Losing a love one is a terrible blow. As soon as someone"s had a substantial presence in her life for as long as you can remember, the idea of having to all of sudden make sense of it all is harrowing. We all go v this fear of loss, but it doesn"t make it any easier to confront it as soon as it happens. Also just the believed of your loved one being unable to do one day offers you pause and makes friend reassess your life.

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Meghan Trainor acknowledges this very real are afraid of loss in her impassioned track "Like I"m Gonna lose You," which shows up on her 2015 album Title. In "Like I"m Gonna lose You," Trainor"s heartfelt vocals blend seamlessly through John Legend"s very own soulful voice together they croon around loving who wholeheartedly together if they will be unable to do tomorrow. The truth that this two highly praised singers re-superstructure the same management agency paid turn off considering how well their music styles complement each other, follow to MTV.

When the pop singer intones wistfully "We were walking on moonlight / and you pulled me near / Split 2nd and you disappeared / and then i was all alone," it"s hard to disregard the haunting however honest message in she words, per Genius.

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In a Spotify track-by-track commentary, Meghan Trainor revealed what sparked she to write "Like I"m Gonna shed You," i m sorry she co-wrote through Justin Weaver and Caitlyn Smith. The singer-songwriter opened up up around an eye-opening suffer she had that made her see the world differently, as reported by Songfacts. "It"s about when you have actually those nightmares where your love one overcome away, and you wake up up sweating and also crying. You inspect on them, and they"re tho there, and also you realize the you"re no promised tomorrow, for this reason you"re going to love them favor you"re losing them," she explained.

The last 3 lines the the first verse boldly warn us that there are no promises in life, and that you might lose who you love before you know it: "I woke up in tears, through you by my side / A breath the relief, and I establish / No, we"re not promised tomorrow." once Trainor sings the phrase "not promised tomorrow," she needs you take note of she warning. The theme of let go opportunities and also regret runs throughout the hit track.

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Although it"s often billed together a romantic track with its soft melody and passionate chorus, "Like I"m Gonna lose You" puts family members love at the core of that message. Throughout a may 2015 appearance on The Tonight present Starring Jimmy Fallon, the pop singer elaborated top top a nightmare she had around losing her little brother, and how getting those feelings the end via the track turned into a collaborative composing process. ~ she called Weaver and also Smith around her nightmare, the songwriters reflect on their own families and also penned the powerful piece.

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The music video clip also showcases different varieties of love and features sweet moments between couples, families, and also friends (via YouTube). "So I"m gonna love you like I"m gonna shed you / I"m gonna hold you prefer I"m speak goodbye," she belts out throughout the chorus, reiterating why you should treasure every moment with her loved ones, whether it"s a romantic partner, family member, or close girlfriend (via Genius). The 2nd verse ideas at the overwhelming feeling of regret the comes v loss, as seen once John Legend sings "In the blink of one eye, simply a whisper of smoke / You might lose everything, the truth is you never know." He follows this up through the idea of no taking life for granted through the emotional line "I"ll do the many of the minutes and love through no regret." fine said.