WowWee is beginning the toy drone space with the Lumi drone, a self-stabilizing quadcopter designed because that indoor gaming.

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WowWee, the company behind the CHiP, MiP, R.E.V. And Robosapien robots, has launched its Lumi indoor gaming drone ~ above Indiegogo.

Lumi, i m sorry was an initial teased at CES 2016, is a self-stabilizing quadcopter that offers several sensors to prevent walls, doors and also other obstacles in the home. The doesn’t critical long, only 6-8 minutes relying on the tricks that does, and it take away 30 to 40 minutes to recharge. The course, there are added batteries you deserve to buy and simply swap out to save the gamings going.

Also, over there isn’t a camera to record or take images of you paris Lumi or battling your opponents. Odd. Here’s WowWee’s reasoning: “Lumi is designed because that gameplay, not taking pictures or shoot videos, so over there is no camera included. Due to the fact that the drone is no designed to carry the weight of a camera, we also don’t introduce trying to attach your own.”

Lumi will certainly ship with a beacon that you can place on the floor and also have Lumi stabilize over it. You can likewise pick increase the beacon and also Lumi will certainly follow where it goes.

The Lumi drone supplies both single and multi-player games. The Lumi to the win game, for example, functions with any song save on computer on her phone or tablet. In single-player mode, Lumi’s luminescent surface ar flashes various colors when users try to push the corresponding shade on your controller. If you miss out on or tap the dorn color, Lumi will drop in altitude. Together you progress, Lumi’s LEDs will certainly flash faster and faster.

In multiplayer mode, the 2 players affix to your Lumis with their controllers. Then, every player sets their Lumi down with one beacon on the floor in between them. The drones flash the same patterns making the a fight of who can enhance the most colors in the timeframe.


There’s likewise a Choreography Mode lets you collection a specific collection of aerial maneuvers, while likewise controlling the timing of each and the lamp on the drone.

Some the the available Lumi packages come with “Intelligent Lumi Pods,” which basically are bigger beacons that have the right to be inserted throughout a home. This create an problem course that Lumi will certainly be maybe to automatically follow.

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Lumi’s Indiegogo project runs through August 2016. There space 150 Lumi drones accessible at an early-bird price that $59. WowWee says the Lumi drone will hit retailers across North America in September 2016 because that $79.