Hi there,I uploaded the complying with files:- 491 client,- 491 server files,- 661 client,- 661 server papers (+ other files, released by Matt when he started to job-related on them).Here are the magnet links. If you have actually some feedbacks about these files, lacking stuff or whatever... Simply ask !491 client:

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I put them all on a Seedbox, so that you should have the ability to download them anytime friend want.As one ending, I"m posting the connect of mine thread there: http://neurosoup.org/f206/sourc...t-mmo-1154767/If you are skilled with Java or C# advance and are willing to be part of this project, just PM me or
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My black color Desert virtual Launcher!My Minecraft Portable Launcher! my Reborn SmartSteam Comfy Launcher!
Thanks for the Release! :) ,by the way wich differences have the 661 version? , download the server already , the customer for some reason doesnt start to download xD....anyways okay wait it spins starts thanks Again !
i obtained it just fine, friend will need to "force re-check" ~ above the torrent (or whatever the equivalent is for your program) this is the trouble with uploading things with 1 record in it, if it download wrong you may have to download the again. No such a trouble for a 500mb paper but the customer is 50gb and also in 1 file
My black color Desert online Launcher!My Minecraft Portable Launcher! mine Reborn SmartSteam Comfy Launcher!
Oh yeah, I"ll re-upload lock without putting the records in 1 archive.Edit: right now creating and also uploading the brand-new files.- - - updated - - -Ok, "new" 491 client added.
That"s strange... The seedbox maybe has some issues... That"s why tha would certainly be far better to have multiple civilization seeding ! ^^

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oh it s okay , thanks! i have an 491 neighborhood server to run , just wanted to view if there"s more content top top 661 , however seems favor it"s not all set yetto it is in playable.