Players space looking to obtain the FFXIV Rainmaker Hair cosmetics item. The Make the Rain campaign has just kicked off, and fans of Final Fantasy 14 are easy to understand mystified as to the location of the Rainmaker Hair, a quite cool cosmetic item that puts her hair into a spikey ponytail. Unfortunately, they’re having a little bit of problem tracking that down.

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The do It Rain project has a number of different rewards available. These include the Senor Sabotender emote and the chance to acquire 30,000 MGP included to your Manderville gold Saucer account (basically the game’s version of a casino). Considering the name of the event, players space (understandably) in search of the FFXIV Rainmaker Hair in the casino however are comes up short. How can they get it?

FFXIV Rainmaker Hair | can I acquire the Rainmaker Hair during this event?


Previously, the FFXIV Rainmaker Hair was accessible with a bunch of various other items in the Manderville yellow Saucer. The seems like it has been gotten rid of from this year’s an option of items, either on objective or in error. Several users ~ above the web have appeared confused around this article missing. Take keep in mind of this forum post and also this Reddit submission that present players mystified around the absent item.

Unfortunately, it appears that the FFXIV Rainmaker Hair isn’t most likely to it is in made obtainable in the Manderville gold Saucer this year. As detailed in this Reddit submission, a cursory evaluation of the game’s database making use of a third-party tool shows that the Rainmaker Hair (along through the Stuffed Sabotender) are no longer obtainable at the special NPC that makes an appearance for The do It Rain Campaign.

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If friend can’t obtain the Rainmaker Hair via the event’s one-of-a-kind NPC, how do you obtain it? For the answer, we have to look in ~ Square Enix’s past actions with such items. Typically, they include older seasonal items come the Mog station shop (which calls for spending real-world money) a year or two later. If the Rainmaker Hair is walking to be made accessible at every this year, you’re walking to need to pony up some real-world cash to buy it.