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I was raised, taught, and also socialized to believe that love is pain. That love is unfair.

Raised a woman, ns was taught, socialized — brainwashed — to believe that love means sacrifice. That together a woman I need to martyr myself. That as a woman my value originates from martyring myself come the greatest bidder, also if he endeavors to very own me, also if he never ever tries come see previous my fuckability, or most importantly, how an excellent I make him look, how much my regarded “worth” have the right to reinforce his masculinity.

This way that ns did not acknowledge the toxicity that my own abusive relationship.

I cried virtually every various other night, ns dreaded sex, i policed my own behavior and also presentation to ideal serve his interests, ns catered come him, and also I scavenged increase every scrap the affection he sometimes bothered to throw my way in return, and to me, that was love.

To me, the soft beauty of love was fiction, and I thought myself much more adult or worldly to be in a “love” so extreme it hurt, because I didn’t recognize that the intensity come from just how badly I wanted to actually be love right.

This is too common.

Although the patriarchy is structured on the disenfranchisement that women, in ~ this patriarchy and our socialized rape culture, us all lose. Love and also romance perform not have to be structured as painful strength struggles. However toxic relationship dynamics space literally everywhere. Our society is saturated v heteronormativity: the rigid and prescriptive constructs that delineate “male” and female” roles, though those roles can and do manifest in queer partnerships as well.

image: scribbled top top an outdoor, hastily white-painted post are the handwritten words “stay away from people who make you feel favor you’re difficult to love.”

Within famous constructs of love, we romanticize abuse. The deep disturbing 50 Shades phenomenon attests to this, however it exist in lot of our other media – in fact, one overwhelming majority of the Western social canon.

Where did it come from? Why is this happening?

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1. Patriarchal and also abusive constructions of love have actually been normalized throughout the west canon. By showing love together pain, often with the woman as the maternal/sexual explicitly and also exclusively for the organization of men, us reinforce this dangerous dynamics.

2. Us romanticize stalking and also obsession, dismissing the victim’s discomfort by claiming that the perpetrator performed this acts out of the intensity of your love. This commonly falls within the constructs that heteronormativity and also the intersection of misogyny – women, conversely, are an ext likely to be derided and also ridiculed because that “clinginess” or the ableist “craziness,” whereas the same actions manifesting in men are romanticized as proof of your “love.”

We normalize the aggressive male in pursuit of a woman, forgiving harassment and also even violence as soon as the male cases she was “asking because that it,” due to her clothes, behaviors, or simply due to the fact that he just discovered her so “irresistibly” attractive – and also he, incensed by her (perfectly valid) rejection, became “possessed” through “love.” This isn’t love, that what we’ve been socialized to perceive together emasculation, and also his occurring aggression is the attempt to feel “male” again. We should deconstruct the gender binary, sex roles, and also heteronormativity in order come cease and also prevent this behavior.

Though many of the structures room borne out of heteronormativity, the truth is that no issue the genders of her relationship, there are couple of popular instances of love that truly deconstruct the toxicity the the concept.

3. once you are with someone who provides you feel prefer you space undeserving of anything far better even once you’re unhappy, you need to communicate with them. If they don’t listen, or if friend don’t feeling comfortable or safe communicating, i am sorry, however despite what we’ve been taught, the is no what love looks like.

4. Love is not ownership. You are not a trophy. The complicated wholeness the your self does no exist come validate your partner. You belong come you. You have the right to make your own choices around your body, her presentation, her job, your interests, and your life. Love is partnership.

5. Love is not codependence. Forget “I can not live there is no you.” Your unique and an effective self existed before your partner, and you will certainly exist no matter what. Genuine love starts with the self. Her partner should support you – friend should be able to be yourself v them, but you should have the ability to be you yourself without castle too. You room your very own universe, and they are theirs, but you can gaze in ~ the stars together and also find new patterns in the constellations that belong to you both. And also stars are just echoes, quiet — build something real, here, together. Execute not shed yourself in her partner. Find elements of her selves, together. Love is composed of compatible individuals, who adopt their reality and work within it.

6. Love does no dehumanize. If your partner fetishizes girlfriend for any type of reason – her race, her body, your sexuality, and so on – they perform not love you, they space attracted to just how your characteristics make them feel. “Exotic” method at as soon as attractive however tamable, and also this comes under to property too.

7. Love does not disrespect. Your partner have the right to disagree through you, certainly, but they should recognize her perspective, and they should shot to understand.

8. Love does not abuse. and also we must remember the there are countless forms the abuse: sexual, physical, emotional.

9. Love walk not push you into acts you do not desire to perform.

10. Love does not gaslight or condescend.

Love listens, works to support both or all parties involved. Love respects.

You are not talking as well much. You are not doing also little. Friend belong. You matter. Her wants and also needs and also goals are valid, and should be taken seriously. You deserve to be taken seriously; you worthy to it is in treated v kindness and fairness.

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It’s not easy to call if your love is no love at all. Especially due to the fact that media is saturated through painful dynamics the “turn out for the best,” v childish males (who space forgiven) and shrewish ladies (who never ever are), or dynamics that just involve hurting each other. Too lot of what we’re told is love is just human being who don’t understand that partnership deserve to feel good, the you have the right to speak her mind, the you can voice your wants, the you can share your truths. As soon as we recognize this, there is no factor to clear up for less.

It is not constantly easy to interact – I know what ns saying is often much easier said than done.

Sometimes, you push your concerns to the earlier of her mind, because when it’s good it feels good, and also you don’t desire to ruin it. Yet having it hang over you is much worse.

Sometimes, you resign yourself, since it feels prefer this is every that’s the end there for you.

There is so lot more.

Stay far from human being who do you feel choose you are tough to love. Stay away from world who conflate love through pain, ownership, or dominance. Surround yourself with positivity, bring yourself v the understanding that you worthy nothing much less than someone that appreciates her wholeness, your intricacies – who who desires to learn how to love you exactly how you desire to it is in loved, someone who provides you want to learn just how to best love castle back. Civilization of all races, genders, orientations, classes, and abilities space deserving that love the recognizes and also respects our plenty of identities.

You space worthy the radical love, every solitary day.

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