Gertrude “Ma” Rainey was a renowned blues singer and early blues record artist in the unified States. She was well-known as the “Mother that the Blues” because she bridged the gap between earlier vaudeville and also authentic southerly blues, motivating a generation the blues singers. Gertrude Pridgett started performing as a teenager, and after marrying will “Pa” Rainey in 1904, she became known together “Ma” Rainey. What is Ma Rainey net worth before death? To understand the specific net worth comes down.

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What is Blue singer Ma Rainey net worth prior to death?

Ma Rainey to be a blues singer from the United claims of America. The “Mother that the Blues” is her moniker. Her colorful costumes and charismatic phase presence have actually made her popular. Ma Rainey’s network worth was estimated to be about $3 million at the moment of her death. While part websites insurance claim that her net worth ranges from $5 million come $13 million, it’s complicated to think that that was that high at the time.

Ma Rainey at the award role and winner of the AFI awards 2020 Source: Instagram

On April 26, 1886, in Columbus, Georgia, Gertrude Pridgett, later recognized as “Ma” Rainey, was born. She was the 2nd of Thomas and also Ella Pridgett’s 5 children. Her family had at the very least two brothers and also a niece. As soon as it involved her life, she married wilhelm “Pa” Rainey at the period of eighteen.

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How she began her career?

Rainey began her career as a performer in ~ a talent show in Georgia when she was 12 year old. In 1902, she was first introduced to blues music. She and also her husband started the Alabama Fun machines Company, yet in 1906, they combined with the bigger Rabbit’s Food Company. Rainey insurance claims she discovered “Blues Music” when performing in Missouri one night and also was introduced to a sad song around a man leaving a woman by a child.

Rainey made she debut in the music sector in 1923, ~ being uncovered by J. Mei Williams of big Records. She signed a address Paramount, and also her very first eight recordings to be made in Chicago. She released end 100 an ext songs over the next five years, expanding her success even further south. Joe “King” Oliver, luigi Armstrong, Sidney Becher, and also Pops Foster were among her collaborators.

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In 1928, she contract was terminated through Paramount ~ her style of blues went out of fashion

Owing to the rise of radio and recordings in the so late 1920s, live vaudeville started to fade. Her career was no severely harmed, however it to be the start of Ma’s demise. She ongoing to document for Paramount and used the money she received from touring to acquisition a bus v her name on it. After her blues format went the end of style, she contract v Paramount was terminated in 1928.