Some that the 34 random encounter events in Pokemon: Magikarp Jump space harder to acquire than others. You"ll it is in guided toward some of them at an early stage (like number 29, Food Fever) and some simply seem to take place all the time (number 2, Nugget), but seeing others requires some luck or reasoning on yourpart.

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Event number 30, title "Be Gone!", is one of many that takes some luck or know-how to add to the collection, and also it"s one that has actually a unique benefit. If you view the event, the max level of your existing Magikarp will raise by one.

Getting one extra level to job-related with sound great, however don"t be as well hasty to gain the event. You have the right to only trigger this event once.

If you"re gift serious about Magikarp Jump,you may want to host off on city hall "Be Gone!" until you"ve been play a while and also absolutely need to gain an extra level on a Magikarp you"re do the efforts to go the distance with.

As you development through the game, friend not only fish up better Magikarp, but you additionally can level them even greater as you boost your rank. And that"s not to point out other bonuses you"ll get. You"re bound to hit a brick wall surface in a league that can be conquer by simply one much more level top top a mainly Magikarp, so be smart and trigger "Be Gone!" once you require it.

Sure-fire method to View event 30

So you"re ready; you understand you want to carry out this. It"s time to create the 30th event, include it to her collection, and gain the sweet sweet Magikarp level.

There have actually been a couple theories around how to create this event. This technique worked for me on three accounts, so I need to assume the will work-related for anyone.

Step 1. Repetitively turn off the TV until you obtain static

You deserve to tap top top the TV and then pick "Watch" to see the Magikarp Song, but if you"re trying to acquire the 30th event, you must press the "Cancel" switch instead.

Tap ~ above the TV and also then cancel repetitively until the TV screen starts to display static.


Step 2. Continue to rotate off the TV until the static goes away

If you continue canceling the TV food selection through the static, at some point the TV will certainly go earlier to normal. This is your opportunity -- it"s time to train!

Step 3. Go train

"Be Gone!" won"t actually create until you walk training, therefore now"s the time to do so. The doesn"t matter which training task you get.

Once you"re excellent training, her Magikarp will find something and also the occasion will begin.

Step 4. Simply leave the ghost alone

Between the revolution on the TV and how the ghost looks, you have to assume "Be Gone!" is a big reference to the horror movie The Ring. The ghost does look quite a little like Sadako, and also like Sadako, she desires to it is in left alone.

During the event she will certainly tell you to gain out, and you have the right to either select to remain or leave. Picking to remain will prompt she to tell girlfriend to gain out, no matter how numerous times you select to stay. Choose to leave and also the event will concerned an end, and your Magikarp will have actually an extra level to achieve.

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It"s easy sufficient to acquire the 30th event, however if you"re no the kind to shot everything out, you might miss the end on that entirely. Utilizing this an approach you can cause "Be Gone!" in simply a couple minutes and include another notch to her event-gathering belt.

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