Lucid Dreaming: A Guide to Successful Lucid Dreams

by ScheissNUssen- June 1, 2009

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In response to the "Lucid Dreaming and Entheogens" (NS, 2008) video a few pointers that I have picked up along the way to effectively induce lucid dreaming.


1. Patience.

Lucid dreaming is a gift to you, from you. You should be very ready to accept that gift when you are willing to give it to yourself.

Although there aren't ways to produce lucid dreams 100% of the time, there are methods that can greatly increase your chances of a successful attempt. But again, your dream state is subject to your psychological well-being, as well as your physical state. Relax, and keep trying to produce successful lucid dreams, it takes time and isn't a switch.


2. Rest, relaxation.

Your physical state is an important factor to successful lucid dreams.

To give yourself the best possible chance of inducing a lucid dream state you should be well rested (not over-rested, as many experts and sites like are quite right to tell you), calm and collected. It is very unlikely that you will produce successful results when you are in a tough patch in your life or are physically exhausted. However, in some cases being completely exhausted through physical exertion can help, I recommend this if you have tried everything else with no success.


3. Nutrition.

You should be eating healthy, preferably all-natural foods, plenty of water and max out your recommended daily vitamins every morning.

3.1 Fasting. Reducing the amount of food you consume can greatly increase a successful lucid dream. 

Fasting for a period of 3 days, consuming a small amount of food before your vitamins and having two light meals per day (total calorie intake per day, approximately 1100 calories or less)


4. Meditation.

If you meditate, which I highly recommend trying if you do not, you should start after you smoke Salvia (as explained in #5). Meditation is one of the most crucial elements of a successful lucid dream. The idea is to think about relaxing and enjoyable ideas and feelings right before you fall asleep and carrying them over into your dream-state.


5. Entheogens.

Last but not least, entheogens. Silene Carpensis (Xhosa Dream Herb) greatly increases your chance of success. This root works much more effectively while fasting.

5.1. Salvia Divinorum. Salvia Divinorum can also help you induce a lucid dream. Smoking Salvia before you lay down for your nights rest (after the initial intensity subsides and only the "afterglow" remains) will leave you in a comfortable, relaxed state, sleeping will allow the afterglow to  continue for quite a bit longer than while you are awake, which will help you glide right into your dream state.

5.2. Melatonin. Also, melatonin has been known to help as well, but I have never used it. I would recommend taking it an hour or two before sleeping (before smoking Salvia).


How To Summary:

So here is a basic summary and brief example of what a typical week will look like for me when I am attempting a lucid dream state.

I fast quite heavily in the first day of my attempts, almost eating nothing but vitamins and drinking water(upon awakening). Only eating very small meals around 3pm to quiet hunger and drinking a lot of water to  trick my stomach into thinking it is full of food.

Relatively low or medium dose of Xhosa Dream Root in the morning.

Light aerobic exercise, preferably running or jogging.


Preparing for sleep:

Taking a higher dose of Xhosa Dream Root an hour to two hours before I plan on sleeping. Smoking Salvia before bed in a relaxed, dark atmosphere, in bed is highly recommended. After the initial high of Salvia wears off and you are left with the afterglow, I begin my meditation, and continue in doing so until I am asleep.

I continue these practices for typically 3 days, or until I have a lucid dream state.



Lucid dreaming is most likely one of the least used practices and certainly one with the highest failure rate. The reason people fail at lucid dreaming is because they try to "own" their dream state. The way you should be attempting this (The way I do, and have used successfully) is to almost be asking your dream state to allow you to politely play with it. It may sound strange, but your body and mind defend themselves, even from yourself.

Continual use and practice is the way to success, and attempting to feel you can just create a lucid dream any time you want, on command, is very arrogant (Which is why so many people fail at the practice). If you are relaxed and try to ease into it over time, you have a greater chance of success and reproducing successful results.




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