Are you sure your e911 is working on your magicJack? Yesterday mine was. I allowed it last week when I to be registering my new device. Unexpectedly this morning it was disabled. This doesn’t seem to it is in a huge thing till you actually have an emergency and also thought you had actually emergency 911 enabled. Other than Dan disabled the without telling us first.

And so it begins… magicJack is start to add extra charges as with every various other voip service. It began with speak to forwarding. There was additionally a nebulous “administrative regulation fee” when I to buy the magicJack add to 2014. Then this email came this morning from “Dan” making use of noreply

Dear customer:

This is not a bill, yet a choice for friend as described If you decision you will not pay, you carry out not have to take any kind of action.

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Due to recent changes, magicJack will start to fee for 911 solutions for 911 capability. If you decide to proceed to receive certain restricted 911 call privileges as defined in our TOS, friend will must go come and also fill the end the necessary forms and give brand-new debit/credit map information.

magicJack will not benefit by collecting these pass with charges because that the 911 authorities.

The charges will certainly be billed annually by email and also may expense anywhere indigenous $6.00 to end $60.00 a year. On typical throughout the nation it will certainly cost around $12.00 a year.

magicJack will certainly provide limited exceptions for hardship instances for human being who do a 911 call before July 1, 2013 and also will post notice or email these certain customers later concerning the eligibility.

These unfortunate transforms were made crucial because particular emergency 911 Districts in particular jurisdictions asked for we attempt to bill on their behalf and benefit.


I wonder just how many world are going to obtain really steamed at magicJack because that not informing us before-hand that they were going to disable e911 services. I understand I am. They had actually plenty the time to figure this out. Apparently, this is other that’s remained in the works v the us federal government because January, therefore it’s not favor Dan couldn’t have actually warned us around the adjust before make it. Instead, that disabled e911 first and also then emailed united state as one afterthought.

For my instance, I uncovered out the charge will be $4.35 per year for 911 services. (See the chat assistance transcript i guess I’m okay through that, considering it’s claimed to be a pass-through charge that straight benefits my neighborhood 911 company providers. Yet what happens once I move?

Update: It’s not $4.35 every year. The would have been $4.35 until my machine renewal in November–a small less than 3 months. It transforms out magicJack wants to fee me $18.00 per year. I’m not certain I’m willing to do that, therefore I have to consider my options. As soon as I went back today to examine out the price it was $4.26 instead of $4.35, probably because it’s a job later?

What Dan did might be legal, yet it to be not great business practice. How many civilization are walk to experience n the next couple weeks since they necessary 911, however had it disabled without your knowledge? Yikes. This to be poorly implemented. This is a company without any kind of plan that action to inform their client of serious changes before-hand. It’s time to fire their public relationships manager and also pay someone to execute the task right.

Chat v magicJack conversation support:

Please wait because that a site operator come respond.

friend are currently chatting v ‘Destiny’

Your worry ID because that this chat is LTK11153012140704X

Destiny: Hello, exactly how may I help you?

Destiny: how are friend today?

Chris: hello Destiny, I simply received an email from “Dan” saying i would begin being charged for e911 services. Just how will i be notified?

Destiny: No worries, i will do my all ideal to provide all the details that you great to have.

Destiny: say thanks to you for waiting, together I have actually checked it right here in our finish the 911 have new update the to proceed to use there service to have the 911, there is a fees for proceeding the 911.

Destiny: The transforms made by the 911.

Chris: Destiny, I read that in the email. How much will certainly I it is in charged and also will ns be informed of the exact charge before it is charged against my credit transaction card?

Destiny: according to the 911 that the declared that it is count to her location exactly how much the fee.

Destiny: you re welcome click here

Chris: Okay

Destiny: notify me when you currently log in , give thanks to you.

Chris: on the 911 tab the still just tells me the it might be almost everywhere from $6 to $60. That’s an ext than the price of magicJack yearly phone organization at $60.

Destiny: Please click the account tab then hit top top the 911

Destiny: that is only the instance that given by the 911.

Chris: It states the exact same thing together the email. Naught else. Is over there anything you have the right to tell me about the _exact_ charges to _me_?

Destiny: please scroll down.

Destiny: have the right to you view CLICK to ENABLE.

Destiny: If yes please click on the that.

Destiny: then select the place that you have there.

Chris: Okay, it claims $4.35 come enable. What’s odd is that I had actually 911 permitted up to this morning. Currently I discover that it’s to be disabled there is no my knowledge. Is that even legal?

Destiny: Yes, due to the fact that the make by that 911 service.

Chris: that sentence is no well formed. Ns don’t understand what girlfriend mean.

Chris: can you rephrase, please?

Destiny: all the charges the you watch there is do by the 911, if friend ask me if that is legal, YES the is legal .

Destiny: every the fees that you pay to proceed the business of the 911 is goes come the 911 fund not come us.

Chris: I’m no asking if the charge is legal. Up till this morning, I had actually 911 enabled. Or at the very least I *thought* that was. If I had tried making a 911 call, i would have been ill-informed. I would certainly not have obtained through. I was no given an alert that 911 had actually been disabled through magicJack. _That_ is what I’m questioning the legality of.

Chris: Why didn’t magicJack provide prior notice that they would just disable everyone’s 911 service?

Destiny: We are not the one that made that the 911.

Chris: That’s not a reasonable sentence again, Destiny. 911 is not an organization.

Destiny: we dont have actually authorize come disabled your 911 the is the most import number the we should keep.

Chris: might you please rephrase?

Destiny: This is not a bill, however a an option for girlfriend as explained If you decide you will not pay, you execute not have to take any action.

Destiny: as result of recent changes, magicJack will start to charge for 911 solutions for 911 capability. If you decide to proceed to receive certain limited 911 calling privileges as described in our TOS, you will should go come and fill out the important forms and also give new debit/credit map information.

Destiny: magicJack will not profit by collecting this pass v charges for the 911 authorities.

Destiny: The charges will certainly be billed annually by email and may price anywhere native $6.00 to over $60.00 a year. On average throughout the nation it will cost around $12.00 a year.

Destiny: magicJack will provide limited exceptions for hardship situations for civilization who make a 911 call prior to July 1, 2013 and also will post an alert or email these certain customers later concerning the eligibility.

Destiny: these unfortunate transforms were made essential because particular emergency 911 Districts in details jurisdictions asked for we attempt to invoice on their behalf and benefit.

Destiny: that all we have actually here in our end the provided by the 911.

Chris: yet someone walk disable present 911 service at magicJack. Yesterday, 911 to be enabled. Now it is not. I received no prior notification that it would be disabled. I would have expected at least a week notification – maybe two. We acquired none.

Destiny: I recognize that.

Chris: Destiny, I’m no upset in ~ you. I’m upset at exactly how Dan and Ymax taken on this situation. They did no notify civilization that they would be disabling present 911 services before they started charging. That’s an extremely bad business practice.

Destiny: but we dont have any accessibility to 911 , the can do what the want.

Chris: Obviously before this morning magicJack go have access to 911 services due to the fact that it was enabled. Currently it is not.

Destiny: give thanks to you because that waiting. I’ll be v you in just a moment.

Destiny: through the way, we only process a inquiry to the 911, once all the inquiry made the 911 is the one to proceed to complete the transaction.

Chris: magicJack customers to be not educated prior to the fact. We were informed after the fact. I store all mine emails. The just one i received around e911 services was from this morning. We got no prior notification that 911 would certainly be cut off top top a details date (today).

Destiny: say thanks to you for that information.

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Destiny: No issues I will also raise this concern to our higher department so that they will also looking come this issue

Destiny: might I have actually your best email address so the we will send girlfriend a email if we have more update to your concern?

Chris: I’m saying the is bad business. You’re walking to have actually a lot of of really unhappy customers who think they’re still linked to 911.