"s lair.

Follow Hjalmar to the Giant"s Lair entrance. In the cavern you will certainly come throughout a resting giant and one that Hjalmar"s companions - Vigi, locked in a cage. No matter what you say around his releasing, girlfriend will be able to do it.

8. (Optional) find the crucial to Vigi"s cage utilizing your Witcher Senses. / complimentary Vigi.

Note: perform it if friend don"t want Vigi to die. If you conserve him, then you will have the ability to meet the again in one of the next quests.

Approach the chest top top the other side of the cave and also take the Key come Vigi"s cage native there. Prevent snow, becouse the sound of it crunching under your feet will awake the giant. Then go ago to Vigi and open the cage. When you execute that, Vigi will strike the giant and also the fight will certainly begin.

9. Kill the giant.

The fight against the giant consists of 2 phases. In step two, the large will strike you from a better distance with a ship"s anchor.

After the fight friend will have the ability to choose even if it is you desire to stay in the cave or go to the Marlin Coast town with Hjalmar. In both cases the quest will end.

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Helping Hjalmar an Craite did no prove easy. Undvik had actually gone feral after ~ the ice huge drove its residents away, v monsters running amok ~ above the island together though the were some mad mage"s experiment or a misguided entrepreneur"s effort at an imaginative hunting preserve. However in the end the witcher triumphed, not just finding Crach"s son, but additionally helping him death the giant and avenge the guys the beast had murdered. His heroic deed accomplished, Hjalmar might now leap out of the starting blocks in the gyeongju for the Skellige crown.